Star Wars Jedi Survivor: How to Get Abandoned Shack

Can't find the Abandoned Shack in Jedi Survivor? This guide reveals the location, solves the puzzle, and unlocks the loot!

In the middle of Koboh’s vast, wild wilderness, among tall trees and winding rivers, there is an old shack that has been deserted for a long time and most people have forgotten about it. These simple buildings are broken down and worn, but they hold the whispers of stories from long ago and secrets that haven’t been found yet. This article shows you how to get abandoned shack in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Calibre Kestis, the brave Jedi Knight, is drawn to this mysterious planet by a desire to learn more about it. Within its shaky walls, he meets up with an old friend again, but their reunion is tainted by the problems they’ve been through since they last saw each other. While they are standing among the shack’s former residents’ remains, Cal has a feeling that there is more to this place than meets the eye.

Emboldened by his determination and guided by the Force, he sets out to find out what mysteries are hidden in the abandoned shack, not realising the dangers that wait beyond its crumbling doorway.

How to get abandoned shack in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

  1. In Jedi Survivor Puzzle Game, there are two parts to getting into the abandoned shack: a partially melted door inside the building and a room below ground with a big object that Cal will say he can’t move.
  2. At first, you can get to both by using Force pull to pull off different doors and shutters, but after that, you’ll probably get stuck.
  3. Two more Raiders are in the basement and three more are outside the shack.
  4. Be careful if you haven’t been there yet. The cavern area is also full of droids that are set off by explosives, making it not the safest place to explore.

Importance of the Abandoned Shack in Gameplay

  • Story Progress: The shack could be connected to a certain quest or mission in the story, giving important clues, plot twists, or character growth.
  • Getting Resources: It could have useful things inside, like Force abilities, upgrades for your lightsaber, or consumables.
Star Wars Jedi Survivor: how to get abandoned shack
  • Secrets and Collectibles: The shack might hide things like lore entries, ways to change the way you look, or special challenges.
  • Puzzle in the Environment: The shack itself could be a puzzle that you need to solve using your skills and knowledge.
  • Content that can be skipped: It could be an extra location with extra challenges, rewards, or interactions between characters that aren’t part of the main story.

Rewards and Loot in the Abandoned Shack

The rewards are:

  • BD-1 Upgrade: There is a BD-1 Databank Upgrade Chipset that makes the BD-1 more useful and helps you explore.
  • Lightsaber Parts: You can find lightsaber parts and customisation options in the hidden workshop, which lets you make your weapon unique.
  • Components for the Scomp Link: You need these to finish the side quest “Scomp Flow” and get a useful ability for Cal.


  • Materials for Crafting: Look around for things like Kyber Crystals, Merrin Essence, and Salvage that can be used to make lightsabers and improve them.
  • Gear and Cosmetics: Look for possible pieces of gear and cosmetics that will make Cal look better and improve his abilities.
  • Health Kits and Stim Canisters: Restore your health and be ready for any situation.

Tips and Strategies for Exploring the Abandoned Shack

Getting ready:

  • Get Supplies: Make sure you have enough health stims, lightsaber crystals, and anything else you might need. Bring a datapad with you to scan and write down important information.
  • Evaluate the Situation: Look at the shack from a distance. Look for warning signs, ways to get in, and possible dangers like buildings that are falling apart or ground that isn’t stable. Use the Force to find threats or problems that are hidden.
  • Plan how you will do it: Choose whether to go in for the kill or go for a direct confrontation. Think about your skills, the Force powers you have access to, and the enemies that might be nearby.

Looking into:

  • Stay Alert: Keep an eye out for hidden dangers like traps, floors that have fallen down, or dangerous animals. Use the Force to sense enemies nearby and guess where they will go next.
  • Follow the Light: Look for sources of light that could lead you to secret passages, clues, or goals. You can also light up dark places with your lightsaber.
  • Scan Everything: Use your datapad to look for information, lore, or hidden puzzles on objects, terminals, and things in the environment.

How to Purchase Star Wars Jedi Survivor?

To buy “Star Wars Jedi Survivor,” go to a reputable online store like Amazon or eBay. Look up the video game’s name, make sure it’s available on the platform you want to play it on, and read reviews to make sure it’s real. Adding it to your cart and going through the checkout process are safe ways to make a purchase. If you want to check price go to amazon.


How do you unlock abandoned shack?

So you can get the key, you have to kill at least one of the prisoners or Astrid. You can either get it from Astrid or take it off her body. No, the shack’s map marker doesn’t show up until Astrid gives you the key. If you already had it before being brought here, that is.

How do I get to the abandoned workshop fallen order?

You can use Force Push to cross the bridge from the Great Divide to get to the Abandoned Workshop. There is a big room with a secret inside. Take a step towards it to get a Force Essence boost.

Where is the abandoned old workshop?

Bloodborne: The Source of the Dream: Find the story behind the Hunter’s Dream in the old workshop that has been left empty. From the Cathedral Ward area, you can get to the Abandoned Workshop. You must first beat the “Blood-Starved Beast”! You can find him in the Old Yharnam area.

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