How to Fix Xbox App Error 0x8007112A in Windows 11/10

Unable to download games on your Xbox app? Don't worry! This guide tackles the dreaded error 0x8007112A and gets you back to gaming in minutes.

The Xbox app on Windows 11 gives you access to Game Pass and its huge library of great games at a great price. Even though Game Pass is great, everything it needs to work is a huge mess, even the Xbox app. In this article we will explain you how to Fix Xbox App Error 0x8007112A in Windows 11/10.

A lot of people blame the Xbox app for being bad, but the Microsoft Store and Gaming services should also be mentioned since they are important for the Xbox app to work. Something strange happened. Telling us about this problem will help us figure it out better. You can try again after some time has passed, or you can restart your device.

That could be useful. The error number is 0x8007112A. This problem often happens on Windows 10 and 11 when people try to use the Xbox app to get games from Game Pass and install them. The good news is that there are several things you can do to fix the issue. Please follow along as we elaborate on them. Look for official website or forums known for safe and reliable solutions.

Why Xbox App Error 0x8007112A in Windows 11/10

  • App or Store Corruption: This problem can happen if files in the Xbox app or the Microsoft Store are damaged.
  • Incorrect Permissions: The app may not have the right permissions to view certain folders or files.
  • Unstable link: The error can happen if your internet link isn’t stable, which can stop downloads and updates.
  • Restrictions from a firewall or antivirus software: The app may not be able to connect to important services because of a firewall or antivirus software.
  • Sign-in Problems: If you’re having trouble logging in to your Xbox or Microsoft account, you might get error 0x8007112A.
How to Fix Xbox App Error 0x8007112A in Windows 11/10
  • The region of your account may not match the region of the content you’re trying to view. This can sometimes lead to problems.
  • Short-Term Bug: The mistake may be caused by a short-term bug in the app or service.

How to Fix Xbox App Error 0x8007112A in Windows 11/10

Update The Xbox App

You could try updating the Xbox app. It’s most likely that your old Xbox app is to blame for Error 0x8007112a. If you go to the Microsoft Store and click on the Library button, you can update the app. Following that, click “Get Updates” to see a list of all the old apps on your computer. In the list, find the Xbox game and make sure it’s up to date.

Check Internet Connection and Xbox Server

Having trouble connecting to the internet can also lead to the Xbox App Error 0x8007112A. To see if the Internet link is stable, run a speed test. If the link isn’t stable, restart your router and call your service provider. Also, see if Xbox’s server is down. Do not try to connect to the computer right away. Instead, wait a while and check back later. See what’s going on at

Repair Microsoft Store and Xbox App

  1. Use the Windows key and the letter I to get to Settings.
  2. Go to Installed Apps > Xbox > Apps.
  3. Click on Repair when you get to the bottom.
  4. After the process is done, do the same thing for Microsoft Store.

Update Relevant Drivers

  1. Go to Windows Search and type “Device Manager.” Then click “Open.”
  2. In the next window, expand the part called “Display adapters” and look for the driver for your graphics card.
  3. From the window that comes up, right-click on it and select Update driver.
  4. After that, click on Search instantly for drivers and wait for the system to choose a driver.


How do I fix the Xbox app on Windows 11?

A simple restart can fix small issues sometimes. Remove the Xbox app and then restore it. To get rid of the Xbox app, go to the Settings app and tap “Applications.” Once you’ve found the Xbox app, click “Uninstall.” Get the app from the Microsoft Store again and install it after removing it.

What is an unexpected error is keeping you from deleting the file error 0x800710fe?

This error code 0x800710fe usually means that either the offline cache is damaged or the file can’t be accessed by the external storage services at this time. There are many things that could lead to the problem 0x800710fe, such as Most of the time, Office File synchronisation is not turned on. You can copy things from a network.

What is an unexpected error is keeping you from deleting the file 0x800700E1?

Antivirus software can give the 0x800700E1 error when it thinks a real file is malware (or a virus). This kind of mistake is known as a fake positive. So, just before you try to move your files or make a Windows backup, try turning off Microsoft Defender’s Real-time protection for a short time.

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