How to Get Acid Lab in GTA Online

Unlock the lucrative Acid Lab business in GTA Online. Learn the steps to complete missions, acquire the truck, and start production.

As GTA Online changes all the time, Rockstar Games keeps players interested by adding new material and features. This keeps the 2013 game alive and interesting. The Drug Wars DLC, which adds the Acid Lab business, is one of the newest features. In this guide we talk about how to get Acid Lab in GTA Online.

As a result of this update, the game now has an exciting new element: players can now enter the fictional world of Los Santos and participate in the illegal drug trade. Finding ingredients, making drugs, and distributing them while avoiding rival gangs and the police are just some of the challenges and benefits that come with starting and running an Acid Lab.

As players get deeper into this dirty underworld, they have to plan and grow their businesses to control the rich drug market. The Drug Wars DLC brings new life to GTA Online with its dynamic gameplay and engaging story. This will make it appealing to both experienced players and people who have never played it before. For comprehensive information on GTA Online, head over to the Rockstar Games official website

How to get Acid Lab in GTA Online

  1. Start First Dose missions to access Acid Lab business.
  2. The sixth and final objective requires you to steal a Brickade 6×6 truck for your Acid Lab.
  3. After this story mission, Acid Lab setup missions begin.
  4. Dax, who gives out First Dose tasks, will tell you there are three places to obtain Acid Lab equipment to attach to the Brickade 6×6.
  5. Any of these spots will work, so you don’t need to visit them all.
  6. After this, visit the Freakshop and chat to Mutt, who will install the Acid equipment to the truck.
  7. The cost is roughly $750,000.
  8. Beginners shouldn’t worry because the Acid Lab business doesn’t demand a huge investment.
  9. Completing all story missions will also earn you this much.
  10. Acid Lab is ready to operate.
  11. Call Dax about Fooliganz jobs to maximize profits.
  12. You can upgrade Acid Lab equipment with these side tasks.
  13. After completing all assignments, product sales will increase.

Benefits of Owning an Acid Lab in GTA Online

  • Passive income: Once the Acid Lab is set up, it keeps making acid over time, giving players a steady stream of money even when they’re not playing the game.
  • Relatively low cost: The Acid Lab requires less money to start up than other businesses in the game, so more players can use it.
How to get Acid Lab in GTA Online
  • Solo-friendly: Unlike some businesses that need employees to run smoothly, the Acid Lab’s sourcing and marketing tasks can be done by one person.
  • Mobile operation: Since the Acid Lab is in a truck, players can move it to different parts of the game, which could give them an edge when selling.
  • Effective production: Players can greatly increase the output of their Acid Lab every day, which helps them make the most money possible.

Tips for Maximizing Profit from Your Acid Lab

Aim for efficiency:

  • Resource Management: Get materials as quickly and efficiently as possible. To do this, you might have to do chores in the game or use mechanics that give you the most for your time.
  • Time management: Make a plan for your tasks to get the most done. Think about things like cooldowns, task lengths, and possible interruptions.

Make your setup better:

  • changes: Spend money on changes that make production or profits better. Before you buy anything big, you should look at the cost-benefit comparison.
  • Customisation: Try out different strategies until you find the one that works best for the way you play and the tools you have access to.

Reduce the risks:

  • To minimise losses, you should look for possible mishaps and make plans to avoid them. This could mean picking safer paths, getting ready for possible conflicts, or having back-up plans ready.
  • Maximise Rewards: Look for ways to make more money or get more perks. Look for hidden mechanics, bonus events, or techniques that other people have shared.

Common Mistakes to Avoid with Your Acid Lab

  • Forgetting to restock: The Acid Lab doesn’t have any upgrades that can be bought to speed up production like other businesses do. You only depend on getting goods to keep the chemical reaction going. If you forget to resupply, production will stop and your pay will be delayed.
  • Not using the daily boost: Every day, you can use a free “Chemical Reaction Boost” that makes making a full batch of acid much faster. In order to get more done and make more money in less time, use this daily push.
  • Selling in the wrong place: The price at which you sell your item changes based on where it is sold. Make sure you get the best price possible by checking the market before you sell. Most of the time, selling in Los Santos makes more money than selling in remote areas.
  • Being an MC President: If you run the Acid Lab while you are listed as an MC President, the police could come and search you. If you want to be safer, especially during sales, you might want to become CEO. For a fee, CEO ghost organisations will temporarily hide you from the map, which adds an extra layer of security.


How do you unlock the Acid Lab in GTA 5 Online?

When you walk up to the truck in the Freakshop, a message will appear telling you to find a nearby building to get the tools and make the Acid Lab available for purchase. You need to open up your map and find the three yellow spots with smiley faces on them. These are the warehouses where you can steal.

How do you get Acid Lab supplies in GTA Online?

To get things for the Acid Lab business, you need to talk to Mutt. It’s always possible to stop Acid Production if you want to shut down the business.

Is Acid Lab worth it gta?

Acid is better. It’s not even worth it to do Coke. it is if you only sell it on the street and keep it for the club. But yes, the acid one is better because you can sell it to dealers too, plus the sell task is a lot easier.

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