Fix: ‘Application is Not Responding’ error in windows 11/10

Do not let app freezes stop you! Find out how to fix problems with Windows so it runs smoothly.

the”Application Not Responding” error in windows 11/10 is a common problem on Windows computers that makes users very angry because programmes shut down suddenly and without warning. This problem not only slows down work, but it also makes it possible to lose data that hasn’t been saved yet, which is annoying for users. in this article we will show you how to Fix ‘Application is Not Responding’ error in windows 11/10

There are many reports of this problem on many sites, including the Microsoft forum, where people are looking for solutions and talking about their own experiences. The fact that these complaints are coming from a lot of different people shows how important it is to solve this annoying problem right away.

The error’s widespread nature suggests a systemic problem that needs Microsoft and the user community’s attention. It also has an immediate effect on productivity. As users deal with the effects of sudden application failures, the need for a strong and effective solution becomes clearer. This has led to a call for the Windows system to be more stable and responsive.

Common Causes of Application Freezing in Windows 11/10

Fix: 'Application is Not Responding' error in windows 11/10

Not Enough System Resources

  • RAM: If your computer doesn’t have enough RAM, programmes may freeze because they can’t get to the memory they need.
  • CPU: An overworked CPU can make programmes run more slowly or even freeze as it tries to handle many tasks at once.
  • Storage: Not having enough space on your hard drive can cause it to freeze, especially when you’re trying to save big files or run programmes that use a lot of disc space.

Drivers or software that are too old

  • Software: Using old versions of programmes can cause problems with how they work with the operating system, which can cause the computer to freeze.
  • Drivers: Problems with freezing are often caused by drivers that are out of date or don’t work with your computer, especially drivers for your graphics card.

System files or registry entries that are damaged

  • System files or registry entries that are damaged can stop the system from working normally, which can cause an application to freeze.

Infections with malware or virus

  • Malware or viruses can mess up system processes and the way apps work, which can lead to freezing and other performance problems.

Processes in the background

  • Background processes that use a lot of resources, like antivirus scans or large file transfers, can compete with programmes that are running in the foreground, which can cause the computer to freeze.

Fix: ‘Application is Not Responding’ error in windows 11/10

Repair options from the Settings page

  1. Go to Start, then Settings, then Apps, and finally Apps & features.
  2. Settings for apps and features
  3. Pick out the app that needs help.
  4. Choose the “Advancedlink next to the app’s name. Some apps don’t have this option. If it’s there on the page that comes up, click Repair. Choose Reset if it’s not there or if it doesn’t fix the issue.

You can fix things from the Control Panel.

  1. Type “control panel” into the search box on the taskbar, and then choose “Control Panel” from the list that comes up.
  2. Go to Programmes > Features and Programmes.
  3. If you can’t find Repair, rightclick the programme you want to fix and choose Change instead. Then do what it says on the screen.

Get the most recent Windows update.

  1. Press the Win + I keys together to open the Settings app.
  2. Pick Update & Security from the menu.
  3. Now, click the button on the right that says “Check for news.”

Have a look for Memory Leaks

  1. It’s up to you whether you want to do a full scan now or during the restart.
  2. The Run box will appear when you press the Win+R keys together.
  3. Type in mdsched.exe and press OK.

Do a virus or malware scan on your device.

  1. Deal with Windows Defender
  2. Get anti-virus software from a third party.

Disk Clean-up and Defragmentation for Performance

  • Frees up space by getting rid of temporary files, cached data, downloaded programme files, old system restore points, and other files that aren’t needed.
  • Combines fragmented files Move pieces of files that are spread out across the disc so that they are closer together.
  • Less occupied space means faster file operations and less wear and tear on the disc.
  • It reorganises fragmented files by putting file fragments on the disc in order.
  • Less movement of the head The disc head reads data more quickly, which cuts down on access times.
  • Overall performance is improved, with faster file opening, application loading, and system response.


How do I unfreeze apps in Windows 11?

Window 11: To end a frozen programme, press Alt+F4. In Windows 11, a keyboard shortcut is the best and fastest way to close a programme that is stuck or frozen. Click on the app that’s giving you trouble to make it active, then press Alt+F4.

Why is my application frozen?

Some of the things that can cause computer programmes to freeze are not enough memory, programmes that don’t work well with each other, old software, corrupted files, malware or viruses, hardware problems, or bugs in the software.

Does Windows 11 have a repair tool?

If you want to fix Windows 11, you can use the Windows Startup Repair tool, run an SFC and DISM scan, restore your system, and reset your PC.

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