How to Fuse Oberon With Mazio in Persona 3 Reload

Master the art of Persona fusion! Learn how to unlock a Mazio-wielding Oberon in Persona 3 Reload.

Oberon is a strong Persona in Persona 3 Reload who is linked to the Emperor Arcana. Oberon is known for looking majestic and royal, and it has powerful stats that make it a useful addition to a player’s arsenal. In this guide we showed how to Fuse Oberon With Mazio in Persona 3 Reload.

Oberon is great at many types of combat because he has a good mix of strength, magic, and speed. It has strong offensive and defensive skills that make it very useful in battle. However, Oberon has its own weaknesses and strengths, just like every other Persona. This makes using it in the game more strategic. To make it work best in the Velvet Room, players should be aware of its weaknesses and use its strengths to their advantage.

Fusing Oberon with Mazio can be a smart move for people who want to make it stronger. By adding the Mazio skill to Oberon’s skills, players can give it more elemental attacks and better take advantage of enemy weaknesses. This fusion not only makes Oberon more offensive, but it also gives him a wide range of skills that can be used in a variety of Persona 3 Reload battles.

How to Fuse Oberon With Mazio in Persona 3 Reload

  1. Obtain Slime and Ara Mitama during Shuffle Time.
  2. Find Ara Mitama in Thebel block and Slime in the early floors of Arqa block.
  3. Head to the Velvet Room.
  4. Fuse Slime and Ara Mitama together to create Oberon.
  5. Note that Oberon naturally learns Mazio at level 17.
  6. Check the Emperor Social Link level; if sufficiently high, Oberon may learn Mazio immediately.
  7. If necessary, level up Oberon by battling in Tartarus to quickly reach level 17.
  8. Ensure Oberon learns Mazio during the leveling process.

Understanding Fusion in Persona 3

To begin:

  • Fusion: Put two or more Personas together to make a new one.
  • Arcana: Each Persona is part of a different Arcana, like Magician or Star.
How to Fuse Oberon With Mazio in Persona 3 Reload
  • Level: The resulting Persona’s level is calculated by adding 5 to the average of the base levels of the Personas that make it up.
  • You can inherit up to 8 skills from the Personas that make up the fusion, depending on the type of fusion.

Types of Fusion:

  • Bi-fusion: Join two Personas from any Arcana together.
  • Tri-fusion: Putting together three Personas usually makes them stronger.
  • Special fusion: To make your own Personas, follow certain recipes.

Understanding the Results of Fusion:

  • Astral Powers: The Astral Powers of a Resulting Persona are usually set by the highest level constituent Persona. There are some exceptions for certain fusions.
  • Skills: Make it a priority to inherit skills you want, especially ones that are rare or very powerful. Try different things to see what inherits.
  • Fusion calculators: Online tools can guess what will happen in fusion, but knowing how it works gives you the power to make smart decisions.

Identifying Fusion Combinations

Setting up Persona Names and Levels:

  • Name the Personas you want to combine.
  • If you know what level of Persona you want to make, you should also say that.

Describe the skills or arcana you want:

  • You should be specific about what kind of Persona you want and what skills or Arcana they belong to.
  • I’ll be able to give you ideas for Personas that fit your needs and show you how to combine them.

Giving Fusion Calculators to Others:

  • I’m not able to show them to you directly, but I can point you in the direction of online Persona 3 Reload fusion calculators.
  • You can put in Persona names, levels, or skills you want to find all the possible fusion outcomes.

About the Game

GenreRole-Playing Game (RPG), Adventure, Strategy
PlatformsPlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Microsoft Windows
Release DateFebruary 2, 2024
StoryA high school student awakens to a hidden world during the “Dark Hour” and fights monstrous Shadows while forging bonds with friends.
GameplayManage time during the day for social activities and dungeon exploration during the Dark Hour. Use Personas, manifestations of inner selves, to battle enemies.
Key Features– Modernized graphics and UI
Additional Notes– Remake of the classic Persona 3 game
check price for PlayStation 5

Benefits of Oberon and Mazio Fusion

  • Stats that are stronger: Oberon and Mazio both have high stats in some areas. Mazio is good at magic and luck, while Oberon is good at magic and speed. They become Personas with even higher stats in these areas when they are fused together, which makes them stronger in battle.
  • Sharper skills: As Oberon and Mazio level up, they both learn stronger skills. Mazio learns strong electric skills like Maziodyne and Ziodyne, while Oberon learns strong magic skills like Agidyne and Megidolaon. When two Personas fuse together, these skills can be passed on to the new Persona, giving it a wide range of powerful tools.
  • They can now use new elemental affinities: Oberon is aligned with darkness, and Mazio is aligned with electricity. When you combine them, you can make Personas that are good at both, which lets you take advantage of enemy weaknesses more effectively. In some cases, fusions may also give you access to rare or unique elemental affinities.
  • Better protection against more threats: Both Oberon and Mazio are protected against or resistant to certain threats. Oberon can fight off Darkness and Light, while Mazio can fight off Electricity and Wind. They can be fused together to make Personas that are resistant to or immune to a wider range of elements. This makes them harder for enemies to damage.


How long does it take to reload Persona 3?

Having said that, a number of platforms have set up countdowns that tell you when you can expect to be able to play Persona 3 Reload. At midnight Eastern Time (ET) on February 2, you will be able to play Persona 3 Reload on both PlayStation and Steam.

Does Persona 3 Reload have the answer?

But Reload isn’t quite the definitive remake fans have been hoping for because the developers have made it clear that it’s only a reimagining of the original game. This means that The Answer and the female lead aren’t in Reload.

Will Persona 3 Reload be physical?

Would you rather have a physical copy of Persona 3 Reload? Not a problem. There is no difference in price between the Standard Edition and the digital version of the remaster. You can also get the same pre-order bonus.

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