How to Resolve the Missing Scroll Bar in Chrome Error

Are you facing an issue where the scroll bar in Google Chrome has seemingly disappeared? In this refreshed and streamlined guide, we’ll help you restore the missing scroll bar so you can browse effortlessly and efficiently once again. We understand the importance of smooth navigation and thus, we’ve updated this tutorial to ensure you’re equipped with the latest fixes for this common problem.

Effective Solutions for Restoring Chrome’s Scroll Bar

Google Chrome’s popularity is unquestionable, but even the most reliable browser can face hiccups, like a missing scroll bar. This glitch can turn a simple browsing session into a tedious task, as it hampers easy navigation through lengthy web pages. While this issue isn’t critical—thanks to alternatives like using the mouse wheel or keyboard arrows—it certainly diminishes the user experience. Prevent the minor annoyance from turning into a major inconvenience by following the methods below to fix the absent scroll bar in Chrome.

Disable Problematic Extensions

Extensions enhance browser functionality, but sometimes they can interfere with features such as the scroll bar. Users who cannot see the scroll bar at all may find relief by managing their extensions.

  • Manage Extensions: In Chrome, go to the extensions page by typing chrome://extensions/ in the address bar. Evaluate each extension by either disabling or removing it to identify any conflicts.
  • Restart and Test: After managing extensions, restart Chrome and check for scroll bar functionality. To isolate the issue, re-enable extensions one at a time and test for the problem’s return.

Address Chrome Flags Settings (Applicable to Earlier Chrome Versions)

  • If disabling extensions doesn’t bring back the scroll bar, or you’re bothered by its auto-hiding behavior, tweaking Chrome’s experimental settings might help.
  • Navigate to chrome://flags/ and search for “overlay scrollbars.” Set this feature to “Disabled” to revert to the traditional scroll bar behavior.
  • Restart Chrome using the “Relaunch Now” button to apply the changes.


This guide aims to help you efficiently resolve the missing scroll bar issue in Google Chrome. Whether the problem lies with unruly extensions or an overlooked setting, the steps provided should restore smooth scrolling and a better browsing experience.


Q: What should I do if neither disabling extensions nor adjusting Chrome flags resolves the missing scroll bar?

A: If the issue persists, consider updating Chrome to the latest version, resetting browser settings to default, or reinstalling Chrome altogether.

Q: Can browser updates impact the visibility or behavior of the scroll bar in Chrome?

A: Yes, browser updates can bring changes to features like the scroll bar, so ensuring you’re running the latest version of Chrome is recommended.

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