WoW Classic Season of Discovery: How to Get the Cozy Sleeping Bag

Forget expensive consumables! This guide reveals the free and easy way to obtain the Cozy Sleeping Bag in WoW Classic Season of Discovery.

Players are excited about the new Cosy Sleeping Bag that was added in Phase 2 of World of Warcraft Classic’s Season of Discovery, which is always changing. This new item isn’t just another piece of gear; it changes everything for adventurers who are exploring Azeroth’s vast landscapes. This guide showed you how to get the Cozy Sleeping Bag in WoW Classic Season of Discovery.

There has always been a way to rest and recover during long trips or extended stays in the wilderness, and the Cosy Sleeping Bag is that way. Its addition marks a shift towards making the game more immersive, giving players a new sense of how real and useful the game is. To get this highly sought-after item, players must go on a quest that takes them to different parts of Classic Azeroth.

This adds a sense of exploration and adventure to the game. In the harsh world of Warcraft Classic, the Cosy Sleeping Bag promises comfort and ease, whether you want to take a quick nap between battles or sleep out under the stars at night.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery: How to get the Cozy Sleeping Bag

  1. Alliance players should visit Westfall’s Alexton Farmstead and look for Charred Remains at (37.3, 50.7).
  2. Horde players can access the Charred Remains at (46.4, 73.9) south of Camp Taurajo from the Barrens.
  3. Move to a Deep Stonetalon Mountain Camp.
  4. In the Alliance’s case, entering Stonetalon Mountains is the most dangerous step.
  5. The northwest Barrens aren’t difficult, but Horde guards are on the border. Hug the mountainside to avoid them, or take the road in from Ashenvale.
  6. Horde players can safely enter Stonetalon, unless they’re on a PvP server.
  7. Jump off Loch Modan’s Stonewrought Dam.
  8. Alliance players should go to Loch Modan and the Stonewrought Dam centre at (49.1, 13.7).
  9. A new telescope platform and makeshift camp are over the ledge.
  10. Continue the quest by jumping over the Dam ledge and reading the note.
  11. Horde players should reach Loch Modan as quickly as possible and flee Alliance NPCs.
  12. After crossing the Wetlands border through the Algaz gate, head east towards the Dam.
  13. Unless you can easily avoid the guards and other players, corpse run this area.
  14. From the centre of the Dam, jump off the northern side onto the new ledge at (49.1, 13.7).
  15. Touch the note to continue.

Importance of the Cozy Sleeping Bag in WoW Classic

Bonus for experience:

  • The sleeping bag gives up to a 3% experience boost that can be stacked. This can be stacked up to three times, which could give you an extra 9% experience gain permanently.
WoW Classic Season of Discovery: How to get the Cozy Sleeping Bag
  • This bonus works in the world, even in dungeons, which makes it very useful for killing a lot of mobs or running instances.

Easy access:

  • The sleeping bag buff is different from the traditional rested experience in that you don’t have to stay at a hotel or log out for a long time. This makes the game run more smoothly without getting in the way of your flow.
  • The buff lasts for two hours, so you don’t have to keep applying it to get the same benefits.

Tips for Maximizing the Usefulness of the Cozy Sleeping Bag

Time to rest and hearthstones:

  • If you’re in a safe place to rest, use the sleeping bag’s 50% rested XP bonus to level up faster. Inns, capital cities with guards (Stormwind and Orgrimmar), and Silithus with Cenarion Expedition guards are all popular places to visit.
  • Synergy with Hearthstone: While resting in the sleeping bag, cast your Hearthstone to teleport right to your inn and get the rested bonus. You’ll save time travelling and get more XP this way.
  • Don’t forget the length: The bonus for being rested lasts for an hour after you get out of the sleeping bag. Plan your activities so that you make the most of this time.

Management of an auction house:

  • Simple to get to the Auction House (AH): Park your character near the sleeping bag in a big city like Stormwind or Orgrimmar that has an AH close by. This lets you quickly get to the AH to buy, sell, and run auctions while staying close to a safe area to rest.
  • AFK Buffer: The sleeping bag’s rest feature can be used to make a safe AFK buffer while your auctions end. Set a timer or alarm to avoid long AFKs while the server is disconnecting.

Strategies for Obtaining the Cozy Sleeping Bag Efficiently

The auction house:

  • Keep an eye on prices. The Cosy Sleeping Bag’s price on the Auction House can change based on demand and the server’s economy. Check often to find deals.
  • Plan your bids; don’t just put in the highest bid. You should set limits based on your budget and think about “sniping” auctions right before they end.

Job Opportunities and Trading:

  • Making clothes (35): Give a friendly tailor wool cloth or other materials for making clothes in exchange for the bag.
  • Blacksmithing (35): Give a friendly blacksmith metal bars or other blacksmithing supplies in exchange for the bag. For further information, please visit the official website

Raids and World Bosses:

  • The Cosy Sleeping Bag can sometimes be dropped by the world bosses Kresh (Stratholme) and Baron Rivendare (Scarlet Monastery).
  • Find the bag in raid loot tables like Molten Core and Blackwing Lair. There is a small chance that it will drop.


What is season 3 sleeping bag?

3 Season – Designed for colder nights without frost (0 to -5°C). Many people use a three season sleeping bag as an all-rounder for year round use. 4 Season – When the temperature drops to around -10°C with light snow a four season bag is ideal.

What is 5 season sleeping bag?

“Five-season,” on the other hand, can sometimes refer to a sleeping bag made for use on an expedition or at high elevations. The coldest temperatures they can handle are between -10°C and -40°C, which is about +15°F to -40°F.

Can I use a 3-season sleeping bag in summer?

3-season sleeping bags are intended for use in spring, summer and fall.

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