How to Fix Getting Stuck Under the Map in Palworld

Stuck under the map? Yes, we know how to get you out of Palworld!

This guide showed you how to Fix Getting Stuck Under the Map in Palworld. When you play games, bugs and glitches are bound to happen. Because they are so big, expansive open-world games tend to have more of these problems. Even though Palworld is an immersive open-world game, it can still have these kinds of problems.

One very frustrating situation players can find themselves in is getting caught under the game map, which can kill them too soon as their health runs out. Palworld’s virtual realm is very big, which makes it more likely that these kinds of bugs will show up.

This makes exploring fun but dangerous. It’s disappointing to fall through the ground, and the best thing that can happen is for the player character to die, which causes them to respawn at the point of impact. This annoying interruption not only throws off the flow of the game, but it also shows how hard it is for developers to make sure that games run smoothly in large digital worlds. If you want more information go to their official website.

Common Causes of Getting Stuck Under the Map in Palworld

Small bugs and glitches:

  • Game glitches: There are times when the game engine will freeze up and your character or Pals will go through the terrain and land under the map.
  • Physics bugs: If you interact with certain items or skills in a certain way, physics bugs could happen and push you through the map by accident.
How to Fix Getting Stuck Under the Map in Palworld
  • Problems with loading the map: If there are problems, your character may appear in a place that wasn’t meant, like under the map.

What Players Do:

  • Falling through gaps: When you fall through small cracks or holes in the ground, you might end up under the map if the collision detection doesn’t work.
  • Clipping through things: Some things or parts of the terrain may have gaps that let you clip through them and get stuck below them.
  • While using abilities: Some abilities, like digging or teleporting, may push you under the map by accident because of bugs.

How to Fix Getting Stuck Under the Map in Palworld

Slide with a friend.

  1. Access your Pal list or inventory.
  2. Select a Pal that possesses the ability to glide or fly.
  3. Utilize the chosen Pal’s power to attempt to return to the playable area if you find yourself stuck under the map.

Turn Your System Back On.

  1. If restarting the game doesn’t work, you might want to try restarting your whole computer. This action can help clear the cache or any data that might be stopping the map from loading properly, which might fix the problem of getting stuck below it.
  2. Get out of the game and turn off your PC or PS4. Please wait a moment.
  3. Restart your computer and start the game again.

Talk to Palworld Support.

1. Don’t hesitate: You should not be afraid to contact Palworld support if none of the above solutions work.
2. Dedicated team: There is a dedicated team waiting to help you fix the problem and make sure you can continue playing.

Start Palworld again.

  1. Restart the game to reset your character’s position and assess if the issue is resolved without additional steps.
  2. If trapped beneath the map:
    • Access the game’s menu.
    • Choose the “Exit” button to end the game.
  3. Close the game app entirely.
  4. Reopen Palworld.
  5. Check if the issue of being stuck under the map persists.


What if I lose items after dying or respawning?

Unfortunately, lost items might be gone if the game doesn’t have a recovery system. Consider lowering difficulty before using the “kill yourself” method.

Where can I find more information?

Search online forums and communities dedicated to Palworld. The official Palworld Discord server might also have discussions and solutions from developers and players.

What causes this glitch?

The exact cause varies, but it could be related to game bugs, terrain generation issues, clipping through objects, or network lag.

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