How to Fix Helldivers 2 Error Code 116 (fast guide)

Struggling with Helldivers 2 Error 116? Learn quick fixes to get back in the fight!

A lot of players all over the world are very excited about Helldivers 2, the much-anticipated follow-up to the popular cooperative twin-stick shooter. However, as with any complicated programme, it may have bugs, such as the annoying Error Code 116. Players often run into this problem while playing, which can ruin the fun and leave them looking for ways how to Fix Helldivers 2 Error Code 116.

Error Code 116 usually means that there is a problem with connection, which could be with the game servers, the way the network is set up, or the compatibility of the hardware. There is a methodical way to fix this problem that includes troubleshooting steps to find and fix the root cause. Explore the official website for in-depth details

What are the causes of Helldivers 2 Error Code 116

  • GameGuard Initialization Error: This error code 116 often shows up next to the message “GameGuard: Initialise error.” This makes me think there is a problem with the “GameGuard” software that is used to stop cheating. It could be failing to initialise correctly, which is stopping the game from starting up or working right.
  • Programmes that interfere: In the warning message, it says to close any programmes that are conflicting. The mistake could be caused by background programmes or services interfering with GameGuard or the game itself.’
How to Fix Helldivers 2 Error Code 116
  • Problems with the server or client: This kind of error can happen when there are temporary problems with the game server or your local computer.
  • Damaged Installation: In some cases, the problem could be caused by game files that aren’t working right because they were downloaded in parts or the installation was interrupted.

How to Fix Helldivers 2 Error Code 116

Run Helldivers 2 as an Administrator

Some permission problems that could be causing Error Code 116 can be avoided by starting Helldivers 2 as an administrator and giving it more rights. This gives the game full access to system resources, which makes it less likely that it will run into permission-based problems when it starts up.

Update Graphics Card Drivers and Operating System

For a smooth game experience, make sure that your operating system and graphics card drivers are always up to date. How to Fix Cod 116 in Helldivers 2. Outdated system software or drivers can make GameGuard not work properly, which could lead to Error Code 116. If you want to fix any compatibility problems that might be causing the error, make sure you update your graphics card drivers and running system.

Verify Game Files

  1. Go to your Library when you open Steam.
  2. Click on Helldivers 2 and right-click on it.
  3. Click on Properties and then on Local Files.
  4. Check the Integrity of Game Files by clicking on it.
  5. Hold on until the process is over.
  6. Switch it back on when it’s done.

Locate the GameGuard Folder

  1. Right-click on Helldivers 2 in your folder in Steam.
  2. Go to Properties, then Local Files, and then Browse Local Files.
  3. This starts the directory where Helldivers 2 was installed.
  4. Look in that location for a folder called “bin.”
  5. Look inside the “bin” section for a folder called “GameGuard.” Get rid of it.


Why won t Helldivers 2 launch?

If you’re still seeing a black screen after that, you could wait and see if the game loads eventually. This has worked for some people. But if the problem keeps happening, you can either close and restart Helldivers 2, check the game files, or remove and reload the game.

Why is Helldivers 2 black screen?

Your setup file is called “user-settings.config.” If that doesn’t help, you can try making changes to it. Open a file viewer window, click “View,” go to “Show,” and make sure “Hidden items” is checked. This will help you find the file.

Why is my game just black?

High graphics levels can sometimes make the system too busy and lead to black screens. Turn down things like anti-aliasing, texture quality, shadows, and sharpness to see if that helps. Take a look for hardware problems: It’s possible that the black screen is caused by your hardware, like the graphics card or computer.

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