How to Get Empty Cough Drop Tin in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Kiryu needs metal, not menthol. Find this quirky crafting item's secret stash.

In “Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth,” the way players progress is a little strange when they get to making high-level gear. Along the way, normal materials give way to strange ones, which fits with the strange charm of the game. In this guide we showed how to get empty cough drop tin in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

Some of the things that are needed to make top-level items are shark fins and other unusual parts that make them valuable. But in this mix of strange requests, the empty cough drop tin stands out as a strange thing. You might think that such a common thing would be easy to find, maybe even on the dirty streets of Yokohama. Its inclusion, however, shows how the game likes to surprise people and find meaning in things that don’t seem important.

The need for an empty cough drop tin is both funny and makes players look at the world in new ways, looking for treasure in places they wouldn’t normally expect. That the video game was so creative and open to the ridiculous that it could turn something boring into its own adventure.

How to get empty cough drop tin in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

  1. Enter the Yokohama Underground dungeon in Isezaki Ijincho in Chapter 10 of Infinite Wealth.
  2. Navigate through the dungeon by defeating enemies and mini-bosses on each floor.
  3. Collect Geomijul’s Survey Data, a unique currency, by defeating enemies or finding sparkling items.
  4. Talk to Utamaru at the entrance of the Yokohama Underground.
  5. Purchase Empty Cough Drop Tins from Utamaru for 2,000 Geomijul’s Survey Data each.
  6. Utilize the obtained Empty Cough Drop Tins to craft high-quality 7-star weapons for all characters in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth’s jobs.

Importance of Empty Cough Drop Tins for Wealth Generation

Making Very Good Weapons:

  • Empty Cough Drop Tins are an important part of making 7-star weapons, which are the strongest in the game. These weapons have amazing stats and special abilities that make you a lot stronger in battle.
How to get empty cough drop tin in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth
  • Dominate Enemies and Make More Money: If you have strong weapons, it’s easy to win tough fights, get more experience and money from them, and move forward faster. This means that everyone will have more money.
  • Rare Drops and Boss Battles: Strong weapons also make boss fights and other difficult encounters easier to handle, and they can sometimes lead to valuable rare drops that can be sold for a lot of money.

Selling Them to Make Money:

  • Few Available, High Demand: Empty Cough Drop Tins are important for making weapons, so players still want them even though they aren’t as valuable as some other crafting materials.
  • Utamaru’s Stock: Unlike other materials, Utamaru in the Yokohama Underground always has an endless supply of Empty Cough Drop Tins, so you can keep farming them to make money.

Putting money into the future:

  • Future-proofing: If you save up Empty Cough Drop Tins, you’ll still have the materials you need to make strong weapons later on, even if they get harder to find.
  • Another Way to Make Money: As you level up and get better weapons, you might be able to sell your crafted 7-star weapons for a profit, giving you another way to make money.

Strategies for Efficient Empty Cough Drop Tin Collection

Yokohama Underground Exchange (Chapter 10+) is the main method.

  • When you reach Chapter 10, you can enter this dungeon, which is the most reliable place to get tins.
  • Kill enemies and collect sparkly items to get “Geomijul’s Survey Data” money.
  • Get 2,000 Geomijul’s Survey Data for each empty cough drop tin.

Other Approaches:

  • Late-Chapter Enemy Drops: In later chapters, enemies, especially the “Yakuza in Blue” with barrels and guns, have a small chance of dropping them.
  • DLC: You get 10 empty cough drop tins when you buy the “Gearworks Crafting Set (Large)” bundle or the Ultimate Edition.

Tips to Get Things Done:

  • Equip the “Fairy Lei” accessory to increase the chance of dropping items. This could affect cough drop tins that are empty. But we need to be sure that stacking with other bonuses is allowed.
  • Focus on clearing floors quickly and efficiently to get the most Geomijul’s Survey Data from Yokohama Underground Runs.

Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Wealth with Empty Cough Drop Tins

How to Get Cough Drop Tins:

  • Yokohama Underground Exchange: The best place to be for Chapter 10 is here. You can trade Utamaru your Geomijul’s Survey Discs that you got from the dungeon for 2,000 discs per tin. It could take a few tries.
  • Trading: Look for players who are willing to trade cough drop tins for materials you have a lot of. Communities and forums on the web are good places to look.

Getting the most money:

  • Craft High-Value Weapons: You need these tins to make powerful 7-star weapons like the “Holy Grail” and “Dragonlord’s Staff.” When these crafted weapons are sold, a lot of money is made.
  • As you level up Julie’s Gearworks, you’ll be able to access special recipes and higher-tier brands that make your crafted weapons even more valuable.
  • Target the Right Market: Sell your weapons to stores like Otohime in Kamurocho or Ebisu Pawn in Yokohama that buy only the best gear.

How to purchase Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth game?

To buy Dragon: Infinite Wealth, look for the game title at an online store or a gaming store. Put it in your shopping cart and go to the checkout page. Enter your payment information and click “Confirm” to buy something. If you buy the game digitally, follow the on-screen instructions to download and set it up. For hard copies, give information on how to ship them. Before you complete the purchase, make sure you read the terms and make sure it works with your gaming platform. If you want to Check Price go to amazon.


Where is the empty cough drop tin in infinite wealth?

Kiryu can talk to Utamaru at the entrance to the Yokohama Underground to buy Empty Cough Drop Tins for 2,000 Geomijul’s Survey Data.

What is the empty cough drop tin used for in Yakuza like a dragon?

You can only get the Empty Cough Drop Tin from late-game bosses and the bottom of the Sotenbori Battle Arena. It’s used to level up top weapons to EX.

How do you use Tiger drop Yakuza?

How to Make Tiger Drop Work. Tiger Drop is a strong move for defence. To lock on to an enemy, hold down RB/R1. When they attack, press Y/Triangle right to block with a strong punch.

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