Sons Of The Forest: How To Get Binoculars

Navigate the wilderness with ease! Learn how to find binoculars in Sons of the Forest.

In the huge world of Sons of the Forest, the March 9th update that added binoculars changed everything. They worked perfectly with the Hang Glider to make exploring even easier. Players might be confused, though, because these useful binoculars don’t just show up in their inventories. In this tutorial we talk about how To Get Binoculars in Sons Of The Forest.

Do not be afraid; this guide will lead you easily to this highly sought-after piece of equipment. To get the binoculars, brave players must go on a quest through the lush and mysterious landscape, looking hard for the eyepiece that they can’t seem to find.

The binoculars are waiting to be found, either hidden in secret caches or among the trees. They promise a better view and the ability to look closely at faraway landscapes. Get ready for an adventure, and use this guide to find the binoculars, which will let you do a new kind of strategic reconnaissance in Sons of the Forest video game.

How To Get Binoculars in Sons Of The Forest

  1. Look for 2 Red Kayaks, Orange Life Vests, and supply crates in the sand at a northwest beach to find the binoculars.
  2. One Red Kayak is near the supply crates, while the other with Binoculars and Camouflage Suit is closer to the ocean.
  3. The binoculars are on the red kayak closest to the beach. Just grab the binoculars and you’re done!
  4. See the Camouflage Suit Virginia can wear after you befriend her in the rest of this Red Kayak.
  5. Browse the Red Kayak for the Camouflage Suit to add to your companion outfits. That’s it—a new tool to help you plan and a cool new Virginia outfit.

Importance of Binoculars in Gameplay

  • Scout the environment: Explore the area by zooming in on faraway points of interest to find resources, places to stay, and possible threats like enemy camps or dangerous animals. This lets you plan your exploration so that you don’t run into anything unexpected.
  • Analyse threats: Find out what kinds of enemies there are and how many there are before going into new areas. This lets you plan ahead so that you can choose whether to fight, avoid, or find other routes.
Sons Of The Forest: How To Get Binoculars
  • Hunt efficiently: You can see your elusive prey from far away, which increases your chances of success and cuts down on the time you waste going down dead ends.
  • Plan where to put the base: Look at possible base sites from a safe distance, judging their resources, natural defences, and ease of access.

About the Game

Sons of the Forest is a first-person survival horror game developed by Endnight Games, serving as the sequel to the acclaimed 2014 title, The Forest.

GenreSurvival horror, Open world
Platform(s)PC (Early Access)
Developer(s)Endnight Games
Publisher(s)New Era Productions
Release DateFebruary 23, 2023
SettingCannibalistic island filled with dangers and mysteries
official site

Common Challenges in Obtaining Binoculars

Not many available:

  • Rare Loot: You can’t always find binoculars, and they don’t spawn as often as some other items. You might look around a lot of the island before you find them.
  • Fixed Locations: Some places, like old cabins or military bases, are more likely to have binoculars, but relying on them alone can take a long time and be frustrating if you’re not lucky.

Taking risks and competing:

  • Dangerous Places: Some possible spawn points, like cannibal villages or caves, have hostile encounters that can make your search more difficult in combat or stealth.
Sons Of The Forest: How To Get Binoculars
  • Player versus Player (PvP): If you’re playing on a multiplayer server, other players may find loot spots before you do. If both of you want the binoculars, this could lead to a PvP conflict.

Other Possible Solutions:

  • Crafting: In future game updates, you might be able to make binoculars with certain materials, which would be a more controlled way to get them.
  • Trading: You might be able to trade with NPCs or other players in the future, so you can get binoculars in exchange for other valuable items.


How do you get binoculars in the forest?

The binoculars were added in the first patch for Sons of the Forest. They will help you see enemies and important items from afar. The good news is that you don’t need the shovel or rope gun to get them. They are easy to get—just go to the beach in the northeastern part of the map and take them.

Where is the scope in Sons of the Forest?

Laser Sight: Where to Find the Sons of the Forest Laser Sight. It’s time to get the Laser Sight from Maintenance A. To do this, go to the green circle marker on your GPS, which is a bit northwest of the snowy mountain.

How do you pick up binoculars?

To put it simply, a higher number means images are brighter. If the number is higher, it will be easier to see in low light and keep a clear picture of an object even if your hands shake or move. To find the size of the exit pupil, divide the objective lenses’ diameter by the number of times they are magnified.

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