How to Get Gauss Prime in Warframe

"Farm Gauss Prime's parts FAST!" is an action-packed phrase. Our guide shows you the best missions and ways to complete them.

In the world of Warframe game, Gauss is the best speedster. Only Volt can beat him at going through landscapes at breakneck speeds. Gauss, which came out in 2019, is more flexible and mobile than any other character, even powerful ones like Wukong’s Cloud Walker and Titania’s aerial prowess. This guide showed you how to get Gauss Prime in Warframe.

His kit is an amazing example of how versatile it is. It has a sprint ability that lets him move at amazing speeds and protects him from physical damage and knockdowns. Additionally, Gauss has a devastating area-of-effect attack that can remove enemy armour and activate a powerful gun enhancement.

Because it has so many useful tools, Gauss Prime is an important asset for a wide range of missions, from quick reconnaissance to heavy combat. Gauss is the fastest and most flexible character in Warframe’s huge and changing world. He gives players an exciting and effective gaming experience like no other. For more information go to their official website.

How to get Gauss Prime in Warframe


  1. Reach Mastery Rank 15: This is the minimum requirement to access Void Fissures, where you’ll crack open Relics containing Gauss Prime parts.
  2. Understand Void Relics: Familiarize yourself with different Relic tiers (Lith, Meso, Neo, Axi) and their corresponding Prime Warframe parts. Gauss Prime parts are spread across different Relics. Resources like the Warframe Wiki can help you pinpoint the specific Relics you need.
  3. Stock up on Void Traces: These are used to open Relics during Fissure missions. Farm them through Void Relic missions, Bounties, or purchase them from Baro Ki’Teer when he visits.

Acquiring Gauss Prime Components:

  1. Farm Void Relics: Choose missions with high chances of dropping the specific Relic tiers you need for Gauss Prime parts. Utilize resources like the Warframe Relic Drop Table to find optimal farming locations.
  2. Join Fissure Missions: Equip the desired Relic and participate in Fissure missions. These missions have special objectives involving gathering Reactant.
  3. Crack Open Relics: Once you collect 10 Reactant, choose to open your Relic at the end of the mission. You might get a Gauss Prime part, a different Prime Warframe part, or other rewards.
  4. Repeat: Farm more Relics and crack them open in Fissure missions until you acquire all Gauss Prime components: Neuroptics, Chassis, Systems, and Blueprint.

Building Gauss Prime:

  1. Head to the Foundry: With all components acquired, visit the Foundry in your Orbiter.
  2. Select Gauss Prime: Choose Gauss Prime from the Warframe Build menu.
  3. Craft: Spend resources like Credits and Orokin Cells to craft Gauss Prime.

Farming Locations for Gauss Prime Parts

  • What’s good about Fissure Missions The best way to farm for certain parts is to use Void Relics. The Fissure mission you have to do is based on the Relic that has the Gauss Prime part you want. You can find out which Relic has which part on the Warframe wiki or other places.
  • Other Missions: While Void Relics can drop from many Star Chart missions, they do so less often than Fissure missions. You might still find the Relic you need while you’re farming for other things.
How to get Gauss Prime in Warframe
  • You can use your standing to buy Relic Packs from any Syndicate. These packs are random, but they can contain a range of Relics, such as Gauss Prime parts.
  • Trade between Players: Players can trade Platinum for Void Relics. This might work if you can’t find the Relic you need, but prices change based on demand.

Tips for Efficient Farming of Gauss Prime Parts

Types of Relics:

  • The Neuroptics and Chassis can both be found in Neo M7 Relics. So you can get them faster, farm them in Capture missions like Xini (Earth) or Apollodorus (Lua).
  • It’s dropped by Axi T3 Relics. These can be found in Disruption missions like Sedna Kappa. For the best chance, aim for Rotation B (2nd round).

Getting Relics:

  • Missions: Most missions give Relics as a reward, and some types are better on some planets than others. Find the best farm for the Relic you want by using the Internet.
  • Syndicate Relic Packs: Use Standing to buy them from Syndicates. Think about using Nightwave Intermissions to get Syndicate Standing boosts.

Making runs better:

  • Use boosters. Credit Boosters, Drop Chance Boosters, and Resource Boosters can all help you get a lot more.
  • Putting on Relic finders can help Kavasa Kubrow, Smeeta Kavat, and the Pilfering Hydroid Warframe video game get more Relic drops.

Strategies for Mastery Rank Test with Gauss Prime

Setting up Warframe:

  • Pay attention to range: make the most of your range for “Machine Rush” (3) and “Thermal Sunder” (4). You can kill enemies from far away and collect canisters at the same time, which saves time.
  • Pack “Energy Pizzas” or use mods like “Streamline” to make sure you have enough energy for your abilities.

Use of Ability:

  • You can use Mach Rush (3) to move quickly and close the space between canisters. Pay attention to how much energy you use.
  • Kinetic Battery (2): This ability isn’t necessary for the test, but it can help you do more damage if you need to.
  • Thermal Sunder (4): This does most of your damage. Plan how to use it to get rid of groups of enemies near canisters, especially Grineer Napalms that can slow you down.

Collection of Canisters:

  • Learn the Spawn Sequence: Doing practice runs will help you remember where the canisters will spawn, which will save you time looking.
  • Focus on Efficiency: Collect the canisters in the fastest way possible so you don’t have to go back and do it again.
  • Do not fight unless you have to. Instead, focus on killing enemies that are directly in the way of the canisters or that are immediately dangerous.


How do you farm Gauss prime in Warframe?

To get Gauss Prime, you have to open Void Relics in Fissure missions in the Star Chart. Void Relics can be found in most Star Chart missions, Syndicate Relic Packs, and when players trade with each other.

Does Gauss have a prime version?

When you have Gauss Prime, you can push it to the Redline and use Thermal Sunder to set enemies on fire. This Prime version of the Saint of Altra comes back with a quicksilver body edged in Orokin filigree.

Is Gauss better than Euler?

If we look at how many papers Euler published, he would be ahead of Gauss in terms of what they added to human knowledge. If we look at how smart Gauss was and how incredibly complicated the solutions he came up with, he would be ahead of Euler. On the other hand, Gauss was likely much smarter than Euler.

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