How to Get Autobuild in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Learn all about Hylian engineering and how to get autobuild in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Tracers of the Kingdom’s Autobuild adds a new feature to Link’s Ultrahand that makes crafting completely different. Also talking about how to get Autobuild in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom video game , Like a 3D printer. Players save time by using this innovative feature to store new builds and recreate faster. Saving recent builds in Autobuild lets you make copies quickly if the materials are nearby.

Items are recreated with zonaite chunks when supplies are low. This makes it possible to handle resources in the game. Autobuild only has so much memory, so as new builds are made, older ones are deleted immediately. The best builds can be saved so they can be used again later.

This speeds up the process of making everything from two-fan hoverbikes to strong fighting robots. Autobuild makes Tears of the Kingdom more efficient and flexible by giving players a flexible and simple way to craft.

How to get Autobuild in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

  1. To finish the “Camerawork in the Depths” quest,
  2. Start “A Mystery in the Depths” by talking to Josha at Lookout Landing.
  3. In the depths, you can go to the Iayusus Lightroot.
  4. Keep going in the direction of the statues that face forward, using Brightbloom Seeds to light your way.
  5. Set the waypoint for the Great Abandoned Central Mine.
  6. Kohga the Battle Master

Benefits of Autobuild Feature

Speeds Construction:

  • Instant Rebuild: No more tedious rebuilding! Autobuild lets you instantly recreate any previously built object from the menu, including a bridge, ladder, platform, or catapult. This conserves time and resources during exploration and combat, especially in dynamic situations.
  • Material Optimisation: No more material hunting. Autobuild remembers each structure’s ingredients and deducts them from inventory if available. This eliminates resource micromanagement and lets you focus on the task.
How to get Autobuild in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Improves Exploration and Combat

  1. Tactical Advantage: Quickly deploy bomb-dropping platforms or stasis-launching ramps to turn the tide against enemies. Build temporary bridges or platforms to reach inaccessible areas during exploration.
  2. Experimental and Adaptation: Autobuild lets you quickly try out different structures and combinations. Use different methods to overcome obstacles, solve puzzles, and defeat enemies to add creativity and problem-solving to your gameplay.

Optimising Resources and Inventory

  1. Zonaite Cost: Autobuild uses your existing materials but can instantly build anything with Zonaite. This helps when you’re short on materials but need the structure quickly.
  2. Reduced Inventory Burden: Transporting tonnes of construction materials is difficult. Autobuild lets you use its blueprints and Zonaite, freeing up inventory for other necessities.

Autobuild Requirements and Prerequisites

Autobuild mechanics possibility

  • Modular Construction: Players could gather resources to build bridges, platforms, or settlements.
    Automatic Construction: Some items or abilities allow players to automatically build pre-designed structures or objects.
  • Environment Manipulation: Advanced tools or abilities could let players carve paths or terraform land to create new routes or structures.

Possible Autobuild Prerequisites

  • Story Progression: Certain story events or quests may unlock autobuild features later in the game, building objects or structures may require wood, stone, or tools.
  • Technical Knowledge: Some autobuild mechanics require specific skills or knowledge to use.

Save your favourite autobuild design tips

  • You joined a few logs together before you stopped the Ultrahand movement. You can see that in the past tab.
  • After that, you put a Zonai Fan on top of the logs. That’s a different post.
  • Pick a set that you like and save it. Let’s say you want a Zonai Balloon that is already made and has a Flame EP. To save your new choice, click the “Y” button on the “History” tab. You can choose from eight of your best looks. You need to get rid of one to make room.
  • Pick something cheap and keep it. If the items aren’t close, you can check Zonaite’s prices on the schematic and history tabs. That’s why you might want something cheap. It’s easier to push a cart with a driving stick than to ride horses across the land. The six-Zonaite you have is a small car.
How to get Autobuild in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
  • Objects can appear when you need them most. One simple thing we like to have is a set of attached logs or planks that let Link climb up to higher ledges. You can spawn that structure to get through areas if you mark it as a favourite.
  • Do not remove anything that was made from scratch. You can still attach other objects if you are missing certain bright green items. Do not pull off any of the green stuff, though, or it will be gone forever.

Autobuild Strategies for Different Game Modes

Master Mode

  • Durability: Choose durable weapons and armour to reduce repairs. For longer weapon life, use Champion’s Ballad DLC armour with “Ancient Proficiency” set bonus.
  • Guardian Farming: Use “Farosh’s Nook” to get high-tier Ancient weapons with high durability and damage.

Speed running

  • Prioritise gear and skills: Improve movement speed and traversal, such as the Hylian Hood (“Sprint Up”) and Phantom Armour (“Ancient Horse Armour”).
  • Warp Travel: Use warp points to bypass sections and save time. Try glitches or exploits to travel faster if allowed in your speedrun category.

Custom Challenge Survival Mode

  • Set self-imposed restrictions: On weapon and armour use, food consumption, and heart container upgrades to make it harder.
  • Management: Gather and conserve food, arrows, and bomb materials. Craft and cook to maximise resources.


How do you get the Autobuild ability in Tears of the Kingdom?

The subterranean questline “A Mystery in the Depths” unlocks this power and unlocks the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom camera before taking you into the Depths region below the world from the central hub town near Hyrule Castle.

What does Autobuild cost?

Free autobuilding is available from Link if all parts are present. If not, he can autobuild and pay Zonaite. Autobuild parts will destroy devices rather than break them down.

What is the purple ability in Tears of the Kingdom?

Since they “can’t go into much detail” about that feature yet, the “purple hands ability” should let you save, access, and create previous Ultrahand designs.

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