How to Get Annihilape in Pokemon Go

Master the rage! Guide to evolving Primeape & claiming Pokemon Go's fiery new fighter: Annihilape.

Annihilape, the last form of Mankey, will be added to Pokemon GO on January 19. Niantic began working on adding Scarlet and Violet creatures to Pokemon GO in September, and this new update will be the latest step in their progress. In this article we will show you how to Get Annihilape in Pokemon Go.

In late 2022, Pokemon go video game brought out a lot of cross-gen evolutions. Annihilape became one of the most famous ones. The main reason for this is that the third form of Mankey worked really well in raids because it had powerful strikes like Close Combat and moves that increased damage like Focus Energy.

After being released 14 months ago, the powerful pocket monster is now ready for its mobile launch. Niantic has just confirmed that Pokemon GO players will be able to get Annihilape starting next Friday, January 19. As expected, this Paldean creature will evolve in a different way in Pokemon GO. You can go to the official site for more information.

How to Get Annihilape in Pokemon Go

  1. According to the official announcement, Pokemon Go players can evolve Primeape into Annihilape after defeating 30 Ghost-type or Psychic-type Pokemon in battle with Primeape as their buddy.
  2. It’s worth noting that players don’t need to use Annihilape in battle to progress through these requirements.
  3. It’s also important to note that Annihilape will debut in Pokemon Go on January 19, 2024.
  4. This means you’ll have to wait until then to start defeating Ghost and Psychic-type Pokemon in battle.

Tips for Maximizing Annihilape Encounter Rates

Extra for Battle Week

Remember that Annihilape made her appearance during Battle Week, which took place from January 16th to January 23rd, 2024. Even though the event is over, some affects may still be felt. Watch out for more Primeape to appear, especially near PokéStops and Gyms.

Primeape Changes

Hey Buddy, Annihilape doesn’t grow the way most things do. With Primeape by your side, you need to beat 30 Pokemon that are Ghost or Psychic. Being with your trusty Primeape will help you do better in Ghost and Psychic-type raids, Rocket fights, and Gyms.

Research in the field and events

How to Get Annihilape in Pokemon Go

Do jobs: Keep an eye out for Field Research jobs that give you Primeape encounters as a reward. If you do event-specific study during the Dazzling Dream Event (January 24th to February 6th, 2024), you might also find this hard-to-find Pokemon.

Ghostly Bait:

Use lures of the Ghost type at PokéStops to draw Pokemon that are more likely to spawn Primeape. Remember that you need to beat 30 of these Ghostly or Psychic-type Pokemon with Primeape by your side in order for the evolution to happen.
Being patient is key:

Persistent Trainer

Getting better at Annihilape takes hard work and time. Don’t give up if you don’t meet Primeape or beat enough Ghost/Psychic-type Pokemon right away. Don’t give up! You will get the Rage Monkey Pokemon in the end!

Latest Annihilape Updates and News in Pokemon Go

  • Battle Week Event: Annihilape made its big debut in Pokemon Go during the Battle Week event, which took place from January 16th to January 23rd, 2024.
  • Unique Evolution: Primeape changes into Annihilape in a way that is different from most evolutions. With Primeape by your side, you need to beat 30 Pokemon that are Ghost or Psychic. This means that fighting with your loyal Primeape will let you see its best form finally!
  • Fighting Force: Annihilape has great Fighting-type stats that make it a strong contender for the top spots in the Go Battle League. It can do a lot of damage with its Rage Fist move and powerful Fighting-type charged strikes like Close Combat and Cross Chop.
  • Different Strategies: Annihilape is great at Fighting-type roles, but her Ghost-type gives you some interesting strategic choices as well. Shadow Claw and Phantom Force are moves that can catch your opponent off guard and protect you against famous Pokemon like Machamp and Gengar.


Is Frillish rare in Pokémon GO?

Plus some extra tips on how to quickly move up the ranks in Go Battle League. Frillish is a rare Pokémon, and as a good Pokemon hunter, you want one on your team to complete your Pokedex.

How do you evolve Annihilape in Pokémon GO?

First, make the Primeape you want to evolve your friend. Then, fight 30 Pokémon of the Ghost or Psychic type. Keep in mind that you don’t have to use your Primeape in these fights; it only needs to be with you.Four days ago

Is there Annihilape in Pokémon GO?

Annihilape, the last form of the Mankey species, will be added to Pokemon GO on January 19. It is the latest creature to join the Scarlet and Violet families. It is possible to get an Annihilape by beating 30 Psychic or Ghost-type Pokemon with a Primeape that you want to evolve as a support Pokemon.

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