How to Fix ‘Discord Installation has Failed’ Error

Don't let install issues stop your Discord fun! This guide shows you how to fix the 'Installation Failed' error and join your friends again.

People who play video games today know how to Fix ‘Discord Installation has Failed’ Error. We also like that Discord has a lot of useful bots and other features, which are another reason why we stick with it as our main VoIP app.

Sometimes, though, Discord can be buggy and annoying, which takes away from the smooth experience we all love. The “Discord Update Failed” mistake is one of these times. A lot of people have this problem with Discord on Windows, both the web app and the desktop app. Do you keep getting this error? If so, let’s learn how to fix the “Discord Update Failed” problem on Windows.

What is Discord?

Discord is one of the most popular ways for groups to talk to each other and become more connected. There are many ways for users to stay in touch, such as talk calls, video calls, chat, sharing files, and more. Everything is done over a safe route called servers. The point of a Discord server is to make sure that everyone in the group has a smooth and uninterrupted experience.

The app is very important for gamers and creators to stay in touch, but a lot of users have recently said they can’t install it. The “Installation has failed” message shows up every time a user tries to run the application’s setup file (.exe). Here are some fixes that might help you get rid of the dreaded “installation has failed” message.

Why ‘Discord Installation has Failed’ Error

  • Problems with the internet connection: For a Discord installation to go smoothly, you need a stable and reliable internet link. The error could happen if your link is weak, drops out, or is completely down. This could make the download and installation process fail.
  • Download that is damaged or incomplete: If the Discord installation file is damaged or incomplete because of dropped or incomplete downloads, file transfer mistakes, or problems with the download source, the installation may not work.
How to Fix 'Discord Installation has Failed' Error
  • Not enough rights for users: You might not be able to install software on your computer if you are using an account that does not have administrator rights. This might make it impossible to run Discord properly.
  • Software that conflicts: Some programmes or background processes can make it hard to run Discord. Some examples of this are antivirus software, other messaging apps, and even gaming apps that fight for the same files or resources.

How to Fix ‘Discord Installation has Failed’ Error

Disable Any Background Discord Processes

  1. Press Win + X and click on the link for Task Manager to open it. To see more ways, read how to open Task Manager on Windows.
  2. Task Manager might open with a different tab. If it does, click Processes.
  3. In the part called “Background processes,” look for things that have to do with Discord.
  4. Find a Discord process and right-click it. Then choose End job.
  5. Do the fourth step again for everything that has to do with Discord.
  6. Remove any background processes that are tied to Discord before installing it.

Install the .NET Framework on Windows

  1. Open up this page for the Microsoft.NET Framework.
  2. Choose the Download choice for.NET Framework.
  3. Open the folder that has the dotNetFx45_Full_setup.exe file that you downloaded in Explorer.
  4. To open the Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5 window, double-click dotNetFx45_Full_setup.
  5. If “Continue” is not greyed out, click it.

Try Installing Discord in Safe Mode

Some third-party apps and tools running in the background could also make it hard to install Discord. That being said, the “Installation has failed” problem on your PC could also be caused by something running in the background that isn’t your antivirus software. You can get rid of this possible cause by installing Discord in Windows safe mode, which turns off background apps and drivers that aren’t needed.


Why does my Discord update keep failing?

A slow or unstable internet link is one of the most common reasons why a Discord update doesn’t work. So, before you try any more difficult troubleshooting tips, you should make sure that your internet connection isn’t the problem.

How do I force Discord to update?

For Windows, Linux, and Mac, press Ctrl + R. For Windows and Linux, press Cmd + R. As soon as Discord starts up again, it will download and install any changes. You can also right-click the app icon in the menu bar or taskbar on Windows or macOS and choose “Check for Updates” or “Quit.” Then, open the app again.

How do I skip Discord update?

There is a gear icon in the bottom left corner of Discord when you start it. This is what the User Settings look like. You can stop the update by going to Windows Settings and choosing “open Discord to off.”

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