Fixed: 500 Internal Server Error NGINX

Get rid of NGINX 500 errors like a pro! Get your website back up and running quickly by following our guide.

It’s common for web servers to give the “NGINX 500 Internal Server Error” message, which stops requests from being processed smoothly and makes things hard for developers, especially in live production environments where website functionality is very important. This guide provide you how to fix 500 Internal Server Error NGINX.

Getting to the bottom of this error means there is a problem with the server itself, and finding its source is important for fixing it. Problems in the server environment or wrong configurations are just a few of the things that could cause this error.

The developers must carefully look into possible causes of the disruption in order to lessen its effects. Faulty settings in the NGINX server block, not enough permissions for file, or scripts that don’t work right could all be caused by this. Researchers can get the server working again by finding and fixing these problems. If you are interested in receiving additional information, you may go to the official website of Windows.

Causes of the 500 Internal Server Error

Script errors on the server

  • Coding mistakes: Even the best programmers make mistakes from time to time! Bugs in the logic, syntax, or plugins can all cause the server to give you a 500.
  • Not enough resources: If the server has too many requests or not enough memory, it may give up and send a 500 error.
Fixed: 500 Internal Server Error NGINX

Problems with configuration

  • Missing files:  Servers that can’t find the file or script they need to handle your request will send a 500 error. This might happen because of a typo in the URL, a server file not being found, or wrong permissions.
  • Issues with permissions: The server will hit a wall and throw a 500 if it doesn’t have the right permissions to access certain files or resources.

Outside factors

  • Problems with the network: A 500 error can happen if the link between your computer and the server is lost or unstable.
  • Maintenance on the server: Scheduled maintenance on the server can sometimes make it unavailable for a short time and cause 500 errors.

Fixed: 500 Internal Server Error NGINX

Refresh or reload your page by force

  1. Press Windows and the R key at the same time, or press the F5 key in Windows.
  2. For a Mac, hold down the Apple + R or Cmd+shift+R keys at the same time.
  3. To use Linux, press the F5 key.

Get rid of your browser’s cookies and cache.

  1. Go to the settings menu, depending on your browser. To open a menu, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of Google Chrome.
  2. Click on “Clear browsing data” under “More tools.”
  3. You can choose all three options in the “Basic” section of the new window that appears, as shown below. These choices are “Cached images and files”, “Browsing history” and “Cookies and other site data“.
  4. Press “Clear data” to start the process.

Check for redirects

  1. If you set up any redirections in the web server wrong, you might get a 500 internal server error.
  2. For instance, if you use Apache as your web server, make sure that the mod_rewrite module and.htaccess file are set up correctly.
  3. Do not forget to use a different tool to look over the syntax of the URL rewrite and redirection rules in your server configuration file.

Make the script run for longer.

Another reason you might get a 500 internal server error in NGINX is if your web server (like Apache) is taking too long to handle the request. If this happens, raise the timeout value on your web server (not NGINX) so that it stays connected to NGINX longer and sends a correct response.

Handling PHP-FPM and FastCGI Issues

Getting to the Basics

  • PHP-FPM (FastCGI Process Manager): FastCGI Process Manager, or PHP-FPM, is a process manager for PHP that lets you handle dynamic content quickly and easily. It is often used with Apache and Nginx web servers.
  • FastCGI: FastCGI is a protocol that lets external applications talk to web servers. This lets processes run over and over again and improves performance.


  • Always update your software: Keep your PHP-FPM and web server versions up to date for better security and performance.
  • Monitor Performance: To keep an eye on how resources are being used and find possible bottlenecks, use tools like top, htop, or server monitoring services.
  • Check the Documentation and the Community: For best practices and troubleshooting tips, look at the official PHP-FPM and web server documentation. If you need help, look for it in online communities.


What is Nginx 500 internal server error logs?

A 500 Internal Server Error in Nginx means that there is a problem with the code or configuration of the server that is making it fail. To fix this error, do the following: Look at the Nginx error logs: Outside of Nginx, you can find the error logs.

What is error 500 in Nginx reverse proxy?

When Nginx reverse proxy sees an error 500, it usually means that the upstream server (backend server) sends back a 500 internal server error. The backend server logs can help you figure out what the real problem is and how to fix it.

Is 500 internal server error my fault?

The HTTP status code 500 means that an error has happened. It means that the server ran into an unexpected problem that stopped it from fulfilling the request. The server usually sends this error when there isn’t another error code that works.

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