Fix: ‘McUICnt.exe Entry point not found error’ issue in Windows 11/10

Here's how to solve the 'McUICnt.exe Entry point not found error' in Windows 11/10.

Whenever the McAfee product on your computer is unable to successfully access a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) file, the “McUICnt.exe – Entry Point Not Found” error message will appear. The issue arises when you try to launch the process in which the application loads all of the necessary libraries, and it is at this point that you encounter the problem. If you want to Fix ‘McUICnt.exe Entry point not found error’ issue in Windows 11/10

There are some instances in which the error message appears after you have updated either the McAfee antivirus software or the Live Safe app. This is a problem that occurs quite frequently, and it is not limited to a single McAfee product; therefore, you may experience it with any of the other products that McAfee offers.

What is McUICnt.exe file?

The term “McUICnt” is an abbreviation for “McAfee HTML User Container,” and the extension “exe” in the file names indicates that the file can be run as an application. On your personal computer, you can find this file in the subfolder labeled C:Program FilesCommon Files. The file in question does not contain a virus, but in the event that you decide to remove it from your system, you can do so with the help of the removal software that can be found on the main page of the McAfee website. Visit Windows official website for more details.

Fix: 'McUICnt.exe Entry point not found error' issue in Windows 11/10

Fix: ‘McUICnt.exe Entry point not found error’ issue in Windows 11/10

Clean Boot

  1. To open the Run box, press Win + R.
  2. Press Enter after typing msconfig.
  3. Go to the “Services” tab in the window for setting up the system.
  4. Click the box that says “Hide all Microsoft services.”
  5. Click “Disable all” to turn off all services that aren’t made by Microsoft.
  6. On the “Startup” tab, click “Open Task Manager.”
  7. Turn off all startup items in Task Manager.
  8. Close Task Manager and then click “OK” in the System Configuration window.
  9. Turn your computer back on.
  10. If the error is gone after a clean boot, turn on services and startup items one at a time to find out which one caused it.

Disable McAfee Services Temporarily

  1. To open the Run box, press Win + R.
  2. Press Enter after typing services.msc to open the Services window.
  3. Find the following McAfee services and right-click on them (the names may be a little different):
  4. McAfee McUICnt McAfee Service Controller McAfee Network Agent
  5. Update Service for McAfee
  6. Click “Properties” for each service, change the “Startup type” to “Disabled,” and then click “OK.”
  7. Turn your computer back on.

Install the Program again

  1. Go to the website for McAfee.
  2. Get the thing you want by downloading it.
  3. Double-click the setup file to finish the installation.

Run DISM and SFC utilities as well

  1. Press the Windows and R keys.
  2. Put in cmd.exe.
  3. Then, press Ctrl + Shift + Enter, and if a UAC window pops up, choose Yes.
  4. When Administrator: Command Prompt comes up, type SFC /Scannow.
  5. Press the Enter key, then wait a few minutes.
  6. When the message “Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations” appears, restart your computer.

Use System Restore

  1. Click on the Start button.
  2. Enter “restrui.exe.”
  3. Press “Enter” to bring up the System Restore wizard.
  4. Choose Choose a different restore point if you see it.
  5. After that, click Next >.
  6. Click “Next >” after you’ve chosen a date and time.
  7. Look over what you’ve chosen and then click Finish.
  8. A warning message will pop up that says, “Once System Restore has started, it can’t be stopped. Do you still want to go on?” Select Yes.


What is kernel32 DLL error?

When you get a kernel32.dll error message, it’s usually because your system isn’t compatible with the program you’re trying to run. First, find out why it doesn’t work with your system. It may be as easy as finding a different version of that program.

Why is C :\ boot path not found?

You might mess up your Windows MBR (Master Boot Record) by accident, which could lead to the “Path Not Found C:Boot” error or a total system failure. If you rebuild the MBR, you can fix the “Path Not Found C:Boot” error. After that, it puts the information on a partition on your disk.

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