How To Get Astrolabe Card in Nightingale

Learn how to defeat the Fabled Automoton Bishop and unlock the crafting recipe for the powerful Astrolabe Card in Nightingale.

In Nightingale’s world, getting the Astrolabe Card is a must for any adventurer who wants to find their way around the complicated places that can be reached through portals. To get this important item, you must first go on the difficult task called Sites of Power. In this guide we showed how To Get Astrolabe Card in Nightingale.

It’s possible that this journey will involve going through dangerous landscapes, fighting powerful enemies, and figuring out mysterious puzzles that are spread out throughout the game’s huge universe. After finishing the Sites of Power quest, the player gets the blueprint for the Astrolabe Card, a big arcana card that can only be used once but has a huge impact on the game.

When adventurers have the Astrolabe Card, they can change the level of difficulty and the creatures that live in the realms they reach through portals. This changes the course of their journey and how the story progresses. Getting it is a big step forward in the player’s quest because it opens up new options and tasks that are needed to move the story along and figure out what’s going on in Nightingale’s world.

How To Get Astrolabe Card in Nightingale

  1. Finish the tasks in the first Antiquarian Realm.
  2. Head to the Abeyance Realm, which is also your homeland or the location where you initially placed your Estate Cairn.
  3. Note that there are two Power Sites in the Abeyance Realm: the Astrolabe and the Provisioner.
  4. Understand that energy barriers block the entrances to these Sites of Power.
  5. Realize that you can only bypass these barriers by raising your gear score to the appropriate level.
  6. Prepare to encounter bosses in these mini-dungeons.
  7. Consider bringing an NPC recruit if you’re playing solo to aid in battles.

What is the Astrolabe Card in Nightingale?

  • Getting into higher-level realms: The Astrolabe Card opens a doorway to a new realm with a higher “power cap” than the ones you’ve already been in. This means that the Realm’s enemies and supplies will be tougher and more valuable.
How To Get Astrolabe Card in Nightingale
  • Moving the story along: Getting the Astrolabe Card is a very important part of Nightingale’s main story. It lets you get to certain places and talk to certain people that you need to move the story along and maybe even find a way back to Earth. For more information go their official website.

Some more information about the Astrolabe Card is given below:

  • Getting the Card: The Astrolabe Card is not accessible in the game world. You have to beat the boss in a certain “Site of Power” in your home realm (Abeyance Realm) in order to get the recipe.
  • Making More Cards: You can make more Astrolabe Cards at a “Simple Enchanter’s Focus” made at your camp using certain materials, such as ink, paper, and Essence Dust, once you know the recipe.
  • What’s in the Unlocked Realm: The Astrolabe Card lets you enter the Realm, which is usually linked to the Calcularia faction and has abandoned airfields and industrial areas.

Understanding the Importance of the Astrolabe Card

  • Access to Higher-Level Realms: The Astrolabe Card lets you enter Realms that have a higher power cap than the ones you’ve already visited. These Realms have tougher tasks, but they also have better resources and blueprints for making structures and tools that are stronger. This lets you move on to a new level in the game.
  • Story Progress: The Astrolabe Card is a key part of moving Nightingale’s main story forward. It lets you go to certain Realms that hold important items or hints that can help you figure out what’s going on in the Fae realm and maybe even find your way back to Earth.
  • Collecting Resources: Realms with higher levels often have special resources that realms with lower levels don’t have. It becomes necessary to collect these materials in order to make more advanced things and move forward in the game.
  • Main Challenge and Reward: The Astrolabe Card opens the door to a more difficult but gratifying experience. You’ll have to deal with tougher enemies and environments, but the benefits in terms of resources, story progress, and crafting options are much greater.

Tips for Efficiently Obtaining the Astrolabe Card

Get ready:

  • The Astrolabe Card can be found in a Site of Power in the Abeyance Realm, which is your starting realm. You need a certain minimum gear score to get into these places. Make sure that your gear score is good enough to get to the Site of Power that has the Astrolabe.
  • Friends: If you’re playing by yourself, you might want to bring an NPC friend with you to help you fight the boss in the Site of Power. They can be a great source of support and entertainment.

Getting to the Astrolabe:

  • For Unlocking Access, you’ll get the quest to get the Astrolabe Card after finishing the tasks in the first Antiquarian Realm.
  • Getting to the Power Spot: Locate the Power Site in the Abeyance Realm. These spots look like swirling portals with energy shields around them.

Getting Past the Boss:

  • The Challenge: There is a boss in the Site of Power that is called the Fabled Automaton Bishop. Get ready for a tough battle.
  • Strategies for Fighting: To beat the boss, use your best fighting skills and gear. If you are playing by yourself, use your friend to help you awaken them if they become unconscious.


How do I get an antiquarian card in Nightingale?

As soon as you finish the first big quest to get your gear to level 20, Puck will tell you to “Unlock Schematic: Antiquarian Major Card” for your next task. To find this plan, you’ll need to go to the Antiquarian Site of Power, which is a temple in your area.

Will Nightingale be multiplayer?

In an online shared-world Realmscape, you can go on an adventure by yourself or with up to six other people. Because it can be dangerous to travel through the multi-Realmic void by yourself, Nightingale lets friends easily join or visit each other’s Realms.

Is there magic in Nightingale?

It takes place in a gaslamp fantasy world, which is a Victorian-era setting that’s almost steampunk but with magic. It feels new and different in this genre—games like Dishonored and The Order 1886 have tried similar styles, but this is the first time I’ve really seen it used in a game.

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