Skull and Bones: How to Find Ghost Ship

Unravel the legend of the Maangodin Ghost Ship! This guide reveals its location, combat tips, and juicy rewards in Skull and Bones.

At the end of the ocean, where the horizon meets the endless stretch of water, sailors talk about a strange ship that they can’t explain. It’s said to be a ghost ship that haunts the seas with its ghostly presence. In this article we talk about how to Find Ghost Ship in Skull and Bones.

When sailors hear stories about ships, the story of the Ghost Ship in Skull and Bones game is the one that scares them the most. There are rumours that this legendary ship, which is said to be staffed by souls that have long since died, roams the seas and only shows up to people who are brave enough to go into the most dangerous sea areas.

Even though its hull is weathered and worn from use, it keeps sailing through the fog like a ghost of the sea. Sailors who have been on many ships get chills just thinking about the name of the Ghost Ship because they believe that anyone who crosses its path will be lucky or suffer bad luck. For comprehensive information, please visit the official website.

How to Find Ghost Ship in Skull and Bones

  1. Accept the deal with Oceans Apart.
  2. Obtain the special quest called Oceans Apart from the mysterious rogue at The Oubliette outpost southeast of Saint-Anne.
  3. Ensure you have a rank eight ship (at least a Padewakang).
  4. Head to a certain spot east of The Oubliette.
  5. Defeat the Maangodin Ghost Ship.
  6. Note that the Ghost Ship may appear not only at night but also at sunrise and sunset.
  7. Look for a ship that is glowing blue in the contract area.
  8. Follow the Spectral Voyages report of strange sightings.
  9. Alternatively, track the Spectral Voyages Strange Sightings markers on the map.
  10. Keep an eye out for the black map inside a white circle markers, which often appear near The Oubliette outpost.

Understanding the Importance of Ghost Ships

It might look like Skull and Bones’ video game ghost ships are just there to add to the atmosphere, but they have a lot more to do than that. Here is a list of what they did:

Skull and Bones: How to Find Ghost Ship

Problems with the game:

  • Unique Enemies: Fighting on ghost ships is different from fighting on regular ships. They often have special attacks and phases where they can’t be hurt, and you need to use certain strategies to beat them. This changes things up and makes the game harder, testing your ship customisation and skill.
  • Loot that’s Worth It: When you defeat ghost ships, you often get powerful and rare rewards, like legendary weapons, ship upgrades, and special cosmetics. These can make your pirate much stronger and give your ship a unique look.
  • Progression Gates: Some ghost ships may be in charge of keeping people out of certain areas or missions. By completing these challenges, you’ll be able to access new content and move the story forward, which will push you to improve your fleet and skills.

Strategies for Success: Efficient Ghost Ship Searches

Get ready:

  • Ship Choice: Pick a ship that can turn quickly and fire powerfully. You could look at the “Man O’ War” for its heavy cannons or the “La Boussole” for its speed and agility.
  • Equip cannons that do more damage and have a longer range by upgrading your weapons. Buy mortars for threats from above and grapeshot for fights close up.
  • Open Waters: Ghost Ships tend to spawn in certain areas of the map, which can be found by following swirling mist or ghostly lights. Look around these areas carefully.
  • Utilise Lookout: Put someone on crew duty as a lookout so that you can find ghost ships early.

Ways to fight:

  • Use Moves: To avoid enemy fire and broadsides, use evasive moves. Make good use of how fast your ship is.
  • Pay attention to the Ghost Ship’s weak spots: aim for its masts and cannons to make it less effective at attacking.

Interacting with Ghost Ships: Challenges and Rewards

The problems:

  • Tricky Moves: Ghost Ships fight in a way that is different from regular ships. Pirates have to change their plans on the spot because they can teleport, launch spectral attacks, or call in ethereal allies.
  • Increased Durability: Because they are spectral, they can’t be hit by regular cannon fire. To get through their spectral armour, you’ll need special weapons and strategies.
  • A spooky atmosphere with ghostly crew moans and other effects can test your resolve and make battles even tougher.

Getting rewards:

  • Legendary Items: Beating a Ghost Ship earns you powerful and unique items, such as spectral weapons, cursed treasures, and rare ship upgrades. These can give your ship a lot more power and prestige.
  • Revealing Secrets: Ghost Ships are often linked to the game’s fiction and mysteries. Getting to know them might reveal hidden plots, shed light on events from the past, and help you see the world in a new way.
  • The Ultimate Test of Skill: Beating these spectral challenges shows how good you are as a pirate, giving you something to brag about and earning you respect from your friends.


How do you get on the ghost ship?

Link needs to get the Ghost Ship Chart from Diamond Steppe Island, which is in sector A6, in order to get on the Ghost Ship. The chart can also show which island the Ghost Ship is currently visiting. If Link tries to get on the ship without the chart, it just vanishes when he gets close to it.

How do you get ghost ship loot?

There will be Wraiths around any treasure that Ghost Ships drop. Most of the time, a Ghost Ship drops Ghostly Treasure items, which are marked by swirling ghosts above the water. Grunt Ship sometimes drops Storage Crates of the Damned, which are full of Cannonballs, Fruit, and Wooden Planks.

Where does Ghost Ship spawn?

Go to Rohendel, which is in the western part of the map. This is where you can find the Ghost Ship spawn points.

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