Solutions to Solve the ‘Macrium Reflect Clone Failed’ Error

In this comprehensive guide, we will dive into the solutions to fix the ‘Macrium Reflect Clone Failed’ error. Whether you are an IT professional or simply trying to upgrade your own computer system, encountering cloning issues can be frustrating. Macrium Reflect is a popular disk imaging and cloning software, but sometimes you might run into errors such as “clone failed” or “access denied.” With technology continually advancing, it’s essential to keep the guide up-to-date with the latest methods to ensure a smooth cloning process.

Understanding the ‘Macrium Reflect Clone Failed’ Error

Macrium Reflect is a reliable imaging and cloning utility designed to facilitate the transfer of data or system files from one hard drive to another, all while avoiding the hassle of reinstalling your operating system. Nevertheless, some users may encounter a cloning failure, indicated by various error messages, such as error code 9 or a ‘broken pipe’ indication. These errors can be due to multiple reasons, which we will explore further, enabling you to address the issue effectively and get back on track with your data transfer.

Effective Strategies to Rectify the Cloning Error

When confronted with the Macrium Reflect clone failure, it’s crucial to identify the underlying causes. In this section, we will delve into systematic solutions to efficiently correct these errors and ensure successful disk cloning.

Inspect the Disk for Potential Bad Sectors

Bad sectors on a hard drive can dramatically impede the cloning process. It’s advisable to run a thorough check using the ‘chkdsk’ utility to isolate and handle any damaged sectors, potentially preventing them from disrupting the cloning operation. Once the disk has been cleaned of these sectors, retry the cloning procedure to see if the issue is resolved.

Purge the Target Disk

A corrupted file system on the destination disk is a common obstacle in cloning. Logical errors can often corrupt file systems, but the ‘diskpart’ utility comes in handy to cleanse your target drive’s structure. After restructuring the file system successfully, make sure both the source and destination drives are correctly connected, and attempt to clone again.

Temporarily Disable Antivirus Software

Antivirus programs, with their vigilant monitoring, can sometimes interfere with cloning software. If you’re receiving access-related errors, consider disabling your antivirus temporarily during the cloning process. This can eliminate conflicts and allow the Macrium Reflect software uninhibited access to perform the clone.

Opt for Disk Imaging Instead of Cloning

If direct cloning continues to fail, creating a disk image could be a viable alternative. Disk imaging involves backing up the entire contents of a hard drive, which can later be used to restore the system. This method differs slightly from cloning but can achieve a similar outcome if performed correctly.

Overlook the Bad Sectors During Imaging

Should you encounter issues even when creating an image, Macrium Reflect offers an option to ignore bad sectors during the process. This can bypass problematic areas on the disk that might otherwise cause a failure in either cloning or imaging.

Ensure Proper Physical Connections

A secure connection between the hard drives is paramount for successful cloning. Verify that the drives are connected properly, whether directly to the motherboard or via a USB port. Inspect and, if necessary, replace any cables to avoid connection-related cloning interruptions.

Consider Alternative Cloning Tools

If Macrium Reflect does not yield the desired results, other third-party cloning software may offer a solution. Tools like AOMEI Backupper have proven successful in situations where Macrium Reflect encounters errors, providing users with another avenue to accomplish their cloning objectives.


Conquering the ‘Macrium Reflect Clone Failed’ error is achievable with careful analysis and strategic solutions. By following the guidance outlined above, you can overcome common hurdles in the cloning process and achieve a seamless transition to your new hard drive or SSD.


Q: What should I do if ‘Macrium Reflect Clone Failed’ error persists even after trying these solutions?

A: If you’ve exhausted all solutions without success, consider seeking assistance from Macrium’s customer support or tech forums where experts can offer tailored advice for your specific issue.

Q: Is it necessary to disable my antivirus every time I use Macrium Reflect for cloning?

A: Not necessarily. Only disable your antivirus if you encounter access-related errors that suggest interference from the security software. Ensure to re-enable it promptly after completing the cloning process to maintain system protection.

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