How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x800706b5 (5 ways)

Microsoft keeps computers with Windows operating systems up to date with regular changes. Users get the newest features and security patches for their computers when they update Windows. It is built into Windows to check for updates automatically and let users know when one is ready to be installed. In this article we will show you how to Fix Windows Update Error 0x800706b5.

You can also go ahead and manually look for Windows Updates. A Windows Update error 0x800706b5 has been seen by some users while running Windows Updates. While installing the update, some users have said that their systems get stuck with the error code 0x800706b5. Other users have said that this error code stops them from installing the Windows Update.

What are the causes of Windows Update Error 0x800706b5

  1. Corrupted System Files: This problem can happen when important system files for Windows Update are damaged or missing.
  2. Corrupted Windows Update Components: The parts of Windows Update that handle changes may be broken, which makes the update process slower.
  3. Common Update Problems: This mistake could be caused by a temporary glitch or a problem inside the Windows Update service.
  4. Third-Party Antivirus Programs: Antivirus software that is too strict could sometimes mess up the update process and lead to mistakes.
  1. Proxy Server Problems: If you use a proxy server to connect to the internet, update errors can happen if there are problems with the configuration or the link. If you want to get kore details, than you can visit official website.

How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x800706b5

Restart Windows Update Service

  1. Press Win + R to bring up the Run text box.
  2. In the box that comes up, type services.msc and click OK.
  3. Click the Windows Update service and then press the right button in the Services window.
  4. From the menu that pops up, choose Properties.
  5. Select the properties windows and click on the Stop button next to the service state.
  6. Now, open the Run dialog box again and go to %windir%\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore this time.
  7. Get rid of everything in the DataStore folder.
  8. After that, start Windows Services again and click on the Start button in the Properties dialog box of the Windows Update process.
  9. To save the changes, click Apply > OK. Then, check to see if the problem is fixed.

Manually Install the Update

  1. Follow this link to the Microsoft Update Catalog.
  2. Type the KB number of the update you need in the search field in the upper right corner, then click Search.
  3. To get the update, click on the button that says “Download.”
  4. Click on the download link and right-click on the next window. Then, choose Save Link As from the menu that appears.
  5. Choose where to save the update package, then click Save.
  6. Finally, use File Explorer to go to the place you picked and double-click on the file to install the update.

Try Clean Boot

  1. To find system configuration, go to the Search menu and put it in. Then press Enter.
  2. Click on the Services tab and check the box next to Hide all Microsoft services.
  3. Press the “Disable all” button.
  4. Click on Open Task Manager on the Startup tab.
  5. Pick out a third-party app and click on “Disable” at the top.
  6. Do this step again to turn off all apps and programs from outside sources.
  7. Start your computer up again to get it into the “clean boot” state and check to see if the problem still exists.
  8. After a clean boot, if the problem went away, you can be sure that a third-party app is to blame.

Start the Windows Installer Service

  1. To open the Run box, press the Windows key + R.
  2. In the Run drop-down menu, type services.msc.
  3. Press Enter or OK.
  4. It will bring up the Services window.
  5. In the list, scroll down until you see the Windows Installer service.

Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter

  1. To get to Windows Settings, press the Windows key plus the letter I.
  2. Click on the System tab in the Windows Settings.
  3. On the System tab, scroll down until you find Troubleshoot and click on it.
  4. In the Troubleshoot screen, look for and click on the “Other troubleshooters” link.
  5. A list of different troubleshooters will be shown.
  6. In the list, look for the Windows Update troubleshooter.
  7. To use the Windows Update troubleshooter, click on the Run button.


What is error code 0x80004005 Windows Update?

Error Code 0x80004005 means that Windows can’t reach a file or folder. This could be because of problems with ownership, an antivirus program blocking access, network configuration errors, or a Windows Update that isn’t working right. To keep your archive files from messing up, use a tool that can open encrypted files, like 7-Zip or WinRAR.

Can corrupted Windows 10 be fixed?

To fix lost or broken system files, use the System File Checker tool. You can use the System File Checker to fix your files if some parts of Windows don’t work or if Windows crashes.

How do I fix Windows 10 update error 0x80004005?

When you try to run a new Windows update and get the error code “0x80004005”, there are a few things you can try: For instance, you can use Microsoft’s Troubleshooter, check and fix system files, restart the update services, or load the update by hand.

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