How to Find the Submarine in Lethal Company

Follow a step-by-step guide that unravels the path to the submarine's whereabouts, leaving no stone unturned in this captivating exploration.

In this article we will discuss about the how to Find the Submarine in Lethal Company. In addition to being a survival horror game, Lethal Company also includes elements of space exploration and strategy. During the course of playing the game, players will have the opportunity to uncover a plethora of hidden mysteries and Easter eggs that are dispersed across the various moons.

Although it is not entirely clear what its function is, the submarine cannot be interacted with (at least not yet). In spite of the fact that it does not function, a great number of players are interested in discovering the location of the concealed submarine during their exploration of Lethal Company. For those who are having difficulty, this guide will provide the precise location of the submarine.

What is the Secret Battery Generator (Submarine) in Lethal Company?

The specifics of this secret are still a mystery, and not much is known about its history or purpose. This structure that looks like a submarine might be a battery generator because it has the word “battery” written on the front of it, a power box nearby, and what look like two slots for equipment. However, it would be fun to get two useful tools as a reward for finding this structure.

Unfortunately, there are no items here that you can interact with. For now, it looks like a fun Easter egg that players can find as they go around the moon of the company. Zeekerss may add more content to the game in future updates, though, so this could change before the full release.

Where to find the Submarine battery

The submarine is a strange machine that you can’t work with… yet. This Easter egg is likely to get more details, maybe in the form of the pilot logs you find on your scrap runs. But if you want to see this cool gadget in Lethal Company, here’s where to find it.

How to Find the Submarine in Lethal Company

Go to the Company Building first. On the last day of your quota, you should go here because the employee in the Company Building will pay you 100% for your scrap. Get off the ship and leave. Leave the ship on the left side and head east. There is a hatch on the ground. When it spawns in, the hatch is right in front of the machine that delivers items.

How to Find the Submarine in Lethal Company

You need to go to the Company’s moon first in order to find the submarine secret in Lethal Company. You can do this by going to the Terminal and doing the steps below.

  1. Enter “moons.”
  2. Type “business.”
  3. Just type “confirm.”
  4. Put the ship down.

After that, you’ll get to the moon of the Company, which is usually where you sell scrap. As soon as you land, get off the ship and go left to where things like flashlights and walkie-talkies will be brought.

Rewards and Benefits of Finding the Submarine

  • Access to Powerful Weapons and Advanced Gear: The submarine is a treasure trove of powerful weapons and advanced gear that gives you a tactical edge over your opponents. You’ll find strong weapons that can help you win the battle, such as underwater assault rifles, explosives, and stealth devices.
  • Strategic Advantage and Surprise Attacks: The submarine’s hidden location gives you a strategic edge, letting you attack enemies by surprise and trap them when they’re not expecting it. Use the submarine’s underwater abilities to sneak into enemy territory without being seen. This will give you an important element of surprise in tactical operations.
  • Successfully Finishing Important Missions and Goals: Finding the submarine is often necessary to finish important story missions and goals. Discovering the submarine could open up new missions, give you important clues for moving the story along, and even lead to the game’s ending.
  • Character Progress and Upgrades: The submarine may have hidden caches and valuable resources that can speed up your character’s progress and let them get upgrades. Find rare materials, blueprints for advanced weapons, or one-of-a-kind artefacts that make your skills and abilities better.
  • Finding Mysteries and Lore: The submarine might be able to help you find the game’s world’s hidden secrets and lore. Explore the depths of the submarine to find hidden messages and long-lost stories that will help you piece together the game’s complex storyline.


Are there any prerequisites or requirements for finding the submarine?

Before starting the search for the submarine, you don’t have to have done anything in particular, but it is suggested that you have reached a certain point in the story. This will let you explore more of the game world, which will increase the chances of finding clues about where the submarine is.

Are there any specific areas of the game world that I should focus on exploring?

You can find the submarine anywhere in the game world, but some places might have more clues or hints. Watch out for places that have been used for scientific research or exploration in the past, places that are underwater, and places where buildings have been left empty.

What rewards can I expect from finding the submarine?

Finding the submarine opens up a treasure chest of rewards, such as strong weapons, advanced gear, useful materials, and secret passageways. Additionally, it is a key part of completing important missions and moving the story along in the game.

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