Persona 3 Reload: How to Fuse King Frost

Conquer the Dark Hour with King Frost! Learn the fusion recipe and unlock his icy power in Persona 3 Reload.

King Frost is a powerful member of the Emperor Arcana in Persona 3 Reload game. He has great stats, skills, and a story that fans of the series can relate to. King Frost is a strong ice-based Persona who is great at both offence and defence. This article showed you how to Fuse King Frost in Persona 3 Reload.

This makes him an important ally in fights against all kinds of enemies. King Frost, with his cute look and sly grin, represents the playful yet powerful nature of the Jack Frost dynasty. Along with his amazing physical skills, he has ice-based attacks like Bufu and Mabufu in his arsenal. However, he does have some flaws, and attacks that use fire are a big problem.

Still, his resistances to ice and physical damage make him a good choice for going through icy dungeons and fighting enemies that are aligned with frost. If players want to use King Frost’s power, they can fuse him together in smart ways. This lets them use all of his abilities and gives their Persona lineup a frosty touch.

How to Fuse King Frost in Persona 3

  1. The 50th Elizabeth will request players to fuse a King Frost for the “King and I” fusion spell.
  2. To create King Frost, fuse together Queen Medb and Power personas.
  3. Queen Medb is formed by fusing a Lamia with a Mithras.
  4. Power can be created by combining a Sandman and a Naga.
  5. King Frost belongs to the Emperor arcana.
  6. Hidetoshi’s Social Link ranks affect King Frost’s level when fused.
  7. King Frost excels in ice moves and can learn party-wide buffs, making it a valuable persona throughout the game.

Understanding Fusion Mechanics in Persona 3 Reload

Simple Fusion:

  • Give up Personas: Combine two or more Personas to make a new one. Sacrificed Personas are gone, so make a smart choice.
  • Fusion Results: The Persona that is made depends on the Arcana (element) and level of the Personas that were sacrificed.
Persona 3 Reload: How to Fuse King Frost
  • Skill Passing On: The new Persona may get some skills from Personas that were sacrificed.
  • Bonus for Strong Social Links: Having strong social links with certain characters can raise your Persona’s stats or give you more skills.

Unique Fusion:

  • Unlocking: As you play the game and explore Tartarus, you’ll find new fusion recipes.
  • Conditions: To use these recipes, you need to combine certain Personas, which are often higher levels and rarer Arcana.
  • Benefits: Special fusions often make Personas that are very strong and have special skills or stat spreads.
  • Use of the Persona Compendium: Once you’ve fused a Persona, you can use it again in the future by going to the Persona Compendium.

Tips and Strategies for Successful Fusion

Getting to the Basics:

  • Fusion Results: The results of persona fusions are predetermined, which means that certain combinations always lead to the same outcome (except for the very rare Fusion Accidents). Plan out what you want to happen by using online fusion calculators or guides.
  • Skills Passing On: When two Personas are fused together, some of their skills are passed on to the fused Persona. It’s important to combine Personas with skills you want to keep.
  • Arcana Balance: Each Persona is part of an Arcana, and it’s important to have a team that covers all of the weaknesses and strengths of each Arcana.

Strategies in general:

  • Don’t Ignore Fusion: It’s tempting to stick with strong early Personas, but you need to fuse regularly to get new skills, resistances, and higher stats.
  • Put resistances at the top of your list. Bosses and powerful Shadows often take advantage of certain weaknesses. Fusing for Personas that can’t be hurt by their attacks can change the course of a battle.
  • Use Shuffle Time: This feature lets you give up Personas to get a chance at new ones. If you do something risky, it might lead to rare or surprising results.

King Frost Fusion: Benefits and Advantages

  • Strong Ice Attacker: King Frost has a strong affinity for ice, which makes him very good at dealing heavy damage to enemies that are weak to it. This helps a lot in the beginning to middle of the game, when the ice is weakest.
  • Theurgy Access: To learn powerful Theurgy spells, fuse King Frost and Black Frost together. One of the most powerful is “King and I,” an area-effect ice attack that does a lot of damage. Throughout the game, this spell is used a lot to control large groups of people and deal a lot of damage.
  • Jack Brothers Fusion: The “Jack Brothers” fusion spell can be used when King Frost and Jack Frost work together. Even though it’s not the strongest Theurgy, its high chance to knock down lets you be sure of shuffle time, which lets you get the most experience and items in battle.
  • Skill Inheritance: King Frost learns useful skills like “Ice Boost” (increases ice damage) and “Mabufudi” (medium ice damage). These skills can be passed on to other Personas by fusion, making them better at dealing with ice.

How to purchase Persona 3 Reload?

Before you buy Persona 3 Reload, make sure you have a gaming console that works with it, like a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation Vita. You can then go to the PlayStation Store on your console or in a web browser. Type “Persona 3 Reload” into the store’s search bar. When you find the game you want, buy it digitally. For another option, you can buy a physical copy of Persona 3 Reload for your console at a store or online store that sells video games. If you want Purchase Go to Amazon for Check Price.


Is Persona 3 the hardest game?

If you liked the games that came after Persona 3, you should definitely play Persona 3 Portable. It is, however, known to be the hardest of the new Persona games. Since death is the main theme of this entry, it makes sense that it would try to kill you at every turn.

What is Persona 3 story?

The Trip. The main character moves to the city and starts at Gekkoukan High School, where lives in a dorm. The main character wakes up to the power of Persona on his third day in the city. He enters the mysterious 25th hour called the Dark Hour and is attacked by monsters called Shadows.

Is Persona 3 or 4 better?

Persona 3 might be the better of the two as a base game. Better, more grown-up, and interesting, and its flaws don’t take away from its strengths.

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