Fixes: ‘Missing Codec 0xc00d5212’ Error on Windows 11/10

Decoding woes? Conquer error 0xc00d5212 on Windows! Quick & easy fixes inside.

The most annoying thing that can happen to you while you’re relaxing and watching family movies is getting an error message. There is an error message that appears with a short explanation and a code that is hard for anyone to understand. In this article we will discuss about the how to Fix ‘Missing Codec 0xc00d5212’ Error on Windows 11/10.

This blog post is all about the error number 0xc00d5212 that shows up on your computer screen when you try to play a video file on a media player. We’ll also talk about possible reasons for the error and different ways you can fix error code 0xc00d5212 on your own. Choose the one that you think you can handle better. Visit windows official site for more information.

Why ‘Missing Codec 0xc00d5212’ Error on Windows

  • When you encounter this problem, it indicates that your computer does not have the codec that is required to decode the audio or video file that you are having trouble playing.
  • The file itself may be damaged, which would prohibit it from playing back correctly.
  • Codecs are components of software that are responsible for compressing and decompressing media data.
Fix 'Missing Codec 0xc00d5212' Error on Windows 11/10
  • It is possible that the required codec is not supported by your media player.
  • In many cases, Windows comes with its own codecs already installed; however, these codecs may be out of date or absent for certain file formats.
  • Software that is related to media could potentially interfere with the functionality of the codec.

Fixes: ‘Missing Codec 0xc00d5212’ Error on Windows 11/10

Correct System Registries

Setting up a tool to fix the register is a good way to do this. Other similar apps are great for this because they have a registry cleaner built in. If you run the programme, it will help fix a lot of problems with the registry. You can run it once in a while, and it will work fine. Do this, then restart the machine and try the file again. This time it should work great.

Update Video Device Driver from Device Manager

  1. Open Device Manager by pressing Windows + R, typing devmgmt.msc, then clicking OK. Windows
  2. Device Manager can be opened by typing Device Manager and pressing Enter.
  3. Double-click Display adapters, right-click your graphic driver, and pick Update driver.
  4. Select Search automatically for updated driver software from the pop-up.
  5. Complete installation by following instructions. Try restarting your computer to fix the missing codec 0xc00d5212 problem.

Try Another Media Player

If Windows Media Player or Movies & TV app on Windows 10/11 fails to play video files, try VLC Media Player or 5KPlayer. Both programmes come preloaded with HEVC, H.264, VP9, VP8, Xvid, DivX, MTS, MKV, MPEG4, MPEG2, and more. Therefore, you may play any media file without worrying about the missing codec 0xc00d5212.

Update the Display Adapters Driver

  1. Right-click Windows, select Device Manager. The device manager shows your computer’s components graphically. Therefore, it allows you examine and manage hardware devices and drivers.
  2. Expand Display adapters and right-click your graphics adapter.
  3. Select Update driver and then Select automatically for updated driver software.
  4. The programme searches for drivers online. After it concludes, choose the driver.
  5. Install the driver and restart. Hope it works; if not, try solution 5.

Remove Multiple Audio Codecs

  1. Double-click Sound, video, and gaming controllers in Device Manager again.
  2. Locate a third-party audio device and right-click Uninstall.
  3. Check Delete device driver software in the pop-up dialogue.
  4. Finally, select Uninstall to delete the device driver programme. Restart your computer to apply the changes.


What does 0xc00d5212 mean?

Something is wrong with the movie you want to watch, as shown by the error code. If you’re having trouble watching a movie, these are the two easiest things you can do: 1. Save the video again. The source file may not have everything it needs. 2-Use a different media player to watch the movie.

What is error 0xc00d5212 playing video?

One way to fix the missing codec error 0xc00d5212 is to use a video repair tool. The VLC media player also has built-in repair tools that can fix MP4 video files that are damaged. If the MP4 video file is damaged, right-click on it and choose “Rename.” Then, change the file type to “AVI.”

Why is my video codec not working?

Software That Is Too Old: If your media player or video player software is too old, it might not be able to play newer or less popular video codecs. Codecs That Are Missing: Sometimes, your machine may not have the right codec. By installing extra codec packs, you can make your computer work with more codecs.

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