How to Get Firetruck in GTA 5 Online

This guide will show you how to take over a firetruck in GTA 5 Online so you can use its fiery features.

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), which came out in 2013, continues to captivate players with its captivating story and deep gameplay. In real life, it can be hard to become a firefighter and drive a fire truck, but GTA V’s Los Santos makes it easy players can easily get a fire truck from one of the many stations spread out in the city. This article showed you how to Get Firetruck in GTA 5 Online.

This famous car is important not only in GTA V, but also in the much-anticipated GTA 6. The fire truck isn’t the fastest car, but it’s an important part of The Bureau Raid mission, which is a lot like Mission Impossible.

In this mission, players use the fire truck as a key part of their strategy, which gives the game more strategic depth. GTA V has stayed popular for a long time because it gives players freedom in an open world and a mix of realism and escape. It lets players do dangerous things in the virtual world.

How to Get Firetruck in GTA 5 Online

Call 911

  1. Retrieve one of the main character’s phones.
  2. Navigate to the “People” app.
  3. Select the phone icon to make a call.
  4. Dial 911.
  5. Choose the Fire Department option from the menu.
  6. Wait for the fire department to arrive.

Visit a fire station

Gamers in Grand Theft Auto 5 can steal a Fire Truck from one of six fire stations:

  1. The fire station in Paleto Bay
  2. The Davis Fire Station
  3. The fire station in Rockford Hills
  4. The fire station in El Burro Heights is
  5. The fire station at Fort Zancudo
  6. Fire Station LSIA

Importance of Firetrucks in GTA 5 Online

  • Quick Escapes: Need to get away from the police or other crews quickly? Get in a fire truck and watch those sirens clear the streets faster than a scared person could walk. The heavy weight and surprising agility of this vehicle make it a very good getaway vehicle, leaving police cruisers in its dust (or should I say, tyre smoke?).
  • Water cannons that can be used as weapons: Don’t be fooled by their lack of firepower. Those water cannons are very powerful; they can knock down players and even throw motorcycles into the air. Who needs bullets when you can let loose a flood of water? Remember, there is still friendly fire, so be careful where you aim!
How to Get Firetruck in GTA 5 Online
  • Off-Road Beasts: Firetrucks are off-road beasts that can easily handle even the roughest terrain. Forget paved roads. No matter if you’re climbing Mount Chiliad or going through the dangerous Paleto Forest, these huge vehicles will get you there, bumps and all. Remember that these aren’t dune buggies, so make sure you can drive them well!
  • Get Your Friends Together for Turf Wars: Get your friends together and give each of them a firetruck. You now have a mobile water cannon battalion that is ready to take over any land dispute. Place yourself in a way that makes sense, then let loose with the water attack and watch your enemies run for cover. Don’t forget that working together makes the dream come true (and the soaking)! Navigate Visit official website for more details.

Tips and Tricks for Efficient Firetruck Hunting

Points to spawn:

  • In fire stations, which are the most obvious places to look, these trucks are often quickly taken by other players. Pay attention to all three stations in Blaine and Los Santos County.
  • Crash Sites: When other cars are involved in an accident, a fire truck might be called to the scene. Go to the map-marked incidents that are still going on to try your luck.

Do something, don’t react:

  • Scan the Map: Keep an eye on the radar in the game for red dots that are emergency vehicles. It can make a big difference if you answer quickly.
  • Pay attention: the sirens of a fire truck coming up behind you are a dead giveaway. Find it by following the sound.

Grab and Dash:

  • Be quick: Firetrucks aren’t known for moving quickly, so use this to your advantage. Just pull up next to it, get in, and drive off before anyone else sees.
  • Drop the Heat: If the police start following you, get away from them quickly. Fire trucks aren’t really made for fast chases. To avoid being caught, you might want to use alleys, tunnels, or the off-road.

Common Misconceptions about Firetrucks in GTA 5 Online

  1. Ramming Cars to Put Out Fires: It might be fun to ram cars with a fire truck, but it doesn’t put out fires in GTA Online. Point the water cannon at the source of the fire to put it out.
  2. Firetrucks are Faster Than Everything: Fire trucks are faster than everything else. They’re fast, but not the fastest cars in the game. On straight roads, some sports cars and motorcycles can go faster than them. Don’t count on a firetruck to get you out of there quickly.
  3. Players can use fire extinguishers: It might make sense, but the fire extinguishers in GTA Online are just for looks and don’t do anything to players, even when they’re on fire.
  4. Safe from damage: Fire trucks can take some hits, but they can still be damaged. Even so, heavy collisions or explosions can still kill them. Do not use them for demolition derbies, but to put out fires.


How do you start a fire in GTA Online?

In Grand Theft Auto, you can also temporarily set blocks on fire. In some missions and sometimes outside of missions, you can do this by shooting them with bazookas or tanks. They don’t catch fire with flamethrowers.

What is a truck cab in GTA Online?

The Truck Cab is clearly a semi-trailer truck because it can pull trailers. It’s one of only two vehicles that can do this; the other is the Truck Cab SX. This feature is used in at least one mission where the player has to take an explosives-rigged car to a police station.

Can you get a job in GTA 5 Online?

From Deathmatches to Races, you can get to Jobs through Job Triggers in the world or the menus: You can use Quick Join on your phone. Choose a Job from the Online Menu’s list that you can scroll through.

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