How to Find Foot Clan Banners in Fortnite

Crush the Foot Clan! This guide shows you all Foot Clan banner locations in Fortnite for the TMNT quest.

In the game Fortnite, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles need your help to stop the Foot Clan’s bad plans. Your job is to stop the clan from recruiting new members by destroying their propaganda that is spread all over the island. In this article we will talk about how to find Foot Clan banners in Fortnite.

As you move through the colorful landscape, looking in every crack and crevice, your sharp eyes pick out the obvious signs of Foot Clan activity, like recruitment posters stuck all over the walls and markers they left behind as scary reminders of their presence. You strike a hit against the sneaky group by tearing down every poster and marker, stopping them from recruiting more people.

The island turns into a battlefield, and your actions become a lighthouse against the darkness that is closing in. You are a true hero because you are determined and skilled, and you fight to keep the peace and stop the Foot Clan’s evil plans for good. Want to dive deeper into Fortnite? Check out their official website!

How to find Foot Clan banners in Fortnite

  1. Identify the sets of Foot Clan Banners in the island’s main points of interest (POIs) in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1.
  2. Locate the Grand Glacier and the Snooty Steppes.
  3. Explore the classy courts ruined the reels and Cloudy Hillside.
  4. Navigate to Trains Without Careful Planning Fields with Piazza Fencing Lavish Lair.
  5. Spot the flags which are dark purple and stand out from far away.
  6. Refer to the marked locations in the provided picture for ease of finding.

Understanding the Importance of Foot Clan Banners

Using stories:

  • Regarding location and threat, the banners showed that the Foot Clan was on the island. The fact that they were found in many places showed how far they had spread and how dangerous they could be.
How to find Foot Clan banners in Fortnite
  • Why Players Did It: Finding and destroying the flags gave players a way to interact with the story and help the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fight the Foot Clan.

The game:

  • Challenge Goal: One of the in-game tasks for the “Cowabunga” event was to destroy a certain number of banners. When players completed these tasks, they got experience points and other items that could be used in the video game.
  • Strategic Importance: The placement of the flags may have given some people a strategic edge.
  • In the beginning of the game, players could land near a banner to finish a challenge or use the banner as a guide to find their way around the area.

Tips for Efficiently Finding Foot Clan Banners

Know where things are:

  • There are 16 flags all over the map, but you only need to destroy three of them.
    Pairs in named spots: Banners are always found together in pairs in certain named spots.
  • Online resources: Videos and websites can give you a full list, and some even have maps that show where the banners are.

Plan for landing:

  • Hot drop: Land right on a known banner to quickly destroy it before other people get there.
  • Spread out: If you’re playing with friends, you might want to land at different banner spots to take down more than one at once.

Moving around and being aware:

  • Use mobility items. To quickly move from one banner spot to another, use things like Rift-to-Gos or Launchpads.
  • Listen for destruction: To find where the flags are, listen for the sound of them being destroyed.
  • The night and storms: Taking down flags at night or during storms can keep you from getting into fights with other players.

Strategies for Collecting Foot Clan Banners in Fortnite

Making plans and getting ready:

  • Know Where They Are: The 16 Foot Clan Banner spots are spread out across the Fortnite map. Find out more about these places by using online tools or guides.
  • Prioritize Landing: If you want to finish the task quickly, you should focus on landing right on a banner at the start of the match. You can then destroy one banner right away, cutting down on journey time.
  • Think About the Time of Day: Landing at night or during a storm can give you a small edge because players aren’t as focused on specific places, like where the banners are. This could help you escape a fight right away.

Being efficient and avoiding conflict:

  • Team Up: If you’re playing with friends, you could split up and cover different ad spots. You can finish the task faster and have a better chance of finding banners before other players.
  • Move around a lot: Use movement aids like Rift-to-Gos to get from one banner spot to another quickly, especially if they are spread out. This saves time and makes you less vulnerable to possible enemies.
  • For stealth, use a pickaxe: Use your pickaxe instead of a weapon to break down a sign. In this way, they don’t waste ammo or draw extra attention to themselves.


What are Foot Clan banners in fortnite?

To show how hard they’ve worked, flags for the clan can be seen in most of the game’s important plot points. They are different from the Holo-Posters in that you need to destroy three of them spread out across the island. If you use the quest screen’s prompt to keep track of the goal, you can see marks as you play.

What do Foot Clan banners look like?

Banners for the Fortnite Foot Clan are easy to spot because they are a tall, narrow purple flag with a big foot pattern in the middle. While you’re getting close, they won’t show up on your map, and there won’t be an interact message to follow. So you’ll have to keep an eye out for them.

Why is it called Foot Clan?

IDW Publishing, which later took over the TMNT comics, tells the story of how founder Takeshi Tatsuo hurt his leg in an attempt to kill him, and how his bloody footprint led people to call his new group the Foot.

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