Fortnite: How to Destroy Evil Brainwashing Pizza Turntables

Stop the Krang's mind control in Fortnite! Destroy the pizza turntables.

The Showdown Shred tasks for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles event can now be done in Fortnite. As part of one task, players have to Destroy Evil Brainwashing Pizza Turntables in Fortnite that are used to brainwash people. Even though the task might seem hard, it’s actually very simple to do as long as you know exactly where the pizza turntables are.

However, the game doesn’t tell you where to find them, which is why some players are having trouble finishing this task. The reason for this is that this simple guide will show you how to destroy pizza decks that are used to brainwash people.

How to Destroy Evil Brainwashing Pizza Turntables in Fortnite

  1. Listen for Sound: When you’re in the right area, listen out for the sound of a beat playing.
  2. Follow Sound: Follow that sound to find the evil brainwashing pizza turntable.
  3. Locate Target: Be aware that these aren’t marked on your minimap when you’re near. So, use the sound cue to track down the turntable.
  4. Destroy Turntable: Once you’ve found the turntable, you have two options: either smash it with your pickaxe or destroy it with another weapon.
  5. Move On: If you’re certain you’re in the correct location but can’t find the pizza turntable, another player may have already destroyed it, so you’ll have to move on to the next target.

Leveraging Weapons and Tools for Efficient Turntable Destruction

  • Pickaxe: You can always use the old pickaxe, which does pretty good damage to the turntables. It’s a good choice, especially if you’re low on bullets or don’t want to draw attention to yourself with shooting.
  • When fighting close up, weapons like the Combat Shotgun or the Pump Shotgun can destroy a turntable with a single shot. If you’re sure you can close the gap quickly, this is the best option.
  • Assault Rifles: Assault rifles like the M4A1 or SCAR are good picks if you value range and versatility. They let you attack from a safer distance and do the same amount of damage every time.
Fortnite: How to Destroy Evil Brainwashing Pizza Turntables
  • Explosives: Rocket launchers or grenades can destroy several turntables nearby, which saves a lot of time. But be careful when you use them so you don’t hurt yourself or buildings close.

Tips for Preventing Brainwashing Pizza Turntable Resurgence

  • Find the Originator: Find and destroy the source of the turntables, which is probably a Krang or a structure connected to them. Getting rid of the source makes it harder to make new turntables.
  • Prioritize the Source: If you can, kill the source before any individual turntables. This can make them much less dangerous generally and stop a cycle of destruction that never ends.
  • Set up a perimeter: Once an area is clear, set up a defense perimeter to keep an eye out for any new turntable placements. This can be done by putting people in specific zones or keeping everyone aware of what’s going on.
  • Use Outposts: If you can, build Outposts near places that are easy to attack. Outposts give you a good view to keep an eye on things and let you respond quickly if new turntables appear.

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What are evil brainwashing pizza turntables in fortnite?

Krang is trying to convert you to his side by using pizza and music players, so you’ll need to make sure you destroy these and stop him from doing that. You need to find Krang’s Brainwashing Pizza Turntables and destroy them before it’s too late.

What are the bad guys in Fortnite called?

Geno is What People Call “Big Bad” in Fortnite. In the whole battle royale, he is the main bad guy. Geno has been in charge of all the bad things that have happened on the island. He hasn’t had much screen time, but he finally showed up in the joint comic series between Fortnite and Marvel.

What gender plays Fortnite?

Only 2% of Fortnite players are 45 or older (ages 45 to 54). The same poll also found that 72.4% of Fortnite fans are men. While just over a quarter of them (27.6%) are women.

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