Fix Bluetooth Devices Randomly Disconnecting on Mac

Resolve the issue of Bluetooth devices disconnecting randomly on your Mac with these effective fixes.

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Bluetooth devices are usually very reliable, but now and then something can start working and either lose its connection to your Mac altogether or suddenly develop a scaly connection. Something like an Apple Wireless Keyboard, Magic Trackpad, or Magic Mouse is pretty obvious when something goes wrong. clicks stop registering, keys are stuck typing, the device randomly disconnects, or hangs in an annoying “Connection Lost” loop that flashes device logos on the screen as follows:


This can get stuck in a continuous loop that repeats every few seconds or minutes, and when that happens, the connection is something. Fortunately, it’s usually really quick to resolve, and if you notice connection issues while battling some wireless accessories, here are seven troubleshooting tips to get your Bluetooth device to work as designed with Mac OS X again.

1: Check the battery charge level

The first thing you want to do is check the battery level of the Bluetooth devices. All Apple-branded Bluetooth devices, such as the Apple Wireless Keyboard, Magic Mouse, and Magic Trackpad, transmit the exact battery charge level via the Bluetooth menu. Some third-party devices also display this information. All you have to do is drag the Bluetooth menu item down, go down to the device name and search next to “Battery Level” to see the percentage remaining:

Quickly check the battery life of Bluetooth devices

Note that this is not completely accurate with all batteries, and some devices seem to indicate incorrect levels all the time. A good rule of thumb is that when the indicator drops below 50% or if you have frequent occasional detachments, it is a good idea to replace with new full batteries. Since being without a keyboard or mouse is never fun, it’s best to have another rechargeable battery ready nearby. Invest in good rechargeable batteries and you’ll never be without wireless accessories for a few seconds when they’re replaced.

2: Replace the batteries

For most connection problems, the problem is due to battery life. Replacing the batteries only takes a second, and is often the easiest way to restore a reliable Bluetooth connection to keyboards and mice.

Replace rechargeable batteries

If you don’t already have good rechargeable batteries, they are worth the investment and will pay for themselves in about 3-4 charges. Buy them once and you will never have to buy batteries again. Click here to get a decent AA series for under $ 20, I use the same kit on my Apple wireless keyboard and they last for months on a single charge.

3: Turn Bluetooth off and on

The simplest way to turn Bluetooth on is to drag the menu down, select “Turn off Bluetooth” and then let it sit for a while to make an impact before returning to the same menu and selecting “Turn on Bluetooth”.

Turn Bluetooth off and on again

This will cause the keyboard / mouse / device to sync automatically with your Mac.

4: Turn the device / keyboard off and on

Simply turning off and restarting a Bluetooth device is often enough to restart it. On the Apple Wireless Keyboard, you can use it again by holding down the power button until the small green light turns off, and then press it again to turn it on. The device connects automatically and you should be good to go.

Note: This process happens automatically if you replace the batteries in the devices and do not need to repeat it.

5: Delete the device profile and add again

Open System Preferences, go to Bluetooth, and select a device profile from the list of settings by selecting it, and then clicking the small “-” icon at the bottom. To add again, click the “+” icon, go through a very simple installation process and sync your device again. This works in an unusual situation if preferences or plist are corrupted.

6: Check the signal strength

You can quickly reveal the signal strength of connected Bluetooth devices through the hidden volume indicator, which can be accessed via Bluetooth settings. Go to System Preferences> Bluetooth, then press and hold Option to display the indicator. Multiple bars are, of course, a stronger connection, and if there are only one or two bars here, you will have either a problem with signal power (and thus the battery) or general interference from other devices.

7: Check for common faults

Check that none of the microwaves (yes, kitchen options) or tons of bluetooth devices cause obvious interference side by side. If there is no obvious interference near you, monitor the connection strength of the Bluetooth device using the built-in tool described here to determine the signal power, and then adjust the environment and the location of the device accordingly.

Bluetooth connection display

If the signal is very weak or there is a lot of interference, it can be a problem in an environment that prevents efficient transmission, such as large metal walls, fireplaces, appliances, and weak signals, it can even be a symptom of bad batteries. Therefore, we recommend the latter, because in 98% of users with Bluetooth connectivity problems, the problem is often solved simply by replacing a new battery or two.

What about iOS devices?The ability to troubleshoot Bluetooth devices connected to iOS is more difficult because there aren’t the same words to detect interference, such as interference, but since most problems are due to batteries, simply replace them and go through the connection process again to sync your device back to iOS. In almost all cases, the BT device or external keyboard will then work well, regardless of whether it is connected to an iPhone or iPad.

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