Fixed: ‘Crunchyroll Not Working’ issue on Apple TV

Black screen got you down? Guide to restoring Crunchyroll glory on your Apple TV

You really want to watch another cartoon, but Crunchyroll on your Apple TV won’t let you. Don’t give up, fellow fan! There are many fixing tools in our toolbox that can help you get past the “not working” blues. The first thing we should do is go over the basics. Force-quit and restart the apps to give it a push. A quick restart of the Apple TV might also help. In this article we will show you how to Fix ‘Crunchyroll Not Working’ issue on Apple TV.

Also, make sure your online connection is happy while you’re at it. You should update both the Apple TV and the Crunchyroll app. New software can really help you out. If these first steps don’t help you find the anime gold chest, keep going. Putting the Crunchyroll app back on your phone will make it work again. Change your language settings you never know, speaking a different language might help.

Also, keep in mind that server outages do happen. Check Crunchyroll’s online safe haven for any known problems. Still no fun with anime? Don’t worry! Get in touch with Crunchyroll’s customer service. They will be your cartoon guardian angels if you tell them about your Apple TV model, app version, and any error messages. Visit official website for more details.

Why ‘Crunchyroll Not Working’ issue on Apple TV

  • Force quit and relaunch the app: Swipe up on the touchpad on your remote control to bring up the App Switcher, then swipe up on the Crunchyroll app preview to close it. Relaunch the app and see if the issue persists.
  • Restart your Apple TV: Go to Settings > System > Restart. Unplug your Apple TV from power for a few seconds before plugging it back in and powering it on.
  • Check your internet connection: Ensure your Apple TV has a stable internet connection. Try connecting to a different network or using a wired connection if possible.
Fix 'Crunchyroll Not Working' issue on Apple TV
  • Update your Apple TV and the Crunchyroll app: Make sure you have the latest versions of both software installed. Go to Settings > System > Software Updates for your Apple TV and check for updates. For the Crunchyroll app, open the App Store and tap on “Updates” to see if there are any available updates.

Fixed: ‘Crunchyroll Not Working’ issue on Apple TV

Reinstall Crunchyroll App

  1. Take the Crunchyroll app off of your Apple TV.
  2. You can get the app again by searching for it in the App Store.
  3. Sign in to your account after opening the app.

Update Apple TV Software

  1. Make sure that the software update for your Apple TV is up to date.
  2. Pick up “System” from the settings menu and then pick up “Software Updates.”
  3. If there’s an update, put it on your Apple TV and restart it.

Clear Cache and Data

  1. On your Apple TV, open the Crunchyroll app.
  2. If the app has one, go to the settings and look for the choice to clear cache or data.
  3. Performance problems can be fixed by clearing the cache.

Update your Crunchyroll app

  1. Go to the App Store.
  2. In the upper right corner, tap the search bar.
  3. Look for Prime Video.
  4. Pick out the app.
  5. Tap Update if there is one that needs to be done.

Update your subscription

  1. There are no ads.
  2. The whole library of anime and manga is available.
  3. New shows come out an hour after they air in Japan.
  4. Use one device to stream.


Why does Crunchyroll keep not working?

Check for new versions of software: Make sure that the OS and the Crunchyroll app are both up to date. Lessen network congestion. Buffering problems can happen when a lot of devices are connected to your network and using a lot of data.

Why does Crunchyroll say unavailable?

People who use Crunchyroll may see the annoying “sorry, this video is not available in your region” message. This is most likely because Crunchyroll does not have the right to show the title in your country.

Who owns Crunchyroll?

AT&T sold Crunchyroll to Sony for $1.18 billion in cash in 2021. Last year, Sony united Crunchyroll with Funimation, an anime streaming service that it had bought in 2019.

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