How to Fix Dev Error 12744 in Modern Warfare 3

Struggling with Dev Error 12744 in Modern Warfare 3? Learn how to fix it and get back to the fight!

Dev Error 12744 is a technical error code that shows up when you try to start a different group, like Mosh-pit in split-screen or multiplayer mode. The error code shows up on the screen, so players can’t join the game they chose. in this article we will explain you how to Fix Dev Error 12744 in Modern Warfare 3.

The error code didn’t happen very often before, but since the Call of Duty: MW3 playlist update on Thursday, it’s been seen more often. It looks like the problem is with the playlist patch and not with the player itself.

When you look at Dev Error 12744, there is no information about what the problem is or why it is showing up. This makes things even worse for people who are already trying to figure out what’s going on and how to fix it. But there are ways to fix the error code (if you know what they are).

Why Dev Error 12744 in Modern Warfare 3

  • Incomplete installation: If the process of installing the game was stopped, important files could be missing or damaged, which would cause the problem.
  • Updates and patches: Updates or patches that don’t work with old game files can sometimes damage them and cause errors like Dev Error 12744.
  • Graphics drivers: Graphics drivers that are too old can cause problems with compatibility and cause errors like Dev Error 12744.
  • Other system drivers: Network drivers and other system drivers that are out of date can sometimes also cause the error.
How to Fix Dev Error 12744 in Modern Warfare 3
  • Use of a guest account: This mistake has been seen more often when a guest account is used in split-screen mode. If that doesn’t work, try logging in with your main account.
  • Antivirus or security software: Security software that is too strict could wrongly mark game files as harmful, which could cause problems and even corruption.

How to Fix Dev Error 12744 in Modern Warfare 3

Update Graphics Drivers

  1. To see if there are any changes for NVIDIA graphics cards, use the GeForce Experience app.
  2. To see if there are any changes for AMD graphics cards, use the AMD Radeon Software app.
  3. You can also go to the official websites of NVIDIA or AMD to download and install the latest drivers by hand.

Verify Game Files

  1. Start up or the tool you use to start MW3.
  2. Get into the MW3 game library.
  3. To get to the options page, click on the three dots or cog icon next to the MW3 game.
  4. Choose “Scan and Repair” or something similar.
  5. Let the check finish, and then follow any on-screen instructions to fix any damaged files.

Compatibility Mode

  1. Do a rightclick on the MW3 folder or executable file.
  2. Click on “Properties.”
  3. Click on the “Compatibility” tab.
  4. If it says “Run this programme in compatibility mode for:” check the box next to it.
  5. From the dropdown box, pick an older version of Windows.
  6. Press “Apply” and then “OK” to keep the changes.

Check Firewall and Antivirus

  1. Identify Potential Blockages: Determine if your firewall or antivirus software is hindering MW3 from accessing essential files or resources.
  2. Disable Security Software: Temporarily disable your firewall and antivirus software.
  3. Launch MW3: Start the MW3 game to check if the error persists.
  4. Error Resolution: If the error is resolved after disabling security software, proceed to the next step.
  5. Exception Addition: Add MW3 to the exceptions list of your firewall and antivirus programs to prevent future blocking.


Why does my Xbox say dev error?

Broken game files are the main cause of the Dev error 6034 Warzone Xbox. The Dev error 6034 can also be caused by a brief glitch, a corrupted cache, or game data packs that don’t work with each other.

What is a dev error?

A dev error can happen for many reasons, such as when you play the game without permission or when the computers go down. When the problem happens in the middle of a game session, it can be very annoying.

What is Dev error 61444?

If you get the DEV ERROR 6144 MW2 message, you can press the “Exit” button in the error box. Then, close the game and the online mode altogether. Start the game again after waiting a while in your launcher.

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