Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth: How to get Beautiful Seashells

Struggling to find Beautiful Seashells in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth? Our guide reveals the best methods!

According to “Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth,” Kasuga Ichiban’s adventures take him to the peaceful beaches of Hawaii, where he unexpectedly becomes close with the people who live there. In the calm atmosphere of Aloha Beach, players are drawn into a touching side story involving Kasuga, his sweet crawfish friend Nancy, and a depressed hermit crab. In this guide we showed how to get Beautiful Seashells in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

As the story goes on, players learn how close these unlikely friends really are, with moments of laughter, concern, and adventure interspersed throughout their interactions. Surrounded by sandy beaches and swaying palm trees, Kasuga’s journey takes on new dimensions, showing how important it is to find kindness and connection in the strangest places.

Looking for pretty seashells turns into more than just a quest; it becomes a reminder of how strong friendships can be and how rich they can be when we make them along the many paths we take in life. To know about more go their official website.

How to get Beautiful Seashells in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

  1. Fight higher-level enemies or bosses.
  2. Obtain Beautiful Seashells as a drop through luck during battles.
  3. Explore the labyrinth, a randomly generated dungeon introduced in the main story.
  4. Grind for levels, cash, and items within the labyrinth.
  5. Encounter Robo Discs during exploration.
  6. Trade Robo Discs with RoboMichio stationed outside the labyrinth.
  7. Exchange 500 discs for each Beautiful Seashell from RoboMichio.
  8. Note that while Beautiful Seashells are not the most expensive item, their price of 500 discs is relatively high.
  9. Consider that if your party is low-level, it may require multiple runs through the labyrinth to accumulate enough discs for purchase.

Understanding Seashells: What Are They and How They Work

What are shells made of?

Think of seashells as the tough outer shells worn by the softest creatures in the ocean. Mollusks like snails, clams, and oysters use them to protect themselves. The mollusk’s mantle, a special layer of tissue, builds these shells. They are mostly made of calcium carbonate that is taken from seawater. Imagine a building crew that is always adding new layers to a house that is alive.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth: How to get Beautiful Seashells

What role do seashells play in Like a Dragon?

  • Rarity and Value: Just like gemstones, different seashells are rare in different ways. Rarer ones are worth more at pawn shops or from private buyers, which will help your finances.
  • Tools for Making: Seashells can be used to make strong weapons and armour, which will help you win street fights in Kamurocho. Think about a dagger made of a shiny clam shell or a helmet covered in rare spiral shells!
  • Currency for Trading: In some hidden parts of the city, seashells might be used as a unique form of payment for certain goods or services. For a collection of unique seashells, maybe a mysterious seller will give you rare tattoos or fighting skills.

Advanced Techniques for Maximizing Seashell Income

The First Grinding of Seashells:

  • Fishing: Buy good fishing gear and look for places where you can catch lots of valuable fish, like tuna and ezo pike. Learn fishing skills that will help you get more or better fish.
  • Complete substories that give you seashells, especially ones that you can do again and again or that pay out a lot of seashells.
  • As you play the minigame Cabaret Club Czar, you’ll unlock more profitable business opportunities, which will give you seashells over time. Pay attention to making the club more popular and effective.

Taking care of Seashell:

  • Exchange Things: Go to shops often and trade things you buy for seashells. Choose items that have a high ratio of seashells to purchase price.
  • Investing: Put your money into things that will give you a steady stream of income, like buying homes or giving money to businesses. Think about the risks and the return on investment.
  • Dealing with Debt: Quickly pay off high-interest debts to get more seashells for spending or investing.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Dealing with Seashells

  • Figure out which shells are valuable. It’s important to know which seashells are valuable for games. For information, look at guides or talk to NPCs in the game.
  • Watch out for mimics. Shells can sometimes hide enemies or traps. Be careful before you talk to them.
  • Storage space: Depending on how the game works, you may not have a lot of room in your inventory. Give high-value shells more attention and think about selling or throwing away common ones.
  • Buying vs. making: In some video games, you can use seashells to make valuable items. Before making a choice, compare the selling price to the item’s possible value as a crafted item.


Is Yakuza Infinite Wealth turn-based?

Infinite Wealth is the eighth mainline game in the series. It brings Ichiban back into the spotlight in a bigger adventure than ever before, with a group of likeable friends and a focus on turn-based combat.

Is Infinite Wealth out yet?

The game Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth came out on January 26, 2024. The game Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth came out for the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC. This means that it can be played on both old and new consoles, so you won’t need to buy a new one to play it.

Why did Arakawa betray Ichiban?

Arakawa chose to kill Ichiban, who was devoted to him like a son and would do anything for him, in order to save his blood son, who is ungrateful and mean.

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