Sons of the Forest: How to Get Crossbow

Master the hunt with this guide to finding the Crossbow in Sons of the Forest.

When playing “Sons of the Forest,” getting the crossbow is a key part of improving your chances of living on an island where the people are hostile. The crossbow has more power and accuracy than the handmade bow, so players can quickly kill enemies with it. In this guide we showed how to Get Crossbow in Sons of the Forest.

You can find some weapons in odd campsites or on the beaches, but the underground bunkers are where you’ll find the most powerful weapons, like the coveted crossbow. These underground passages are both dangerous mazes and safekeeping for high-tech weapons, making discovery more exciting and risky. Going down into these depths takes bravery and creativity, as players have to find their way through dangerous environments and fight powerful enemies.

When players get the crossbow, it becomes a useful tool that gives them more confidence and skill when facing the island’s risks. Its presence completely changes the way fights go, giving it a strategic edge that can change the outcome of the ongoing battle for life. For more details and information about Sons of the Forest, please visit the official website.

How to Get Crossbow in Sons of the Forest

  1. Obtain the Maintenance keycard from Maintenance Bunker A, located in the northwest area of the island. The entrance to this bunker is obscured by sand, so you’ll need a shovel to clear it and gain access.
  2. Return to the northwest food bunker where the crossbow is located. This bunker section requires the Maintenance keycard for entry.
  3. Navigate through the storage quarters to reach the hydroponics facility.
  4. In the hydroponics facility, proceed to the second hydroponics chamber. Follow the blood to the right side of the room.
  5. Locate the crossbow near a body and other resources. Keep in mind that crossbow bolts are scarce, so explore carefully and conserve them for emergencies.
  6. After obtaining the crossbow, you can choose to return to the door. However, there is more to explore in this bunker.
  7. Search for the VIP keycard in an easily overlooked chamber on the left side after passing the underwater facilities.

Understanding the Crossbow in Sons of the Forest

The crossbow is a valuable mid-to-late game weapon in Sons of the Forest, offering silent ranged attacks and high damage potential. Here’s what you need to know:


  • Not craftable – Found in specific locations within the video game world.
  • Requires the Shovel to access one of the bunkers where it’s hidden.
  • Look for green circles on the map marking potential bunker locations.
  • Involves navigating through underground sections and dealing with hostile creatures.


  • Fires crossbow bolts, inflicting significant damage, especially against armored enemies.
  • Capable of piercing through multiple enemies with a single shot.
Sons of the Forest: How to Get Crossbow
  • Silent operation makes it ideal for stealthy takedowns and avoiding attracting unwanted attention.

Tips for Finding Crossbow Blueprints

Find the keycard for maintenance:

  • Go north of the GPS spot where a green circle is blinking, which shows where the shovel is.
  • Two golf carts and zoning equipment are parked around a small mound of loose dirt. Clear the dirt away with the shovel to find a hatch.
  • Watch out, because there may be cannibal camps nearby.

Go down to the area for maintenance:

  • To get to a storage room, go down the ladder in the door and through the hallway.
  • Write down anything you drop; it could come in handy later.

Find the door to the cave:

  • Find the opening to the cave that isn’t marked on the northwest side of the island.
  • The green spot from one of the tracked golf carts can be used as a guide on your GPS.

Advanced Techniques for Mastering the Crossbow

  • Aiming is important because the crossbow’s missile moves slowly, so you need to lead your targets when you shoot. Get better at shooting from different angles and at different distances.
  • Take cover: When using your crossbow, avoid being seen as much as possible. To keep from getting shot by enemies while you reload, do this.
  • Make different bolts: In Sons of the Forest, you can make different kinds of bolts, and each has its own special characteristics. Regular bolts, on the other hand, can be used for anything, while fire bolts can be used to set enemies on fire. Use a range of bolts to discover the one that works best for you in each case.
  • Aim for the head: The best way to kill an enemy with a crossbow is always to hit them in the head. But they aren’t always easy to reach, especially when you’re far away. Try to shoot for the center of mass if you can’t hit the head.


Is the crossbow good in Sons of the Forest?

It is a black, compound crossbow, seemingly based off of the “Man Kung MK-XB52BK Compound Crossbow.”Β It deals roughly 50% more damage compared to the Rifle and deals the second highest per-shot damage of all the game’s non-explosive weapons, with only the Shotgun dealing more damage.

Where do you get Crossbow Bolts in the forest?

Several bolts are located in the center of the back wall in the Shipwreck Cave as well as on the stern of the shipwreck. Four bolts can be found in Kanji Cave. On top of the south tower in Geese Lake. In the tower in a cannibal village next to a pond.

How strong is gold armor in Sons of the Forest?

It does protect you, and since it can’t break, it’s the best defense in the game. It undoes a certain amount of damage and does a lot less damage to your health. The “armor health” doesn’t really do anything; it just lowers your damage. This means that a creepy mutant can hit you three times before you lose a health bar.

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