Comprehensive Guide to Solving MacBook Keyboard Issues: Repeat Characters and Double Spacing


Welcome MacBook users! Are you struggling with repeat characters or unexpected double spaces when typing? This common keyboard conundrum can disrupt your workflow and cause frustration. But fret not, as we’ve compiled some effective troubleshooting tips to help you rectify this pesky problem and restore your MacBook keyboard to smooth functionality.

Understanding the Cause

The notorious “Repeat Letters or Double Spacing” conundrum on MacBook keyboards can stem from a variety of factors, including hardware glitches, misconfigured settings, or software hiccups. Particularly, the Butterfly keyboard design, used in some MacBook models, can be sensitive to dust and tiny detritus, making it more susceptible to these kinds of disruptions.

Strategies for Keyboard Troubleshooting

Adjust Key Repeat Settings:

Start with a simple fix by tweaking the Key Repeat settings on your MacBook. This adjustment can often resolve the issue of unwanted repeated input or double spaces.

Thorough Keyboard Cleanup:

Dust and debris can obstruct your MacBook’s keyboard function. Gently cleaning the keyboard using a soft, lint-free cloth, or employing compressed air could clear out the obstructive particles and ameliorate the issue.

Period Character Feature Deactivation:

A macOS feature that automatically adds a period after two quick spaces could be mistakenly activating. Disabling this feature within your Keyboard preferences might eliminate the superfluous punctuation.

Professional Consultation:

When home remedies don’t cut it, it’s time to consider expert intervention. MacBooks, especially models released from 2015 onward, are covered by Apple’s keyboard service program should hardware issues arise.


This guide aims to empower you to tackle the “Repeat Letters or Double Spacing” issue on your MacBook keyboard head-on. If the problem persists, remember that Apple’s customer service is at your disposal for troubleshooting and repairs. Sharing is caring – if you’ve found value in this article, don’t hesitate to pass it on to fellow MacBook users in need.


Is it possible to resolve the repeat characters issue on my own?

Yes, quite a few users have successfully fixed the issue by adjusting their Key Repeat settings, cleaning their keyboard, or disabling certain typing features in their MacBook’s system preferences.

Where do I disable Key Repeat on my MacBook?

Key Repeat settings can be found and adjusted under System Preferences > Keyboard. Here, you’ll drag the Key Repeat slider to the “Off” position to eliminate the repeat function.

Does Apple offer free repairs for all MacBook keyboards with issues?

Apple provides a keyboard service program free of charge for MacBook and MacBook Pro models from 2015 onwards that are still under warranty and experiencing keyboard-related issues.

What are my options if the keyboard issue continues after trying these solutions?

If you’ve exhausted these troubleshooting steps to no avail, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance. Your MacBook might require an in-depth diagnostic by an Apple-certified technician to identify and fix the underlying problem.

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