Overcoming the OnePlus Battery Optimization Reset Challenge

Keeping your OnePlus smartphone running efficiently involves a bevy of tasks, but one that often causes confusion is dealing with the Battery Optimization Reset issue. In this updated tutorial, we’re diving into the solution for this persisting problem. If navigating tech troubleshooting is your idea of an adventure, you’re in the right place. If you find this guide, Overcoming the OnePlus Battery Optimization Reset Challenge, beneficial, feel free to share the wisdom with your circle.

Understanding the OnePlus Battery Optimization Reset Dilemma

OnePlus smartphones, including the latest models, are equipped with robust features destined to enhance your user experience. Nonetheless, certain challenges like the notorious battery optimization reset issue can dampen your tech spirits. If you’re facing subpar battery performance and recurrent optimization resets, worry not. The resolution lies in a few user-friendly steps that can significantly boost your device’s battery longevity.

Proven Strategies to Fix OnePlus Battery Optimization Glitches

Occasional resets of the battery optimization settings can be attributed to background updates of applications or periods of inactivity, compounded by phone reboots. Here are the most effective strategies to tackle this issue head-on, providing you with a seamless experience as we anticipate a permanent fix from OnePlus.

Secure Apps in Phone Memory

To prevent the battery optimization settings from reverting, consider locking your background apps in memory. Simple actions such as opening the “Recent apps” screen, tapping the associated menu icon, and selecting “Lock” will ensure the settings for these apps remain intact.

Restrict Automatic App Updates

Staving off automatic updates can be another line of defense. By doing so, apps maintain their settings between updates. Venture into the Play Store settings on your phone and opt for manual updates by selecting the “Don’t update apps automatically” option. This gives you control over when to update your apps, mitigating any unwelcome changes to battery optimization settings.

Consider Disabling Deep Optimization

An aggressive yet effective measure is turning off Battery Optimization entirely, though be prepared for the potential trade-off of reduced battery life. In your OnePlus handset’s settings, navigate to “Battery” and disable “Deep Optimization.” This action halts the feature entirely, offering a temporary fix until OnePlus rolls out a firmware update to resolve this glitch.


Hopefully, these tips have shone a light on how to effectively combat the OnePlus Battery Optimization Reset issue. Armed with this knowledge, you can now enjoy the enhanced performance and longevity of your device’s battery without unnecessary interruptions.


Q: How often should I lock apps in memory to prevent optimization resets?

A: Locking your most-used apps once should suffice, as they’ll remain locked until you opt to unlock them yourself.

Q: Is disabling deep optimization advisable for all OnePlus users?

A: Disabling deep optimization is a temporary fix and should be used with caution. Analyze how it affects your battery life and usage patterns before deciding if it’s the right move for you.

By following the aforementioned tips, not only will you enhance your device’s performance, but you’ll also be crafting a more seamless and enjoyable user experience, tailored to meet your individual needs. Remember, staying informed and applying these techniques are keys to getting the most out of your OnePlus device.

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