How To Fix ‘WhatsApp Couldn’t Link Device’ Error

Stuck with the "Couldn't Link Device" error in WhatsApp? Don't panic! This guide shows you quick fixes to get your devices connected again.

If you get the message “WhatsApp couldn’t link device, try again on WhatsApp Web” when you try to read the QR code on WhatsApp Web, there are a few things you can try How To Fix ‘WhatsApp Couldn’t Link Device’ Error. To begin, make sure that both your phone and the WhatsApp Web browser are linked to a stable internet network. If the issue still happens, try stopping WhatsApp on your phone and logging out of WhatsApp Web.

Next, check to see if there are any changes for the WhatsApp app on your phone. Often, updating WhatsApp to the most recent version can fix problems with compatibility and make it work better. After the update is done, turn off and on your phone again and open WhatsApp again. After that, open your browser, go to WhatsApp Web, and try to read the QR code again.

If the error keeps happening, you might want to restart your computer and phone to make their links stronger. Also, clearing your web browser’s cache and cookies can sometimes fix problems with reading QR codes. In the end, if none of these work, you might need to contact WhatsApp support for more help fixing the problem. Ready to learn more? Head to the official website now.

  • Outdated Apps: Make sure that both the WhatsApp app on your phone and the device you’re trying to connect (web, desktop, etc.) have the most recent version.
  • Weak or Stable Connection: Make sure that both your phone and the device you’re connecting it to have a strong and stable internet connection. See if it helps if you switch between Wi-Fi and mobile internet.
  • Background Data Limits: Check to see if WhatsApp is limited in how much background data it can use on your phone. In your phone’s settings, let the app use data in the background.
How To Fix 'WhatsApp Couldn’t Link Device' Error
  • Date and Time Mismatch: Make sure that the time and date on both devices are correct and in sync.
  • Security Software Interference: Turn off any firewalls or protection software on both devices for a short time to see if that fixes the problem.

Restart the devices

If you keep failing when you try to connect the WhatsApp app on your phone to WhatsApp web on your computer, you need to restart both devices. You need to restart both your computer and your Android phone. It’s possible that restarting will get rid of any bugs or glitches that are stopping WhatsApp from working right. You should restart both of them and then try to connect them again. If the problem still exists, try the next steps.

Allow Camera Permission

  1. Press and hold the WhatsApp icon. Then, from the menu that comes up, click the Info button.
  2. Next, go to Permissions, click on “Camera,” and pick “Allow Only While Using the App.”
  3. After you’ve given approval, try to connect your other apps.

Change DPI on your Device

  1. Select “Display” from the “Settings” menu on your device. “Font Size” and “Display Size” will be shown to you.
  2. Now, use the tool to change the size of the screen to fit your needs. You can pick “Large,” “Default,” or “Smallest.”
  3. After you’ve changed the size, open the WhatsApp app and try again. This time, you should see the Linked Devices choice.

Reach out for WhatsApp Support

You’ve had a bad run so far. Anyway, the only way to fix the “WhatsApp Couldn’t Link Device” error is to get in touch with the WhatsApp help team.


Why my WhatsApp Link is not working?

WhatsApp collects Cache data on your iPhone and Android over time to make the app work better and be easier to use generally. There are, however, times when the Cache data gets messed up, which can cause problems like WhatsApp links not opening. We suggest that you clear your WhatsApp cache and see if that fixes the problem.

Why can’t I Link a device on WhatsApp iPhone?

Problems with Compatibility: The multi-device feature of WhatsApp doesn’t work with all kinds of devices or operating systems. At the moment, it works on iPhones with iOS 10 or higher. You might not see the link to a device choice if your iPhone has an older version of iOS.

How do I Link a device on WhatsApp without QR code?

Go to “Linked devices” on your Android phone, then “Link a device,” and then “Link with phone number.” You can link your iPhone to WhatsApp by going to Settings > Linked Devices > Link a Device > Link with phone number.

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