How to Find and Install Add-ons on Firefox for Android

Feel free to add more features and functions to your Android Firefox browser! Find out how to quickly and easily install add-ons.

Firefox used to only support add-ons in Firefox Nightly, but since 2022, the main Firefox browser app has also been able to use them. This update lets users add a lot of different web browser extensions to the Firefox Android app, which makes it much more useful. In this article we will talk about how to Find and install Add-ons on Firefox for Android.

Mozilla only allows a certain number of extensions to be installed, but there is an easy way for users to get around this restriction and install any Firefox extension, which lets them customize and improve their mobile browsing experience. This method can be used on a wide range of Android devices, from smartphones and tablets to cheap Chromebooks.

By being open to this, users can make the Firefox mobile app fit their own preferences, which makes it a great choice for people who want a personalised and feature-rich browsing experience on the go. Users can easily add these improvements to their mobile browsing because they work with all Android devices. This gives users more options and better performance.

Find Add-ons on Firefox for Android

In Firefox, through the Add-ons Manager

  1. In the upper right corner, tap the menu button, which looks like three dots.
  2. Click on “Addons.”
  3. Look at the add-ons that are available.
  4. To add an add-on, tap the plus sign (+) next to it.
  5. Take a look at the permissions and then tap “Add” to confirm.
Find and install Add-ons on Firefox for Android

By going to the website for Mozilla Add-ons

  1. Use your Firefox browser to go to
  2. Look through the list of add-ons that are made just for Android.
  3. To add an add-on, tap the plus sign (+) next to it.
  4. To finish the installation, just do what it says.

Install Add-ons on Firefox for Android

  1. Start up Firefox
  2. Go to the page for add-ons
  3. Click on the “Add-Onsbutton.
  4. Put in your first add-on
  5. Give your OK for the installation
  6. Set up the add-on

Benefits of Using Add-ons on Firefox for Android

Making changes and having control

  • Add extra features: Add things like password managers, ad blockers, download managers, grammar checkers, and so on that aren’t already in Firefox.
  • Customise the way you browse: You can change how Firefox looks and feels by adding themes, fonts, and your own search engines.
  • Boost your productivity: Use tools like tab managers, to-do lists, and note-taking extensions to make your work flow better.

Accessibility and ease of use

  • Automate tasks: Do things over and over again, like filling out forms, going to certain websites, or logging into social media accounts.
  • Simplify information management: Managing your information will be easier if you add extensions that work with your favourite services, like Pocket, Evernote, or Google Translate. This will make it easier to save and find information.
  • Accessibility: Add-ons that change font sizes, zoom levels, colour schemes, or add text-to-speech functionality can make browsing easier.

Enhancing Privacy and Security with Add-ons

Increasing safety and privacy

  • Ad Blockers: Stop annoying ads and trackers that gather information about what websites you visit. uBlock Origin and Disconnect are two popular choices.
  • Password Managers: Password managers let you store and organise your passwords safely across devices and websites. Bitwarden and Firefox Lockbox are both great options.
  • Tools for Privacy: These tools give you more control over your online privacy by letting you manage cookies, block scripts, and enforce “Do Not Track.” DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials and Privacy Badger can help you with this.
Find and install Add-ons on Firefox for Android

Getting more done and being more productive

  • Tab Managers: Keep your open tabs in order and avoid clutter. You should choose between Tabli and Tree Style Tab.
  • Reader Mode: Make web pages simpler so they are easier to read and less distracting. Both Mercury Reader and Pocket work well.
  • Password Autofill: Use a password manager like Bitwarden or 1Password to quickly and safely fill out forms and logins.

Making changes to how you browse

  • Themes: Themes let you change how Firefox looks and feels to suit your tastes. There are many themes to choose from in Stylish and Firefox Colour.
  • Download Managers: Download managers add features like pause/resume, scheduling, and file organization to downloads to make them better. Many people choose IDM+ and FDM.
  • Social Media Enhancements: Use add-ons like Facebook Purity or TweetDeck to block distractions on social media sites or change how they look.


How do I search for addons in Firefox for Android?

Visit to see all of the Firefox for Android add-ons that are available. You can also use the browser’s Add-ons Manager to find add-ons.

How do I use addons on Android?

Click on the add-on you want to put in. Press Install. For most add-ons, a message will show up asking for access to certain data that the add-on needs to work. Read the message, then press “Allow.”

Can you download extensions on Firefox Android?

How to install Firefox extensions on Android. Firefox for Android supports a few Recommended Extensions extensions to improve browsing. Install extensions from or the browser’s Add-ons Manager.

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