Fix: ‘YouTube Comments Not Showing’ issue

Stuck with missing YouTube comments? Don't worry! This guide reveals quick fixes to get the conversation flowing again.

People use YouTube for many reasons, such as to have fun, learn something new, or get ideas. Videos are a way for people to relax, keep up with current events and popular themes, learn new things, or just pass the time. A lot of people also use YouTube to show off their talent and talk about how to Fix ‘YouTube Comments Not Showing’ issue.

YouTube comments let users connect with both content creators and other users, creating a space for people to talk and share their thoughts. Commenters often give content makers useful feedback and information that helps them figure out what their audience likes and doesn’t like about their work. This information can be used to improve material and make changes in the future.

Also, comments can have an effect on YouTube’s algorithm, which decides which videos to show people. When people comment on a video, it gets more views and is more likely to be recommended to other people. Because of this, comments are a big part of figuring out how successful a video is and can have a big effect on how fast a channel grows.

Another reason YouTube comments are important is that they help people feel like they are part of a group. Comments let people with similar hobbies talk to each other and interact by letting them share their thoughts and ideas. This can lead to communities where everyone feels welcome and where everyone can feel heard and valued.

Why ‘YouTube Comments Not Showing’ issue

  • Comments turned off: The person who made the movie may have chosen to turn off all comments for it. Below the video description, you’ll see a message that says “Comments are off.”
  • Comment moderation: Some creators allow comment moderation, which means that comments must be accepted by the creator before they show up in public. This might be the reason your comment isn’t showing up right away.
  • This video has been marked as “made for kids”: Due to YouTube’s child safety rules, comments on videos that are marked as “made for kids” are automatically turned off.
Fix: 'YouTube Comments Not Showing' issue
  • App or browser that is too old: Make sure that the YouTube app or web browser you’re using is the most recent version. Older versions may not work with newer versions and may have bugs.
  • Add-ons for browsers: Some add-ons for browsers could make YouTube less useful, like not showing comments. Try turning off addons for a while to see if that fixes the problem.
  • Cookies and cache: If your browser’s cache or cookies get damaged, it could lead to issues. Clear your browser’s history and check if that helps.

Fix: ‘YouTube Comments Not Showing’ issue

Disable Proxy Connections

When you use a proxy network to access YouTube, you may get the same error message as when you use other apps. So, if you have a paid VPN service on your computer, the error on YouTube could be caused by the proxy network that the VPN is using. If this is the case, you can temporarily turn off all proxies and VPN apps and then load the page again. You should now be able to see that the YouTube comments are loading correctly.

Clean up Your Windows System

This can happen if you have junk files on your computer, like system files that you don’t need or your browsing information. Getting rid of these might help you fix this problem. Some people choose to do this by hand, figuring out how to delete the junk file on their computer.

Fix your Internet Connection

If the Wi-Fi network where you are now is down, try connecting your iPhone and Android to another network that is up and running. Get help from your ISP to reset the Wi-Fi router. To restart your devices’ networks, you can also switch between flight mode on and off.

Clear Cache of YouTube App

  1. Press and hold the YouTube app button for a while.
  2. After that, tap on App Info in the small menu.
  3. Scroll down and click on Clear Cache.

Update YouTube App

  1. Open the “Google Play” app that you found.
  2. Type “YouTube” into the search box.
  3. If there is an update, tap the “Update” button next to the “YouTube” app icon.


Why are my comments disappearing on YouTube?

It’s possible that YouTube is removing comments that have certain words or sentences in them. If you use language that is offensive or inappropriate, it might be deleted immediately. It’s possible that your comment is being marked as trash, which would make YouTube delete it automatically.

Where did the YouTube comments go?

To see the comments for a video, click on the title of the movie on the watch page. The video’s comments panel will show up in the “About” part.

What is restricted mode in YouTube?

Restricted Mode is a setting on YouTube that you can choose not to use. This feature can help block material that might be inappropriate for you or other people using your devices. Restricted Mode may be turned on by a network administrator on computers in libraries, universities, and other public places.

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