How to Fix Double NAT Error: What is Double NAT

Players familiar with online games are well aware of the concept of NAT type and how NAT errors can impede multiplayer experiences. But having a double NAT makes all of these problems even worse. Most network equipment that does NAT also has a firewall built in. The firewall keeps public IP addresses and devices from accessing private IP addresses and devices. If Want to know How to Fix Double NAT Error?

Also, network services like DHCP are usually available to give connected devices on a local network their own IP addresses. Even though double NAT doesn’t always cause problems that can be seen, it can interfere with the way some software and hardware work. Services that depend on UPnP (Universal Plug-and-Play) support or manual port forwarding may have problems.

4 Fixed: Double NAT Error

Remove the Router if You Have a Gateway

  1. Reset your Xbox
  2. To open the Guide, press the Xbox button.
  3. Profile and system
  4. Click on Settings.
  5. Click on “General” and then “Network Settings.”
  6. “Double NAT detected” shouldn’t show up. double nat detected error

Set up a static IP address on Windows 10

  1. Press the Win key on your keyboard
  2. Type cmd and hit Enter
  3. In the Command Prompt type ipconfig /all and hit Enter on your keyboard
  4. Locate your main network adapter
  5. Note down its IPv4 Address, Subnet Mask, and DNS Servers* (check the screenshot)
  6. Close the Command Prompt window
  7. Check your routerโ€™s status page to view the DNS servers if ipconfig /all shows the same value as Default Gateway
  8. Access the Windows 10 Settings app
  9. Choose Network & Internet
  10. Click the Change adapter options button
  11. elect Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) from the list
  12. Click the Properties button
  13. Click the radio button that says Use the following IP address.
  14. Choose an IP address for your computer. It should be similar to the CMD IP above, but the last set of numbers should be different (between 1 and 254).
  15. Type the Subnet Mask and Default Gateway exactly as they were shown in the CMD window.
  16. Click the radio button that says Use the following DNS server addresses.
  17. Type the two DNS servers exactly as they appear on the status page of your router.
How to Fix Double NAT Error

Enable Bridge Mode on Your ISP Router

  1. Open the login page for your router. You can find the address on the back of the router or in the manual.
  2. Type in your credentials to move on.
  3. Click Wireless Options on your router. Depending on the router, the name of an option may be different.
  4. Switch on or Turn on Bridge Mode
  5. Click the Save Changes button.

Use Double Router Port Forwarding

  1. Sign into your first router.
  2. Now, forward ports to the outside IP address of the other router.
  3. Sign in to the other router
  4. Forward the port to your game server or any other program you want to work well.
  5. Now, set up the other devices with a fixed IP address.
  6. Make sure the second router is set up with a static IP.

What is Double NAT and How It Happens?

The double NAT can sometimes be a sign of trouble. On a home network, you usually connect to the internet through a single router with a public IP address. You then give each device its own private IP address.

But you may often be behind more than one router, like in schools, hostels, hospitals, and other places with advanced networking. In the case of a Double NAT, our devices have two private IP addresses, which is different from a single router. This can cause problems when playing online games, opening certain ports, or even connecting a VPN.

Double NAT makes it so that devices connected to the first private network can’t talk to devices connected to the second private network. So, Double NAT may be the reason you can’t join the team chat room or host the Modern Warfare server.


How do I turn off double NAT on my router?

The first thing you can do to fix a Double NAT router is to get rid of your ISP router and connect your internet and other devices directly to your preferred router. So, you’ll only have one NAT, and you won’t have any more problems with online games, port forwarding, or setting up your computer.

Why is double NAT bad for gaming?

Double NAT If you use a double NAT connection, you may not be able to play server-based games or host or join peer-to-peer games. If you need help with something related to NAT, please contact your Internet Service Provider.

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