Fix: ‘Unable to Connect to Try Again Later’ on Linkedin

Don't let connection errors stop your networking! Learn how to fix the "Unable to Connect" issue on LinkedIn and build your professional network quickly

Is LinkedIn giving you the message “unable to connect, please try again later”? Millions of people all over the world use LinkedIn to connect with other professionals. It lets people who are professionals meet with each other, share their experiences, and grow their professional networks. But users may run into problems when they Fix ‘Unable to Connect to Try Again Later’ on Linkedin.

The “unable to connect, try again later” error message is one of the most common issues. This error message may have made you wonder why it shows up and how to fix it. This piece will talk about the possible reasons why LinkedIn says “unable to connect, please try again later” and how to fix the problem.

What is Linkedin Connect?

LinkedIn Connect isn’t a specific feature, but rather the core action on the platform. It refers to building professional relationships by adding individuals to your network. Unlike simply following someone, connecting is a two-way street where both parties agree. This lets you:

  • See updates in each other’s feeds: Stay informed about their career journey, articles, and achievements.
  • Send direct messages: Initiate conversations and explore potential collaborations.
  • Expand your network: Access their connections, potentially leading to new opportunities.

Why ‘Unable to Connect to Try Again Later’ on Linkedin

  • Short-term glitch: LinkedIn sometimes has short-term glitches or server problems that can make it hard to join. Things like this generally get fixed quickly, so you could try again later or wait.
  • Outdated app or browser: Using an old version of the LinkedIn app or browser can cause bugs and problems with how it works with other apps. Try the most recent version to see if that fixes the link issue.
  • Slow internet connection: You might not be able to connect to LinkedIn if your internet connection is weak or unstable. Check how fast your internet is and see if you can get a better link.
Fix 'Unable to Connect to Try Again Later' on Linkedin
  • Connection limit: LinkedIn has a time limit on how many connection requests you can send in a given amount of time. When you go over this limit, brief restrictions may apply, which is what causes the “Unable to Connect” message. Don’t send too many requests at the same time.
  • Spam flags: If LinkedIn thinks your connection requests are spam, it may make it harder for you to connect with other people. Check your connection requests to make sure they are specific to the person you are sending them to and important to their needs.

Fix: ‘Unable to Connect to Try Again Later’ on Linkedin

Flush Active Sessions

  1. Go to your LinkedIn settings and look for “Active Sessions” or “Where You’re Signed In.”
  2. Look over the list of open sessions and choose the choice to log out of all of them.
  3. Get off of LinkedIn for good.
  4. Please log in again and check to see if the connection option is still working.

Clear Cache and Cookies

  1. Find the “Clear Browsing Data” button in your browser’s settings.
  2. Pick the options to delete cookies and files.
  3. Start your browser over and try to get to LinkedIn again.

Sign out and sign back in

Occasionally, temporary problems can be resolved by logging out of your LinkedIn account and then logging back in again.

Try a different browser:

Use a different web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, if the problem continues to occur with the browser you are currently using. You can visit the official website to get more fixed.


Why can’t I send a Connect request on LinkedIn?

For the following reasons, you may not be able to send requests from your LinkedIn account for a short time: You’ve sent out a lot of invitations in a short time. A lot of your invitations have been ignored, put off, or marked as spam by the people you sent them to.

Why am I blocked from connecting on LinkedIn?

Here are some reasons why LinkedIn might not let you use or block your account: A profile has too many views. A history of acting badly over and over again. Quite a few requests to join from one account.

Does LinkedIn limit connection requests?

LinkedIn limits the number of relationship requests you can make each day to twenty to twenty-five. This cap is not hard and fast, and it may change based on how much you use your account and how old it is. If you go over this limit, though, you might not be able to send connection requests for a while.

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