Starfield: How to Get Biosuppressant

Find and Get Biosuppressant in Starfield: How to Craft, Buy, and Hunt!

Bethesda’s much-anticipated space adventure game Starfield offers an immersive crafting experience that pushes players to explore a huge universe full of over 200 different materials, resources, industrial supplies, credits, and other important things. In this guide shows how to get Biosuppressant in Starfield.

A lot of different kinds of items can be found in the game’s environments, from common Markers to rare Uranium deposits. In addition to keeping the player more interested, this makes the game seem more difficult. Each room is like a treasure chest full of choices, with lots of hard but fun collectibles that make the crafting systems even more complicated.

It takes a lot of time and careful planning to look for and collect all of these different things. The fact that this is done shows that the game wants to give players a full and varied experience. The different crafting systems look like they will be a big part of Starfield’s challenging and interesting world as players go deeper into the video game.

What Are Biosuppresants Used For

Biosuppressants are a type of pesticide that kills pests by using living things or waste products from living things. An important number of people think that they are better for the environment than chemical pesticides.

  • Microbes: Some microbes make poisons that can kill pests. Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), for instance, is a bacteria that is often used to get rid of caterpillars.
  • Trichoderma: A few types of fungi make enzymes that can break down the cell walls of pests. Trichoderma is one example of a fungus that is often used to keep plants from getting fungal diseases.
  • Viruses: Some viruses can make pests sick and kill them. Baculoviruses are one type of virus that is often used to get rid of insects.
  • Nematodes: These are tiny worms that can live on and kill pests. Nematodes like Steinernema carpocapsae are often used to get rid of grubs and other soil pests.

How to get Biosuppressant

Starfield: How to Get Biosuppressant
  1. Biosuppressant Acquisition Overview:
    • Biosuppressant drops occasionally from enemies but is generally rare.
    • crafting resource.
  2. Preferred Source: Vendors Around the Galaxy:
    • More reliable acquisition from vendors than enemy drops.
    • Not found on New Atlantis despite searching.
    • Confirmed source on Cydonia, Mars.
  3. Variability in Availability:
    • Sources may vary during a playthrough.
    • Possibly linked to character level.
    • Reports of vendor availability on New Atlantis and from killing alien creatures.
  4. Unverified Methods:
    • Inconclusive data on New Atlantis vendor and alien creature drops.
    • Unable to verify reported methods at the time of writing.
  5. Confirmed Findings:
    • Personally obtained 8 Biosuppressant from Cydonia vendor on Mars.
    • Affordable pricing observed at the Cydonia vendor.

Where To Find Biosuppresant Vendors

A lot of places sell biosuppressant, so you can get it anywhere. If you sleep for twenty-four hours in a different star system, you can restock a vendor’s stock. Before going back to the vendor, you should land on a planet in a different system. You can do this from your ship. In a short amount of time, this is a quick way to get a lot.

Store NameVendor NameCity NamePlanet Name
Jemison MercantileAmoli BavaNew AtlantisJemison
UC ExchangeDenis AverinCydoniaMars
UC DistributionWen TsengNew AtlantisJemison
Sieghart’s OutfittersDietrich SieghartNeonVolii Alpha
Newill’s GoodJames NewillNeonVolii Alpha
Check price for Xbox Series X, check price for PC

Benefits of Using Biosuppresant

Protection for yourself

  • Biological processes that are harmful or aggressive in plants and animals could be stopped by biosuppressants, which would lower the risks to the environment. This could protect players from nature, diseases, and poisons that could hurt them.
  • In some places, plants or animals that are poisonous might make it impossible to get to certain areas. Scientists think that biosuppressants could help players temporarily stop these threats and go to places that they weren’t allowed to before.
Starfield: How to Get Biosuppressant

How to Get Resources

  • Different biological functions: Biosuppressants can be used to stop certain biological functions in animals or plants. By doing this, players can get the resources they need without hurting the whole organism. This could make people more likely to buy resources in the long term.
  • Taking away useful traits: Some living things may have biological traits that are helpful when they’re not in action but harmful when they are. Players might be able to get these properties safely for crafting, research, or other reasons if they have biosuppressants.

Applications of technology

  • Getting rid of bioweapons Antibodies that stop bioweapons can be used to defend against them or to get rid of harmful biological agents that are found while exploring.
  • Some genes or biological processes could be stopped for a short time to do genetic engineering. This could lead to fresh studies, tests, or quick improvements.


What is the point of Starfield?

The player joins a group of space explorers who must travel the galaxy to find mysterious artefacts. The game has an open world in the Milky Way galaxy with fictional and non-fictional planetary systems.

Can you lose your ship in Starfield?

Buy new ships at a spaceport or steal them from enemies (or start a New Game+). In Starfield, buying a new ship makes your old one disappear without a fuss.

Can you invest in Starfield?

Starfield has no level cap and allows infinite investment, but skill points are non-recoverable. You want to make smart choices early on.

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