How To Get Elphidran Aqua In Palworld

Craving the adorable Elphidran Aqua in Palworld? This guide reveals the unique breeding combo needed to hatch this aquatic beauty!

Elphidran Aqua is a great addition to the Palworld roster. It has both Dragon and Water Element, which gives it special skills and a lot of different uses. As the aquatic form of the feared Elphidran species, it brings a joyful energy to any team and does especially well with mid-game base operations. In this guide we showed how To Get Elphidran Aqua In Palworld.

Elphidran Aqua can do more than just tasks on land. At level 28, it can turn into a powerful flying mount that lets adventurers fly to great heights and cover long distances with ease. People who want to find Fire Element Pal parts should go after Elphidran Aqua. Because it lives near water and likes it, it is a natural enemy of Fire Element Pals, giving them lots of chances to collect items and gather resources.

To get Elphidran Aqua in Palworld, players must go on expeditions to places where water-based Pals thrive and use special techniques to catch and train this hard-to-find but useful animal. Elphidran Aqua is an important ally in Palworld’s ever-growing world, whether it’s for building bases or exploring from above. To know more about go their official website.

How To Get Elphidran Aqua In Palworld

  1. Obtain Elphidran Aqua: This Dragon/Water Element Pal is unique and cannot be captured in the wild like its counterparts.
  2. Breed Pals: To acquire Elphidran Aqua, you must engage in breeding activities instead.
  3. Specific Combination: Elphidran Aqua can only be obtained through a single known breeding combination.
  4. Breeding Partners: Utilize the combination of Surfent and Elphidran to initiate the breeding process.

What Makes Elphidran Aqua Special?

This is one of the best Dragon Element Pals in the game. It’s in the top ten of all Dragon Element Pals on this list. Any team would benefit from having this Pal, but ones that will be facing Fire Element Pals would benefit the most. This is because its Partner Skill can make sure that all friends who are defeated by fire elements drop extra items, giving you even better items than before. This Pal is also great because it has a Lumbering of 2 and a Watering of 3. This makes it a great addition to any base.

Understanding the Importance of Elphidran Aqua

  • Dual Typing: It has both a Water and a Dragon typing, which gives it an edge over Fire and Dark-type opponents while blocking their attacks. Because it can do many things, it is useful for solving many problems.
  • Partner Skill: The “Amicable Water Dragon” skill makes it easier to get drops from Fire-type Pals that you defeat. This is especially helpful for crafting materials and resources used for farming, like meat.
How To Get Elphidran Aqua In Palworld
  • Work Skills: Elphidran Aqua knows how to do both Level 2 Lumbering and Level 3 Watering. And because of this, it can work well at your base and help with both logging and watering.
  • Early Flying Mount: You can ride the Elphidran Aqua Saddle once you unlock it at Level 28. It lets you move around in the air and fight enemies. This is very important for both exploration and planning battles.

Tips for Efficient Collection of Elphidran Aqua

Places and Times:

  • The place is Elphidran. Aqua can be found in ocean biomes, mostly near seagrass meadows and coral reefs.
  • Time: They happen more often at night and when it’s raining.

How to Catch Things:

  • Fishing Rod: To catch more fish, use a good rod and bait like Prawn Shrimp or Coral Shrimp. Put on the “Reel Power” skill to make it easier to capture.
  • Placing lobster traps in the right places and checking them often are important. It can work better if you use Prawn Shrimp as bait.
  • If you come across an Elphidran, you might be able to tame it with Tame Berries or Tame Fruits. If you tame an Elphidran, it can automatically gather Aqua.

Enhancing Palworld Experience with Elphidran Aqua

Utilising the fact that it is an amphibian:

  • Explore Different Environments: The Elphidran Aqua’s ability to move easily between water and land makes it possible to explore new places. Explore underwater ruins, easily get through swamps, and wait for prey on land from the edge of the water.
  • Combat on Land and Water: Use the Elphidran Aqua’s mobility to your advantage in battle. To keep your opponent guessing and take advantage of type matches, switch between land and water attacks. Draw your enemies to bodies of water, then jump in to get the upper hand.

Using its Water type to its advantage:

  • Strong Water Moves: Elphidran Aqua learns a number of strong Water moves, such as Hydro Pump, Surf, etc. These moves work best against Fire, Rock, and Ground-type Pals, which are common enemies in the Palworld.
  • Status Effects: Moves like “Scald” and “Toxic” can weaken enemies and give you an advantage in battle by giving them status ailments. You can also benefit from Rain Dance, which makes your Water-type moves stronger and might make it harder for Fire-type opponents to attack.

After the Battle:

  • Taming and Transporting: Because Elphidran Aqua can swim and fly, it can be used to train and transport other Water-type Pals. You can explore watery areas without needing multiple Friends, and you can put together a strong team.
  • Customisation and breeding: You can try breeding Elphidran Aqua with other Pals to get rare traits or egg moves. You can change its moves and stats to fit the way you play and fight.


How do you get Elphidran Aqua?

This is because a player can only get an Elphidran Aqua by breeding them or hatching wild eggs. Only that Elphidran Aqua will learn these skills.

Is Palworld online only?

The “Pals” can also be sent to bases, where they will do tasks automatically for the player. Palworld can be played by one person or by up to 32 people online at the same time. It was announced in 2021, and early access started in January 2024 for Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Can you play Palworld offline?

Palworld has a strong offline single-player mode, which is good news. You can go out into the big, colourful world by yourself, make friends with and catch cute (or scary) creatures called “Pals,” make your own safe place, and explore the world’s mysteries.

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