Fix: Error Code 0x80d03801 in Microsoft Store

These quick fixes for Error Code 0x80d03801 will let you get into the Microsoft Store. It's easy to get back to downloading games and apps.

The Microsoft Store app quickly became popular as a central place to access many apps after Microsoft released it in response to the success of the AppStore. People use it a lot, but they often run into problems, and the app has some problems. In this guide we showed how to fix Error Code 0x80d03801 in Microsoft Store.

Windows devices often show the error code 0x80d03801, which is a big problem for users. This error can make it hard for people to have the smooth experience they expect when they’re using the Microsoft Store. The platform tries to make things easier by combining applications, but errors like 0x80d03801 keep happening, which shows how complicated software ecosystems are.

People who are having trouble with this error might feel frustrated as they try to find a way to keep using the many apps that are available through the Microsoft Store. Dealing with and fixing these kinds of mistakes is still important for keeping digital platforms reliable and making users happier, even as technology changes. For more information go to official website of Microsoft.

Understanding the Causes of Error Code 0x80d03801

Problems connecting to the network:

  • Internet Connection Problems: This error usually happens because the internet connection isn’t stable or is cut off.
Fix: Error Code 0x80d03801 in Microsoft Store
  • Incorrect Network Settings: Proxy settings that aren’t set up right, VPN interference, or firewall restrictions can also make it hard to connect to Microsoft servers.

System files that are damaged:

  • Damaged Windows Update Files: Important files that are needed for Windows updates could be damaged, which would make the update process slower.
  • Store Cache Problems: If there are problems with the Microsoft Store cache, this error can also happen.

Windows servers that are too busy:

  • High Volume of Traffic: During busy times, Windows Update servers may have too much traffic, which can cause downloads to fail temporarily.

Fix: Error Code 0x80d03801 in Microsoft Store

Clear the Microsoft Store cache

  1. In Windows, click on the search box.
  2. Type wsreset in the search box.
  3. If you find wsreset in the search results, right-click on it and choose “Run as administrator.”

Set the type of network profile to “public.”

  1. Press the Win+I keys to open the Windows 11/10 Settings app.
  2. Navigate to the category that says “Network & internet.
  3. Locate the name of the connected WiFi, Ethernet, etc.
  4. Click on the Properties button for that network.
  5. In the section called “Network profile type,” choosePublic network.
  6. Check if the “Metered connection” setting on your network is off.

Install new apps from the Microsoft Store

  1. Identify Issues: Outdated apps/games may lead to problems, triggering error code 0x80d03801 in Microsoft Store, Xbox app, or launched apps from Microsoft Store.
  2. Access Microsoft Store: Open the Microsoft Store app on your Windows 11/10 PC.
  3. Navigate to Library: In the Microsoft Store, go to the Library section.
  4. Check for Updates: Click on “Get updates” located in the top-right corner of the Library page.
  5. Review Updates: If updates are available, click on “Update” for Microsoft Store, Xbox app, and any other relevant apps.
  6. Update All: Alternatively, you can choose “Update all” to ensure all Microsoft Store apps are updated.
  7. Restart PC: After updating the apps, restart your Windows 11/10 PC.
  8. Check for Resolution: Once your PC has restarted, check if the problem is resolved.

Close, fix, and restart the Microsoft Store app.

  1. Open Windows Settings: Press Win+I.
  2. In Windows 11, navigate to Installed apps. In Windows 10, go to Apps & features.
  3. Locate the Microsoft Store app. Click the three horizontal dots and select Advanced. For Windows 10 users, click the Microsoft Store app and then choose Advanced Options.
  4. Scroll down.
  5. Stop all Microsoft Store processes by pressing Terminate.
  6. Use the Repair option (this won’t affect app data).
  7. If the issue persists, reset the app data to fix it.


How do I fix Microsoft Store in Windows 11?

Clear the cache in the Microsoft Store: In order to get to the Command Prompt (Admin), press the Windows key plus X. Press “Enter” after typing WSReset.exe. This will clear the cache in the Microsoft Store. Sign up the Microsoft Store again: In order to get to the Command Prompt (Admin), press the Windows key plus X.

What is error code 0x80080204 in Microsoft Store?

The programme will be removed after you follow the on-screen instructions in the uninstallation tool. You can also try this: To open Run, press the Windows logo key plus R. To open the System Configuration utility, type msconfig into the Run box and press Enter.

Why Microsoft Store is blocked?

First, check to see if the school network administrator has turned off the Microsoft Store app. If so, talk to them; they might be able to help you get in. If you want to, you could also use a VPN. This will make a safe link to a different network that will let you get around any restrictions.

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