How to Get Agents in Valorant: simple 6 steps

Use new agents to take over the fight! This guide will show you how to get them in Valorant.

This guide shows you how to get agents in Valorant. The variety of characters in Valorant is one of the game’s best features; they allow for a huge number of strategy options and play styles. When new players first start the game, most of the agents are locked, which makes them want to open them quicker.

Usually, you can get in-game currency by playing the video game or buying it with real money, and then you can use it to unlock any character you want. Each agent has their own skills and traits that make the battlefield interesting, so players are encouraged to try out different strategies and combos.

It gets people involved and gives them a reason to spend time and effort learning how to play different characters, which improves both individual skill growth and teamwork in games. It’s safe to say that the process of unlocking agents in Valorant is a big part of the game’s general appeal and longevity.

How to get agents in Valorant

  1. Earn Kingdom Credits: Play games and complete Daily Missions to earn Kingdom Credits.
  2. Limit: Your account can hold a maximum of 10,000 Kingdom Credits at any given time.
  3. Cost of Agents: Each agent costs 8000 Kingdom Credits.
  4. Free Welcome Contract: New players receive the Free Welcome Contract, allowing them to select two free agents permanently.
  5. XP Requirement: Progress through Tiers 5 to 10 of the Free Welcome Contract by earning XP through Daily Tasks, Weekly Missions, and gameplay.
  6. Free Agent Unlock: Between Tier 5 and Tier 10, players can choose any agent for free.

Importance of Having a Diverse Agent Pool

Strategic Flexibility:

  • Adapting to Team Composition: A diverse pool allows you to fill in missing roles based on your team’s needs. This ensures a well-rounded team composition that can counter enemy strategies and adapt to different maps and situations.
How to get agents in Valorant
  • Counterpicking: You can counter specific enemy agents or strategies by picking an agent who directly challenges them. For example, picking Phoenix to counter Cypher’s traps. For more information go their official website.

Improved Individual Performance:

  • Understanding Different Playstyles: Knowing how other agents function broadens your overall game sense and understanding of the game’s mechanics.
  • Developing Well-Rounded Skills: Learning different agents forces you to master various skills, like smokes for controllers or entry frags for duelists, making you a more versatile player.

Teamwork and Communication:

  • Improved Communication: Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of different agents fosters better communication and coordination within your team.
  • Filling in for Teammates: If a teammate needs a specific agent, you can step up and take on that role, ensuring team synergy isn’t disrupted.

Tips for Efficiently Earning Agent Unlock Rewards

  • Pay attention to the daily and weekly tasks. They give you a lot of XP and usually fit well with the goals in your agent contract. Make it a priority to do them every day and week to move forward faster.
  • Pick an agent that fits the way you play: It will be more fun and effective to play with a person you naturally get along with and are good at. If you have faith in the agent’s skills, you’ll finish goals and level up the deal more quickly.
  • Improve the completion of goals: Not all contract objectives are the same. Figure out which ones you can do quickly and put them in order of importance. As an example, “play X games” or “get Y kills” goals can be met more quickly by playing Deathmatch than by playing Spike Rush or Ranked.
  • Think about getting the Battle Pass. Buying the Battle Pass gives you more XP, which means you can finish tasks and the Battle Pass itself faster. But before you buy, think about how much it costs, how often you play, and how much you want extra benefits.

Building a Balanced Team Composition with Agents

Getting to Know the Agent Roles:

  • Duelists are the ones who start fights and are great at entry framing (getting kills early) and taking risks. such as Jett, Phoenix, and Reyna
  • As an initiator, you can use flashes, smoke, and stuns to distract enemies and gather information. such as Skye, Sova, and Breach
  • Controllers: Use smokes, slows, and other zone denial skills to take control of places. such as Omen, Viper, and Brimstone

How to Make a Team That Works:

  • Core Composition: A well-rounded base should have at least one agent from each job.
  • Synergy: Pick people whose skills work well together. Sova’s recon darts, for instance, can help Jett find the best places to enter.
  • Area and Strategy: When picking agents, think about the area and your team’s strategy. While Viper’s wall control might be useful on Breeze, it might be more useful on Ascent.


How do you unlock agents on Valorant?

The way to unlock agents for free is to simply grind the game for XP. You can activate a contract for each agent in your collection screen and eventually recruit them.

How many games does it take to unlock an agent in Valorant?

It takes 375 000 xp per spy since they are on Tier 5. If the score is 13–12 at the end of the game, you can earn the most experience points (5,100). At least 74 games are here. That’s 37 HOURS per Agent if it takes 30 minutes to get this score in each game.

Who is the easiest agent to play Valorant?

Killjoy, KAY/O, Omen, and Reyna are the best agents for beginners to start your trip to Immortal rank with.

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