How to Fix ‘Acquisitions Not Working’ in Helldivers 2

Tech glitches got you down? Discover simple solutions to resolve the "Acquisitions Not Working" bug and continue your Helldivers 2 campaign smoothly.

When you’re fighting alien hordes and mechanical enemies in Helldivers 2, it’s important to make sure you have the right weapons. In the battlegrounds between stars, having a wide range of powerful weapons is not just a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have for life. In this article we will show you how to Fix ‘Acquisitions Not Working’ in Helldivers 2.

While the developers work hard to fix the game’s bugs, a new problem has come up: a sneaky barrier is stopping players from getting to the Acquisitions Centre, which is the game’s central point. This resource hub is the key to getting more ammo, better weapons, and new destructive tools. It is an important part of the ongoing battle against alien invasion and robotic rule.

When faced with this new problem, the Helldivers group cries out for answers, hoping to get out of the frustrating stalemate that is stopping them from properly preparing for the harsh conditions of intergalactic war. To get out of this mess and give players back access to the important Acquisitions Centre, they need a complete guide. This guide will be a lighthouse in the middle of the chaos, giving players clarity and direction as they try to fix this terrible mistake.

Why ‘Acquisitions Not Working’ in Helldivers 2

  • High Player Load: When Helldivers 2 first came out, it had problems because there were so many players. The servers became unstable, and tools like Acquisitions stopped working. Even though things have probably gotten better, computer problems can still happen from time to time.
  • Specific Problems on the Server Side: Issues on the server side can sometimes stop certain functions, like Acquisitions, from working.
  • Bugs in the Game: There may be bugs in the game itself that make the Acquisitions system not work right.
  • Damaged or lost game files can lead to a number of problems, including issues with Acquisitions.
How to Fix 'Acquisitions Not Working' in Helldivers 2
  • Outdated Version of the Game: Make sure you have the most recent version of Helldivers 2 installed. Updates often fix bugs and other problems.
  • Network Connectivity Issues: If your internet link isn’t stable, you might have trouble talking to the server, which could affect Acquisitions.

How to Fix ‘Acquisitions Not Working’ in Helldivers 2

Check for Game Updates

  1. Check for updates in the game’s menu or through the respective platform’s update system (Steam, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, etc.).
  2. If an update is available, download and install it.

Restart Your Device

  1. Turn off everything on your computer.
  2. Before you turn it back on, wait a few minutes.
  3. Start Helldivers 2 and see if you can now make purchases.

Contact Support

  1. Tell us more about the problem you’re having, such as when it started and what steps you’ve already taken to fix it.
  2. Wait patiently and do what the support team tells you to do to help them figure out what’s wrong and fix it. Unlock the full Helldivers 2 experience – visit the official site for exclusive details.


Is Helldivers 2 on PC?

Arrowhead Game Studios, the company that made Helldivers 2, said this week that it will be releasing updates for PS5 and PC that will fix the “most serious problems” the game is having right now, such as login, matchmaking, and server load.

Why is Helldivers 2 black screen?

Your setup file is called “user-settings.config.” If that doesn’t help, you can try making changes to it. Open a file viewer window, click “View,” go to “Show,” and make sure “Hidden items” is checked. This will help you find the file.

How to bypass Helldivers 2 queue PS5?

You can get around it, though, and it almost always works, but you need a friend who is both online and in the game to do it. That’s because you can skip the Helldivers 2 queue and join a friend’s game right away through their profile (PS5) or your Steam friends list (PC).

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