How to Get All new Achievement in Honkai Star Rail

Unlock Hidden Gems in Honkai Star Rail v2.0: Achievement Guide

Honkai: Star Rail is an anime role-playing game that has fans all over the world. The much-anticipated Version 2.0 update adds nearly 100 new achievements that give players a wide range of exciting challenges. This guide shows you how to Get All new Achievement in Honkai Star Rail.

As players get deeper into the game’s world, these achievements, which are full of excitement and promise, become important milestones to reach. There are achievements for every part of the game, from moving the main story forward to taking on tough challenges and using the special skills of new characters.

As players complete an achievement, they can not only show off their skills but also get useful rewards that make the game even better. As the community starts this new journey full of challenges and thrills, the challenge of completing all the goals calls out, promising glory and praise to those who are brave enough to step up to the challenge.

How to Get All new Achievement in Honkai Star Rail

What the story did well:

  1. Space Walk“: Finish the “Slaughterhouse” mission and find out what’s really going on in the Dreamscape hotel. (The story moves forward naturally.)

Achievements in Exploration:

  1. Penacony Dreams: Find and open 120 hidden items in Penacony. Carefully look around and open every chest you come across!
  2. This Side of Paradise: In Penacony, use the Space Anchors 15 times. To get this achievement, use Space Anchors to teleport around.
  3. Chirp?: Help one origami bird get back to the big tree. In the open world, you can find an Origami Bird and talk to it.
  4. Make a noise! Chirp!: Help 60 origami birds get back to the Big Tree. Continue to look around and play with Origami Birds!
  5. Fix 15 dream timers to stay in sync with the clock. Look for broken Dream Tickers in the world and interact with them to fix them.

Achievements in the game:

  1. I Know What You’re Thinking: Feel what at least one person in the Dreamscape feels. Play the Dreamscape Counselling mini-game and successfully change how someone feels.
  2. Breaking Even: Take enough taxi jobs to make enough money. Do enough taxi missions to get the money you need.
  3. The number you called is not in service: Call a number that can’t be reached. Use the communication device in certain places where calling certain numbers will give you a funny “unavailable” message.
  4. Urban myths aren’t always just myths, so don’t pick up anything scary. Get a scary tape. Find the exact spot where you can pick up a scary tape, play with it, and listen to the scary message.

Importance of Achievements in Honkai Star Rail

Moving forward:

  • They don’t have much of an effect on your character’s strength or the plot.
How to Get All new Achievement in Honkai Star Rail
  • Collecting resources: Earning achievements gives you Stellar Jades, which you can use for many things, such as character pulls, equipment upgrades, and shop refreshes. Even though they aren’t necessary for progress, they do help.

Getting involved and looking around:

  • Players are motivated and challenged by achievements to try new things in the video game, like characters and strategies, and to improve their skills. They make you feel good about what you’ve done and can keep you interested.
  • Hidden content: Some achievements are linked to secrets and stories that are hidden in the game world. These reward players who are curious and like to explore.

Self-fulfillment and the chance to brag:

  • Getting difficult achievements can make you feel good about yourself and show that you’re good at the game.
  • A social aspect: You can show off your unlocked achievements on your profile, which lets you compare your progress and accomplishments with friends and adds a social element.

Tips for Unlocking All New Achievements

Approach in general:

  • Look into everything: Make sure you fully explore each map by touching things, talking to people, and finishing any side quests or challenges you come across. A lot of accomplishments are hidden in small, seemingly unimportant details.
  • Pay attention to the words: Pay close attention to what people are saying to find out about any hidden mechanics or secrets that could help you get achievements.
  • Play with the game’s mechanics: Don’t be afraid to change the environment and your characters’ abilities in different ways. To get things done, you have to think outside the box and use interactions that you didn’t expect.

Some specific tips:

  • specific to versions: Remember that the achievements you can get will depend on the version of Honkai Star Rail you’re using. Telling them what version you’re on can help them give you better advice.
  • Character-based: Some achievements are linked to certain characters or the skills they have. Try out different character interactions and team compositions to set these off.
  • Hidden achievements: The game doesn’t always make these achievements clear. Look for hints in the environment, the descriptions of items, or the dialogue that is hard to understand.

Strategies for Completing Difficult Achievements

Making plans and getting ready:

  • Identify the Achievement: Make sure you have a good grasp of the requirements and conditions of the achievement. Look at what needs to be done and try to predict any problems that might come up.
  • Research and Consult Resources: To learn about good team compositions and strategies, use online guides, community discussions, and even video walkthroughs (with audio descriptions).
  • Gather Necessary Resources: Make sure you have the characters, tools, and materials you need to complete the achievement. If you need to, think about farming or crafting ahead of time.

Execution and the ability to change:

  • Optimise Team Composition: Pick characters that work well together and can do the specific tasks needed for the achievement. Keep an eye on how elements affect each other and how they can help or hurt you.
  • Use the Right Gear and Relics: To get this achievement, make sure your characters have the best gear and relics that improve their stats and abilities.
  • Master Skill Rotations: Know the best way to use your characters’ skills and when to use them to get the most damage and efficiency.

How to download Honkai Star Rail Game?

  1. Open the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
  2. Search for “Honkai Star Rail”.
  3. Tap on the game icon and select “Get” or “Install”.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the game.


How many achievements can you get in Honkai: Star Rail?

Based on the achievement tracker spreadsheet, the game has 332 achievements. However, about 20 of them can’t be earned.   

What is the free will achievement in Honkai: Star Rail?

True Free Will is an Achievement in the “Memories We Share” group. To get this achievement, the player must turn down Kafka’s request for help in the Companion Mission Letter from a Strange Woman. This will end the quest.

How old is Dan Heng?

He’s also between the ages of 23 and 25 and is 5’7″ tall. Dan Feng is known as Dan Heng. Dan Feng was a Vidyadhara and used to be the High Elder of the Xianzhou Luofu.

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