How to Find Odd Morsel in Persona 3 Reload

Struggling to find the Odd Morsel for Nozomi's Social Link? This guide reveals its hidden location in Persona 3 Reload!

This guide showed you how to Find Odd Morsel in Persona 3 Reload. When exploring in Persona 3 Reload game, getting Odd Morsels from common chests makes the experience better. As they move through the game world’s different settings, from creepy dungeons to busy cities, the desire to find new things drives them forward.

These chests, which are tucked away in different corners, hold treasures that are just waiting to be found. The Odd Morsel stands out as a highly sought-after item among the many that can be found. The fact that it’s there makes each chest opening more unpredictable, which builds excitement and anticipation. Players are told to carefully search every nook and cranny because they might find this elusive item, which makes exploring even more exciting.

This strange item, the Odd Morsel, has more meaning than just being something to collect because it might be useful in the video game’s mechanics. Finding it is not only fun, but it could also help the player move forward. This means that the search for Odd Morsel fits right into the main gameplay loop, making Persona 3 Reload more immersive.

How to Find Odd Morsel in Persona 3 Reload

  1. Obtain Odd Morsels: Obtain Odd Morsels from Paulownia Mall to unlock the Moon Social Link with the Gourmet King, also known as the Chubby Student.
  2. Initiate Interaction: Approach the Gourmet King and engage in his Gourmet Quiz.
  3. Receive Request: After the quiz, the Gourmet King will express interest in trying new foods, indicating a need for something he has never eaten beforeโ€”a hint for the Odd Morsel.
  4. Present Odd Morsel: Give the Gourmet King the Odd Morsel to initiate the Moon Social Link and receive rewards, including spending time with him.
  5. Combat Use: Utilize the Odd Morsel in combat situations to restore 100 HP to party members.
  6. Consider Risks: Note that while the Odd Morsel offers healing benefits, it carries a level of risk. Consider safer healing options, especially if primary healing characters are unavailable or health restore items are depleted.

Understanding Odd Morsels in Persona 3 Reload

The job is:

  • When used in battle, an Odd Morsel helps an ally’s HP a little. This can save your life in tough fights or when you’re exploring dangerous areas.
How to Find Odd Morsel in Persona 3 Reload
  • But Odd Morsels have a catch: their side effects are hard to predict. Effects like these can be good (stat boosts) or bad (confusion, illnesses).

Getting it:

  • In the game’s dungeon, Tartarus, you can find Strange Morsels in chests all over the place. In particular, they happen more often on floors 2 through 21.
  • The game might also give you one at the start.

Important Uses:

  • How to Get the Moon Social Link: A student named Nozomi will ask you a trivia question in Paulownia Mall. If you get it right, give him an Odd Morsel as a unique snack. This starts the Moon Social Link, which gives you access to powerful Personas and skills.
  • Gamble to Restore HP: The ability to restore HP is helpful, but the side effects are hard to predict, which makes using Odd Morsels a bit of a risk-and-reward game. Before you use them, think about the health of your party and the possible benefits.

Importance of Odd Morsels in Persona 3 Reload

Good things:

  • HP Restoration: Odd Morsels are mostly used to heal your allies, but they’re not very good at it. This can be very helpful in tough battles or while exploring Tartarus, where there aren’t many ways to heal.
  • Odd Morsels are pretty easy to get because they can be found in treasure chests, dropped by enemies, or bought in certain shops. Because of this, they can heal you reliably, especially early in the game.

Bad things:

  • Side effects that are hard to predict: The main problem with Odd Morsels is that their side effects are hard to predict. When used, they can give the healed ally a range of status ailments, from mild ones like confusion to more serious ones like fear or binds.
  • Not very useful: Odd Morsels only restore a small amount of health, which makes them less useful later in the game when enemies do a lot more damage. For more information go to their official website.

Tips and Tricks for Efficient Odd Morsel Hunting

Getting ready:

  • Composition of the Party: It is very important to have a party with a wide range of elemental resistances and high agility. You could use characters like Fuuka Yamagishi, Yukari Takeba, and Makoto Yuki.
  • Stock Up: Make sure you have a lot of items that heal, items that restore SP, and items that cure status ailments. The Megidola and Mahama spells are great for quickly getting rid of mobs.
  • Give Your Characters Resistances That Match: Give your characters accessories that make them more resistant to the element that the morsel stands for. They will last a lot longer on the hunt because of this.

Tips for Hunting:

  • Adventure in Tartarus: Exploring Tartarus is the most common way to find strange foods. Look for places where the shadows are weak to the element that the morsel stands for. For instance, if you want to find a Fire Morsel, go to places where there are a lot of Slime Shadows.
  • Full Moon: When the moon is full, shadows are more likely to appear. Now is a great time to aim for strange foods.
  • Special Encounters: You can only get some strange treats through special encounters. Like, the Moon Arcana morsel can only be dropped by the Reaper. Keep an eye out for these people as you explore Tartarus.


How do you get odd morsel in Persona 3?

Odd Morsel can only be found in chests in Tartarus, from the very first block on.

Can you get a girlfriend in Persona 3?

Persona 3 lets players fall in love with different characters, and the game’s writing is good enough that investing in Social Links is worth it.

Will Persona 3 Reload have romance?

Also, it can be hard to pick a girl to date in Persona 3 Reload because they’re all so great in their own ways. The choice of who to romance is up to you, but here are our picks for the best ones in P3R based on difficulty and story.

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