How to Fix Hueneme Concord Error in Modern Warfare 3

Struggling with Hueneme Concord in MW3? Get easy fixes to join the fight again!

The Hueneme Concord mistake is notorious for making games impossible to play, and it has now made its way to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Even though these changes and improvements have improved the quality of life, players have recently been reporting a rise in the infamous Hueneme Concord. In this article we will explain you how to Fix Hueneme Concord Error in Modern Warfare 3.

The Hueneme Concord mostly happens when a player’s internet link isn’t working right. In earlier Call of Duty games, like Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2, this happened all the time. When the game starts up, it can be seen that it keeps failing to link to its official servers.

What is The MW3 Hueneme – Concord Error

The Hueneme Concord mistake in Call of Duty: MW3 has to do with how the game is connected to the internet. This will happen in Multiplayer and Zombies Mode, so players will know something is wrong because the games will slow and freeze. We saw the zombies during a match freeze, but everything else stopped around us. The mistake then sent us to the menu.

Something we noticed about this bug is that if players restart the video game and their device after it crashes to the menu, some of the things they brought into Zombies Mode will be copied. Even though we lost the Aether Tool and Brain Rot Ammo Mod in the match, we found them in our stash.

Causes Hueneme Concord Error in Modern Warfare 3

  • The most common cause is a link that is weak or unstable. To connect to the game servers, make sure your internet connection is strong and stable.
  • Network setup issues: The error could also be caused by issues with your router or the way your network is set up.
  • Version of the game that is too old: to make sure you’re playing the most recent version of Modern Warfare 3, check for patches on Steam or
How to Fix Hueneme Concord Error in Modern Warfare 3
  • Broken game files: Broken game file can also make it hard to join. Check the integrity of your game files using the choices for your platform.
  • Software conflicts: Sometimes, antivirus software or firewalls can make it hard to play online games. Try turning them off for a while to see if that fixes the problem.

How to Fix Hueneme Concord Error in Modern Warfare 3

Check for Activision Online Services

  1. Check the state of the servers by going to the Activision Online Services page.
  2. From the list, choose Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III.
  3. Check to see if the servers are live and wait if they aren’t.

Disable Teredo on Windows

Teredo is a protocol that lets devices that are connected to the internet through IPv4 but don’t have a native IPv6 link connect fully to IPv6. It might help you figure out what’s going on with Hueneme Concord. Open the Command Prompt as a user and type “netsh interface teredo set state disabled” to turn it off.

Reset TCP/IP, Winsock, and DNS Cache

Once more, open Command Prompt as an administrator and type these:

  1. /release ipconfig
  2. netsh iso reset winsock
  3. /flushdns ipconfig
  4. /renew ipconfig

Update Network Drivers

  1. To get to the Quick Link Menu, press Win+X.
  2. Pick Device Manager from the list and click on it.
  3. Double-click on the Network adapters group to make the list bigger.
  4. Next, right-click on the network device you want to change.
  5. Click on Update driver, then click on Search instantly for drivers.
  6. It will download and install the most recent version immediately if there is one available.
  7. After you’re done, restart your computer to see the changes take effect.


Why does my MW3 say my data is corrupted?

Typically, this error occurs because some of Modern Warfare’s game data has become damaged or corrupted in some way. It can also be triggered by issues with internet connections while the game tries to load data from servers.

What is a concord error?

The Author. Introduction. Error of concord is a numerical mismatch between a subject and its verb or a pronoun and its antecedent. This implies that an error of concord occurs when a singular subject is forced to agree with a plural verb or when a singular pronoun is forced to agree with a plural antecedent.Jan 30, 2018

What is the error concord in modern warfare?

The HUENEME Concord error could be caused by a problem with the region of your Activision account not matching the location of the game server. Solution: This problem can be fixed by making sure that the region of your account fits where you are located.

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