Persona 3 Reload: How to Fuse Orpheus Telos

Fuse the strongest Persona in Persona 3 Reload with this complete guide! Level requirements, fusion recipe, & more!

You can get Orpheus Telos, a powerful Persona that appears in Persona 3: FES and Persona 3 Portable, by using certain fusion methods. As the final form of the main character’s first Persona, Orpheus, Orpheus Telos has great stats and does well in many areas. This guide showed you how to Fuse Orpheus Telos in Persona 3 Reload.

There are a mix of Almighty attacks, debuffs, and support skills in its skills, which makes it useful for any party. When it comes to attacks that hurt and ones that protect, Orpheus Telos usually gets Orpheus’s resistance to Strike attacks and weakness to Pierce and Light. But because it doesn’t get status ailments and can’t be affected by Expel or Death magic, it can be a very useful ally in some fights.

Due to its unique fusion requirements, fusing Orpheus Telos needs certain personas and careful planning. However, the power it brings to the party makes the work well worth it for Persona 3 Reload players who want to reach their full potential.

How to Fuse Orpheus Telos in Persona 3 Reload

  1. Achieve level 91 in Persona 3 Reload.
  2. Maximize each Social Link in the game.
  3. Obtain the Colourless Mask from Igor in the Velvet Room.
  4. Access the Special Fusion option in the Velvet Room.
  5. Select the fusion of Orpheus Telos.
  6. Fuse the required Personas: Chi You (Tower), Thanatos (Death), Asura (Sun), Metatron (Aeon), Helel (Star), and Messiah (Judgement).
  7. Ensure that all Social Links associated with the required Personas are fully charged.

Strategies for Using Orpheus Telos Effectively

How to unlock Orpheus Telos:

  • To do this, you need to max out all of the RPG social links, which is a big job that usually takes New Game+ and a lot of planning and time.
Persona 3 Reload: How to Fuse Orpheus Telos
  • Once you’re at maximum level, go to the Velvet Room and ask Igor for the Colourless Mask. This will let you do special fusions.
  • Fuse Thanatos, Chi You, Asura, Metatron, Helel, and Messiah with the Colourless Mask. Each of these characters needs their social links to be at maximum level for their own arcana.

Orpheus Telos’s strong points are:

  • Not a weakness: It is immune to all physical and elemental attacks, which makes it very strong.
  • High stats: All stats grow at the same rate, making it great for both offence and defence.
  • Skill flexibility: It doesn’t have any built-in skills, so you can change its moveset by learning any skills you want from other Personas.

Advanced Fusion Techniques for Persona 3 Reload


  • This allows you to pass down skills from one Persona to another during fusion. It’s essential for creating Personas with specific skill combinations.
  • When fusing, the inheriting Persona will receive a certain number of skill slots based on its level. Skills are prioritized based on their level and type.
  • You can use Velvet Room cards to guarantee inheritance of specific skills.

Special Fusion:

  • This unlocks later in the video game and allows you to fuse three or more Personas into one.
  • Special fusion often results in Personas with unique and powerful skills not obtainable through normal fusion.
  • Some Special Fusions require specific conditions, such as having maxed out Social Links or defeating certain bosses.

Electric Chair Execution:

  • This high-risk, high-reward method involves sacrificing a Persona to strengthen another.
  • The sacrificed Persona’s level and certain stats determine the bonus the recipient receives.
  • Use this cautiously, as you’ll permanently lose the sacrificed Persona.

Stages of the Gameplay:

  • Early Game: Choose Personas with balanced stats and elemental attacks to make up for any weaknesses you find. Support that heals and buffs should be given top priority, like Angel (Dia) or Omoikane (Dia + Zio).
  • Mid-Game: Aim for Personas that are highly skilled at playing specific roles. Think about powerful attackers like Cu Chulainn (Charge + Matarukaja) or Dominion (Elec Boost + Agidyne).

Based on Playstyle:

  • Offensive: Give more weight to Personas with high attack stats and strong physical or elemental skills. Some good examples are Sarasvati (Masukukaja + Mahamaon) or Siegfried (Power Rise + Megidolaon).
  • Supportive: Pay attention to Personas that can heal, buff, and debuff. This part could be played by Orpheus Telos (Mediarama + Salvation) or Isis (Amrita Shower + Media).

Based on specific needs:

  • Covering Weaknesses: Look at upcoming areas or bosses and combine Personas that take advantage of their weaknesses. Like, fuse Jack Frost (Bufudyne) for weak points in ice or Pixie (Zio) for weak points in electricity.
  • Clearing Certain Floors: Look into what builds work best for difficult Tartarus floors and find Personas that work well with those strategies.

How to Purchase Persona 3 Reload?

You can buy Persona 3 Reload at online stores like Amazon, Best Buy, or GameStop. Make sure it works with the gaming system you have (PlayStation, Xbox, etc.). Put the game in your shopping cart and check out. As asked, give information about how to pay and ship the item. Before you finish your order, look it over again. Once it’s been confirmed, wait for delivery or download instructions, depending on the format you picked. If you want to check price go to amazon.


Can you get Orpheus Telos in your first playthrough?

second, Orpheus Telos can also be got on the first playthrough. However since getting it involves maxing every s-link in the playthrough, people usually do not get it because they are busy playing the game their own way. There is no restriction on Telos except for having to max all S.

Can you register Orpheus Telos?

At this point in the game, Orpheus Telos does carry over to NG+. It looks like you can resummon Orpheus Telos in FES by registering him, but the item that lets you fuse him does not work in NG+.

Can I get Orpheus back?

You can find Orpheus in the Persona Compendium and buy him/her back. The Persona Compendium is unlocked on 5/10.

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