How to Get Flipkart Plus Membership: easy steps

Enjoy faster deliveries & free shipping with Flipkart Plus. Learn how to join!

Most of us know about Flipkart Plus, a service that’s a lot like Amazon Prime and has a lot of perks. On the other hand, you don’t have to pay extra for Amazon Prime or Flipkart Plus. You can Get Flipkart Plus Membership, but you’ll need a certain amount of Super Coins, which you can get from the shopping site itself.

The e-commerce site now has everything from clothes and electronics to groceries, making it one of the best in the country. We’ll talk about everything about Flipkart Plus membership in this piece.

What is Flipkart Plus?

Flipkart Plus is a reward program made by the huge online store Flipkart. This reward program doesn’t cost anything extra for customers to join. You can join the Flipkart Plus reward program on both the website and the app. Users of this loyalty program get a lot of benefits, such as free delivery on the goods they want, faster delivery, early access to big sales, and other discounts.

Flipkart gives Flipkart Plus to buyers who have been checked out. These are the people who buy things from the e-commerce company all the time. You can find out everything you need to know about Flipkart Plus in this piece, including how to join and the benefits of being a member.

How to Get Flipkart Plus Membership

  1. Finish transactions: You need to have completed 4 good transactions on Flipkart in the last 365 days. This means more than just putting things in your cart; it also means getting orders.
  2. Automatic upgrade: Once you’ve made enough purchases, your account will be changed to a Flipkart Plus membership without you having to do anything. Flipkart should let you know that your change was successful.

How to check Flipkart Plus membership?

  1. Go to your Flipkart account and log in.
  2. Go to the part that says “profile.”
  3. You can “Join Flipkart Plus” from that page.
  4. When you click on the choice, a page called “Explore” will appear.
  5. As you scroll down the “Explore” page, you’ll see a “Super Coin” bar that shows you how long your membership is good for.

Benefits of Flipkart Plus Membership

  • Earn SuperCoins: Every time you buy something on Flipkart, you can earn SuperCoins. These can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases or other perks. Members of Flipkart Plus get more SuperCoins than people who are not members.
How to Get Flipkart Plus Membership
  • Free delivery: If you have Flipkart Plus, all orders over a certain amount can be delivered for free. This can help you save a lot of money when you shop, especially if you buy a lot of things.
  • Priority customer service: Members of Flipkart Plus can get in touch with customer service faster. In other words, your questions are more likely to be answered quickly and correctly.
  • Offers that are only available to members: Members of Flipkart Plus sometimes get deals and savings that other users can’t get.

Redeeming Flipkart Plus Coins

  1. Go to the Flipkart website and log in to your account.
  2. Click on the “Explore Plus” option at the top of the screen. This will open the Flipkart Plus Zone page.
  3. Select the “My Rewards Store” option.
  4. You’ll see various options similar to the app, allowing you to redeem SuperCoins for discounts, cashback, or subscriptions.
  5. Choose the offer you want and click on “Claim offer.”
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the redemption process.

Tips to Make the Most of Flipkart Plus Membership

  • Plan your shopping: You should only shop on Flipkart when you have enough SuperCoins to get discounts or other perks.
  • Keep an eye on SuperCoin deals. Flipkart often gives extra SuperCoins for buying certain names, categories, or amounts over a certain amount. Keep an eye out for these deals and shop wisely.
  • During sales, use SuperCoins: To get the best deals, use SuperCoin savings along with sale prices.
  • Plan what you’ll buy: Plan your shopping list and look for deals ahead of time during the early entry window. In this way, you can get the best items before they’re gone for everyone else.
  • Make a note of: Set alerts or reminders for sales that give you early entry so that you are ready when the window opens.
  • Put orders together: When you get close to the minimum order value for free delivery, you might want to combine your orders to save money on delivery fees.


How can I subscribe to Flipkart plus?

With 200 SuperCoins, users can join Flipkart Plus, and once they’re in, they get four SuperCoins for every ₹100 they spend on the site.

What are the requirements for Flipkart plus?

You must have earned 200 Flipkart Super Coins in the last twelve months in order to become a Flipkart Plus member. Once you have 200 Super Coins, which is the minimum amount needed, it’s easy to become a Flipkart Plus member.

What is Flipkart Plus membership price?

It’s simple to sign up. For a small fee of Rs. 499, you can join the Flipkart VIP program. Your registration is good for one year. The VIP program is also very easy to join. You can do it through our website or app.

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