Fix: ‘Due to multiple community guideline violations’ issue on TikTok

Building a Good Online Community: TikTok's Kindness and Respect

In this article we showed how to fix ‘Due to multiple community guideline violations’ issue on TikTok, you need to take care of the problem right away and follow the platform’s rules. First, read TikTok’s community guidelines very carefully to figure out exactly what you did wrong that got your account banned.

To fix the issues, you should get rid of any content that doesn’t follow these rules once they’ve been identified. You could also read up on TikTok’s rules to make sure you don’t break them again. You can use TikTok’s support or reporting tools to learn more about the violations and what needs to be done to fix them.

Showing that you are willing to follow the rules and interact positively with the TikTok community can help solve the problem. To make sure that you and the rest of the TikTok community have a better, easier time, remember to keep your online presence creative and respectful in line with the apps community standards. To get more information go to their official website.

Common Reasons for Community Guideline Violations on TikTok

Well-being and safety:

  • Violent content: Endorsing or threatening violence against people or groups, showing horrible acts or showing torture that really happens.
  • Hate speech: Assaulting people or groups because of protected traits like race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or ethnicity is an example of hate speech.
Fix: 'Due to multiple community guideline violations' issue on TikTok
  • Harmful challenges: Encouragement of harmful or dangerous activities that could cause physical or emotional harm is an example of a harmful challenge.

Groups and content:

  • Bullying and harassment: Attacking or picking on people or groups, including cyberbullying and hate speech, is called bullying and harassment.
  • Activity that is against the law: encouraging or making it easier for illegal things to happen, like selling drugs or weapons or gambling.
  • Doxxing and privacy violations: Sharing private details about other people without their permission is called doxxing and privacy violations.

Fix: ‘Due to multiple community guideline violations’ issue on TikTok

Put in an appeal.

  1. TapInbox” in TikTok when it shows up.
  2. Click on “System notifications.”
  3. Open the notification that a community guideline was broken.
  4. Choose “Appeal” if it’s there.
  5. Send the appeal and wait for TikTok to respond.

Wait until the block is over.

  1. Go to your Profile
  2. Click on Menu
  3. Navigate to Settings and privacy
  4. Select Support
  5. Access Safety Centre
  6. Check Account status
  7. Look for the error message, which might resemble: “You’re temporarily blocked from direct messaging until 2023-01-15 10:46:14″
  8. Note the specified date, in this case, January 15th.
  9. Understand that you will not be able to send direct messages until the mentioned date.
  10. Expect to regain the ability to send direct messages after January 15th.

Learn TikTok’s Community Guidelines

  1. Read TikTok’s Community Guidelines: For user safety and satisfaction, these guidelines are in place.
  2. Identify Violations: Posting harmful, unsafe, or illegal content is a violation.
  3. Understand Guidelines: Understanding these guidelines is essential.
  4. Ensure Future Compliance: Ensure your future content follows TikTok’s policies.

Tips for Creating TikTok Content Within Community Guidelines

It has:

  • Focus on humour and stories: Keep people interested with interesting stories, jokes, or witty observations. Use popular sounds and trends to add context and humour.
  • Share what you know or can do: Show off your knowledge by writing how-to guides, life hacks, or educational content. To keep people interested, give clear explanations and examples.
  • Take on challenges and follow trends. Do popular dances or challenges with your own twist. Use popular elements to show off your personality and creativity.

Rules for the community:

  • Read the rules again and make sure you understand them: For safety and to make sure your videos follow the rules, read TikTok’s Community Guidelines.
  • Do not post about sensitive topics. Do not post anything that encourages violence, hate speech, harassment, or breaking the law. Be careful what you say and think about who you’re talking to.
  • Watch out for privacy and copyright: only use your own original work or get permission to use things that are protected by copyright. Don’t tell other people private things about them without their permission.


Why is TikTok saying I violated community guidelines?

Post, promote, or help with child sexual abuse or exploitation material (CSAM). This is a very bad thing you can do with your account. – Call for or encourage violence. Post or share content that shows sex acts that don’t happen between two consenting adults, like rape or molestation.

How long do community guideline violations last on TikTok?

Our rules can be broken, which can lead to account enforcement actions. We will ban accounts or users if they do any of the following: (1) a serious content violation just once; (2) repeated content violations within 90 days; (3) trying to get around our rules; or (4) using multiple accounts for activities that break our rules.

Do TikTok community violations go away?

If TikTok takes down content, like a video or comment, for breaking community rules, the account that posted it will get a strike that lasts for 90 days.

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